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  • While the outcome may be beautiful and the construction sturdy, only UX people can get the experience right.
  • IUE Conference: ignite

    1. 1. IUE 2010 IGNITE! Presentation by Christina York $elling UX
    2. 2. UX skills are a unique value proposition. In a technology-driven world, in a world driven by code, user experience professionals create meaningful connections between people, between people and technology, between people and information.
    3. 3. UX professionals create experiences. Let me tell you about a great experience another professional created for me. Have you ever been in a car accident? I was in a minor accident a few years ago. When you think about car accidents you don’t think about great experiences.
    4. 4. You know how you feel after a minor accident? The adrenaline is rushing through your body – you’re shaky and disoriented. You’re at a loss for what to do next. You immediately call either the police or your insurance company. This is exactly how I felt.
    5. 5. This is a bad experience: you just want your life back…you want to forget it happened. You feel helpless and lost – this is because car accidents are a rare occurrence.
    6. 6. During this time you want comfort, and I found it in a collision shop. My insurance agent recommended the shop, and because I didn’t have a “regular” body shop, I went where he suggested. When I went to drop the car off, the shop was clean, professional looking, and quiet. I did not have to wait: my loaner car was there, waiting. Staff were polite and reserved. My car was fixed quickly and when I went to pick it up it had been completely cleaned, inside and out. It was also excellent body work.
    7. 7. > Because they were so fast with the repairs, there was minimal disruption to my life. This shop was a little more pricey, which I discovered later. But I was ok with the money. I happily paid more to have my life back to normal faster.
    8. 8. In fact, I so appreciated the excellent service and the good experience I had with the shop that I actually sent them a thank you card for doing their job.
    9. 9. The experience their service provided me created loyalty. Not only have I told you this story, but I have recommended the shop to many friends and family. And if I ever have an accident again, I will definitely go back to this shop.
    10. 10. The way I see it, UX professionals provide two value propositions: !) We help build solid, good things. We are architects and designers and we provide vision for construction.
    11. 11. 2) We create positive experiences around those product. An experience may be intangible, but it is the driving force behind how people value things. Based on these two value propositions, here’s my sales pitch.
    12. 12. I builid web-based research platforms. I take business requirements and make your customers feel good about the decisions you make.
    13. 13. My vision for my work is not to create an awesome infterface. My vision is to have anyone who uses my product to come away and say “I am an awesome researcher.” That is experience I want to architect.
    14. 14. I don’t create things most people choose to use in their free time. Research is not “fun” for everyone. But I want to create the experience of “That’s not so bad!” or “I’m pretty good at this” even if someone hates to do research. I want to create a sense of self-satisfaction with their research experience.
    15. 15. I want to create this feeling regardless of age, ability or education. This is my experience vision.
    16. 16. The UX profession can inspire awe in everyday things. We can help people experience things in new ways. This is a hotel. Does this conform to your past experiences of hotels? This is an experience transformed, and this is what I do everyday.
    17. 17. In a world of information overload, choice is the single biggest factor in competition.
    18. 18. UX directly impacts choice. Competitors have overlapping features, or services. So where does the major competitive advantage lay? In the experience an individual has with your product or service.
    19. 19. UX stands out by controlling perception. It solves the problems you have and gets business back on track.
    20. 20. So as a business owner or stakehdolder, don’t ask yourself what you want to build. Ask what experience you want to create.
    21. 21. While the outcome may be beautiful and the construction sturdy, only UX people can get the experience right.