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GLT Vol.15 yamaguchiintlab-L


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Published in: Technology
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GLT Vol.15 yamaguchiintlab-L

  1. 1. yamaguchiintlab
  2. 2. The PSP Practice for Internal DataBase of Agent
  3. 3. Agenda Presenter Profile PSP (Personal Software Process) Agent Format of Internal Database Conclusion
  4. 4. Presenter Profile ID:yamaguchiintlab WORK:Research and Education FIELD:Intelligent Information, System, Man and Cybernetics
  5. 5. Personal Software Process Self-improvement process control manage etc Provides Framework
  6. 6. Personal Software Process
  7. 7. Support System Personal Software Process Trial System Easy case study 15 Problems Cycle Practice Support by Software Agent Template provide for Internal DB Recode User Data
  8. 8. Style [Base] Temp- late log [screen]
  9. 9. Conclusion Built support system using Agent Internal DB Based on internal DB share user data Line of code Working Time Error Output
  10. 10. Future Work Enterprise Software development support Case study level version up Adjustment of time range Support of Agil Development
  11. 11. Thank you