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Building Blockchain Companies - Will Murphy


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Building Blockchain Companies: Thinking beyond the ICO for blockchain entrepreneurs

Published in: Business
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Building Blockchain Companies - Will Murphy

  1. 1. Building Blockchain Companies Thinking beyond the ICO for blockchain entrepreneurs Will Murphy Co-Founder/ Head of Blockchain Talla & BotChain @willmurphy
  2. 2. Blockchain Entrepreneur Skills • Technology Development • Community Development
  3. 3. Tokens for funding, Incentives, and ecosystem “We’re in this together”
  4. 4. Company structure: Small team, big network LAUNCH STABALIZE PARTICIPATE Create it, define it Grow it Participate in it Founders Ecosystem Founders, team Ecosystem Ecosystem Founders, team
  5. 5. “Decentralized” Technological Administrative
  6. 6. Opportunities of the Commons Economy • Commons Economy : A set of ccompanies that exist to create a commons for an industry • The ICO structure changes how we raise funds and compensate employees and partners • Commons-based business models are everywhere • Transportation, Finance, Public records
  7. 7. Most will fail • Most will fail, much like equity funded startups • Read Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital by Carlota Perez to explore the concept of financial bubbles and innovation waves
  8. 8. The big opportunities • New business models • New capabilities: I don’t think “blockchain” will be the right descriptive term in 10 years
  9. 9. The Blockchain Platform for Managing Intelligent Agents A.I. powered knowledge creation, organization, and sharing BotChain.Talla.Com Will Murphy @WillMurphy