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Organizing Ideas


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Business
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Organizing Ideas

  1. 1. An organizing idea: Answers a business and communication challenge. Simplifies the complex. Drives creativity in any channel. Organizes. Here are a few of our faves.
  2. 2. Apple had developed a passionate niche following. But this success only dramatized a growing problem: you were either an Apple person or you weren’t. This lack of relevance was most obvious in their Apple Stores – plenty of foot traffic, but low conversion. Apple needed an answer, and the Holidays were approaching. We focused on common interests. And told the story in their most mission-critical environment.
  3. 3. Enough with the Mac versus PC. Instead, let’s welcome everyone. Let’s talk a about what our technology does, not what logo it has on front of it. No matter who you are, there’s someone on your Christmas list who could use our stuff to get more out of life.
  4. 4. Hyundai was perceived as a solid but bland choice, even by their own customers. We identified an interesting fact about those customers - they research their purchases more than any other car buyer. Hyundais were not compromises after all! They were the result of people really thinking hard and seeing clearly.
  5. 5. truth junkies do not trust media or advertising. they trust themselves. they cut through the bullshit to find the truth. they see the world more clearly. they defog.
  6. 6. The New York Stock Exchange wanted to communicate its new status as the first true global financial marketplace. Its greatest asset was the NYSE brand itself, one of the most valued in all of finance. The only problem was, the New York Stock Exchange was no longer all about New York, nor was it just a stock exchange. Amidst the financial turmoil of October 2008, we created an organizing idea that referenced NYSE’s heritage, and repositioned it to the center of the global, interconnected economy.
  7. 7. A sneeze anywhere causes a cold everywhere. A revolutionary idea spreads instantly, massively. A superpower wanes, and a handful of international trade agreements step in to take its place. The world isn’t just changing. It’s exchanging. Ideas, opportunities, capital, culture. NYSE Global. For an exchanging world.
  8. 8. The Gill Foundation wanted to convince people that being gay was not a matter of choice. We suggested they’d have more success if they engaged the vast middle of the population, the ones who had up ‘til now avoided the debate. So we created a non-confrontational conversation starter - a puppy that was born different.
  9. 9. AOL had all but defeated its biggest rival MSN. More subscribers. More aggressive marketing. More proprietary content. But MSN could see that to get the most from the internet, you don’t need a walled fortress, you need a trusted guide. Our organizing idea was to demonstrate that point in the most dramatic way possible.
  10. 10. the msn project: Four complete strangers move into an empty house with nothing but a budget and a computer hooked up to msn.
  11. 11. A fifteen-part mini-series showing life in the house, with real-time interactive blogs.
  12. 12. Burger King was losing relevance with younger males. But they did have the burger most loved by burger lovers - The Whopper. We transferred the Whopper’s dominance into swagger for the overall brand. The Whopper symbolized BK’s outlook on life.
  13. 13. The pole-position for a candy is to have a clear usage occasion. Snickers had snack time. But Twix had nothing, so we found it one – the moment when you need to step back from life and think. Our organizing idea has been the center of all Twix communications for five years and counting.