1980s – Graphic Design histories


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A euro-centric version and world view told through pivotal moments of graphic design circa 1980s.

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1980s – Graphic Design histories

  1. 1. Comic strip narrative
  2. 2. Dan Peri designs film Sequencefor Scorcese’s Raging Bull
  3. 3. Neville BrodyMixes styles from:- Constructivist- Bauhaus school
  4. 4. 1916 - 1923 DADAA meeting took place in theCabaret Voltaire1st World War has finished.Anti-art was forming taking noaccount of - logic - convention - morality
  5. 5. Expressive style: Artists include: Collage Hans Arp Assemblage Johannes Baader Montage Marcel Duchamp Max Ernst John Heartfield Man Ray
  6. 6. r ethe p te d tog cam he G ove rom s by s ing in da m p ast s. Da ly lage her t b d p aph e f erm men ba col d ot an grPro lier n rom an g r ea ass oa tin hoto cut nt p Pic of r e art a de diffe e i of ist Th t s r s pa t
  7. 7. A student at the School of Visual Arts NYCKeith Haring
  8. 8. QuickTime™ and aSorenson Video 3 decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  9. 9. Egyptian Presidentassassinated(Nobel Peace Prize winner)First Space Shuttle Flight1st type library foundedAIDS recognised as anepidemic
  10. 10. Designed by Kiyoshi Awazu The Great Japan Exhibition opens in LondonStyle: AVANT-GARDE Graphic Designer Theatre Designer Teacher
  11. 11. EYEBEE M
  12. 12. EMOTICON
  13. 13. Influenced by:70’s style Polygon Flat-Shaped Computer Graphics
  14. 14. Near-futureFilm-noir
  15. 15. Heavy Metal (‘Moebius’ Jean Giraud) in FrenchSci-fi magazine Metal HurlantOther influences: Metropolis (Fritz Lang, 1926)
  16. 16. Original THX1138 (www.thx1138thmovie.com),dir. George Lucas this concoction: www.justinalt.com, mash-up video producer
  17. 17. Digital ‘New Typography’ movementBased on experiments by people such as:David Carson, Tomato, P. Scott Makela,Jonathan Barnbrook, Robert Nakata, etc
  18. 18. Peter SavilleIncorporating 19th Century painting byFrench artist Henri Fantin-Latour
  19. 19. R/Greenburg Associates
  20. 20. 128k
  21. 21. Peter Blake image
  22. 22. Starscream
  23. 23. QuickTime™ and aSorenson Video 3 decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  24. 24. [Loudspeakers and various music playing devicesspontaneously grow out of people…]{A parody of ‘transformers’}www.devilducky.com/media/48292 A web viral for an MTV show
  25. 25. Kazumaza Nagi designs posterfor the 100th anniversary of the Tokyo Prefecture other works
  26. 26. A Dutch magazine focusing on ART MEDIA in relation to… Techno-Culture ‘Mediamatic’
  27. 27. Cult of BLUR blurred (fuzzy) typefaces
  28. 28. Special Issue ofVisible Magazine / Journal Language The Avant-Garde and the Text [edited by Stephen Foster]
  29. 29. Cartoon Art Museum established in San Fransisco
  30. 30. WILLOWFeatures the first computer morphingby Industrial Light & Magic
  31. 31. Conan the BarbarianMorphing in films (stop frame) QuickTime™ and a Sorenson Video 3 decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  32. 32. Allen Hori
  33. 33. PHOTOSHOP[is Beta-tested by designers]
  34. 34. Berlin Wall demolished
  35. 35. Tim Bernes Lee, conveivesHypertext