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Turn your brand into a Lovebrand

  1. Turn your brand into a Lovebrand! By Markward van der Mieden - LGND Fotografie
  2. Let’s be honest...
  3. Today, it is more difficult for brands to manipulate people. With loud online and offlin e media!
  4. The current overkill of commercial messages is met with increasing resistance.
  5. In addition, people are increasingly experiencing stress from choice dilemmas. Which brand or employer suits me bes t?
  6. What to choose?!
  7. It’s getting progressively difficult for brands to stand out...
  8. And to find and engage customers and employees. on a long-te rm basis!
  9. What people need are brands with an inspiring story... I.e. a Corpor ate Story
  10. That is so remarkable, authentic and lovable... That people want to connect themselves t o it!
  11. Organizations should create true brand love!
  12. Both outside and inside the company!
  13. In fact, research shows that brand love results in: 1. A high degree of brand loyalty. 2. Positive ‘Word of Mouth’. 3. Resistance to negative information. *Batra, Ahuvia & Bagozzi (2011)
  14. In short, true brand love increases your business success. because of t ruly engaged customers an d employees!
  15. But how do you create true brand love?
  16. And how do you turn your brand into a lovebrand? An inspiring brand that people really love!
  17. 3 tips for finding and engaging customers and employees. After all, em ployees are y most import our ant capital asset!
  18. Stop manipulating! Start inspiring!
  19. Stop shouting down other brands, claiming how you offer even: 1. More sustainable products. 2. Cheaper services. 3. Better customer care.
  20. Ev en better! (or sexier) Ev en cheaper!
  21. Start inspiring. By communicating: 1. Why your organization exists. 2. What you believe in. 3. How you fulfil your brand promise.
  22. “In everything we do, we challenge the status quo.”
  23. “I have a dream!”
  24. People don’t buy what you do, but why you do it. Simon Sinek
  25. Do not focus on your product or service, but on your Corporate Story.
  26. For example: Ducati en Yamaha, two succesful brands with fans all over the world.
  27. Why does Ducati exclusively sell motorbikes?
  28. While Yamaha’s product range includes musical instruments, golf clubs and electronics.
  29. Because both brands focus on their Corporate Story, instead of their products! y that t ells what the stor ion beliefs and how the organizat it fulfils its promise.
  30. Ducati’s story is about emotion; passion for the race circuit and Italian design.
  31. Yamaha’s story is about excellence; enriching people’s lives with technology.
  32. In other words: differentiate through your unique identity. Your Corpora te Story!
  33. Create long-term emotional ties.
  34. How do you stimulate your customer’s 5 senses?
  35. What does your product or service feel, smell and sound like? Does it look good enough to make you r mouth wa ter?
  36. And what are you doing to stimulate the sense of your employees?
  37. What does the furniture in your office feel and smell like? And what’s on the lunch m enu?
  38. Build a community around your brand and have fans build your lovebrand. make yo ur heart Does L EGO still beat fa ster too?
  39. Would you like a tool to turn your brand into a Lovebrand? And finding and engagin customers on g a long-term basis?
  40. Start working with the Lovebrand Model. for creating a strong market posit ion and stra tegy.
  41. # The Lovebrand Model. Designed by: Date: Designed for: Brand Promise. Target Groups. Channels. Purpose. Core Values. For whom do we create value? Through which channels do our target groups What are the should’s and shouldn’ts that What is our single, clear, compelling message want to be reached? Why do we exist? that states why we are different and worth Who are our most important ambassadors? govern our company’s underlying decisions? How are we reaching them now? What do we believe? loving and buying? What are our three organizational values? Which channels are the most cost-effective? What is our guiding star on the horizon? Examples: What are our three customer values? (Potential) Employees How are our channels integrated? 61,("7'&,$87%,,$7%&9'(:$-0.)'$7%&9'(:$,'27'-('/:$/0+'&,0*'/; Examples Customer Values: Unions Channel phases: Transparant Shareholders 1. Awareness Save Investors How do we raise brand awareness? Simple Suppliers 2. Interact Governmental Organizations How do we interact with our target groups? Examples Organizational Values: NGO’s 3. Attract Eager to learn Press & Media How do we attract our target groups to connect with us? Everyone an entrepreneur 4. Interest Reliable How do we get interest from our target groups? 5. Inspire How do we inspire our target groups to take action? 6. Engage BHAG. Core Competence. How do we engage with our target groups? 7. Reward How do we reward our target groups? What is our Big Hairy Audacious Goal? Which competences are the basis for a sustainable competitive advantage? What is our 10-30 year lofty goal? Does this goal challenge us to long term relation- Examples: ships? Invention Production Problem Solving Internal or External Logistics Market Knowledge Customer Service Motivation Co-creation Networking Sensuality. Intimacy. Mystery. with them? What type of relationship does each target group expect us to maintain !"#$%&'$()'$*+'$,'-,',$."--'.('/$#0()$"1&$"&2%-03%(0"-$%-/$4&%-/5 Who were the founders of our organization? How do we exceed people’s expectations? Which sense (hearing, sight, touch, smell, taste) needs priority? What were the purposes, goals and values of our founders? How do we invest in our (potential) ambassadors? What were important milestones in our history? How do we build trust with our ambassadors? Which anecdotes about our founder, people and brand should we share? How can people experience our brands? Which questions do people have about us? How do we turn complaints into compliments? Which stories do people tell about us? Types of relationships: (Dedicated) Personal Assistance Automated Service Self-Service Communities Co-creation the This work is created by Markward van der Mieden and licensed under view a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. To /3.0/. copy of this license, visit
  42. The Lovebrand Model. 10 building blocks to help you: 1. Differentiate your brand through your identity. 2. Develop a constructive strategy. 3. Create an inspiring message worth spreading.
  43. The Lovebrand Model helps you find and engage customers and employees. On a long-te rm basis!
  44. And helps you increase the success of your business. by transforming y our customers and employees into ambassadors.
  45. Just like my Lovebrand...
  46. Start inspiring today. Turn your brand into a Lovebrand! A brand that peop le want to be identified with .
  47. Inspired? Visit 1. Download the Lovebrand Model for free. 2. Become a member of the Lovebrand Community. 3. Watch my videoblogs for more inspiration (in Dutch).
  48. Or contact me for workshops and presentations. Twitter: @MvanderMieden Email: Web:
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