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Shoppers guide presentation

  1. 1. Technology Shoppers Guide Allison LundquistUniversity of Phoenix CED 528
  2. 2. Table of ContentsLaptops:•Laptop buyingTerminology HP Envy 14 laptopToshiba-satellite-t235d-s1345 laptop MacBook 13” laptopBuying a laptop: RecommendationTablets:•Tablet buying terminologyApple iPad 16GBSamsung Galaxy Tab-SprintDell Streak 7Buying a tablet: recommendationInteractive Whiteboards:•Whiteboard buying terminologyMimioTeach Interactive SystemPromethean ActiveBoard 300SMARTboard 600 seriesBuying an interactive whiteboard: recommendationResources Used
  3. 3. Buying a Laptop: TerminologyProcessor: The central brain of the computer that oversees all functions. Thestate of the art processor is the Intel CORE i7 series, but the Intel CORE 2duo can be found in most mainstream computers. AMD Athlon X2 Dual-Core processors are comparable to the Intel CORE 2, but are constantlyoutperformed by Intel processors in comparable machines ("Laptop buyingguide," 2010).RAM: Random Access Memory, and allows the computer to temporarilystore information and commands it is currently working with (Tyson, 2001).RAM is very important to a computers speed, if you have a fast processor,but not enough RAM, the computer will still be slow. CNET.comrecommends users who want a laptop for photo and video editing look for alaptop that has a minimum of 8GB of RAM("Laptop buying guide," 2010).Hard Drive: Permanent memory that stores the files and programs on yourcomputer (Tyson, 2001). Generally, the more storage the better. CNETrecommends a hard drive of at least 320GB or larger that runs at 7,200rpm("Laptop buying guide," 2010).
  4. 4. Buying a Laptop: TerminologyGraphics Card: Translates data into images on the monitor (Tyson, 2001).The current market standard cards are the Nvidia GeForce and the ATIRadeon (Brown, 2009).Operating System: The software that manages all the operations of yourcomputer. The two standard operating systems now are Windows 7(available in Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate), and Mac OSXSnow Leopard.USB: Universal Serial Bus ports allow you to directly connect mostperipheral devices to your computer. The more ports you have, the moredevices you can connect at once (Vaughn, 2008).
  5. 5. Buying a Laptop: TerminologyOptical Drive: Most optical drives today read Digital Versatile Disks (DVD)which is an optical disk that can store up to 4.7 GB and is often used formovies and file storage. Many computers offer DVD-R drives that allow youto write and save information onto blank DVDs(Vaughn, 2008).Bluetooth: A radio technology that allows computers to wirelesslycommunicate with peripherals(Vaughn, 2008)
  6. 6. Product: HP Envy 14Cost: $999Click for full reviewEditors Rating: 4/5 stars
  7. 7. Product: Toshiba-Satellitet235d-s1345Cost: $599Click for Full ReviewEditors Rating: 3.5/5 stars
  8. 8. Product: Apple MacBook 13”Cost: $999Click for full reviewEditors Rating: 4/5 stars
  9. 9. Buying a Laptop: Recommendations•The MacBook provides the most quality for your money.•It is simple, reliable, and comes fully stocked with a variety of softwarefor multimedia projects.•Because its a Mac, there are far less concerns about security and viruses.•Although iWork doesnt quite match up to Microsoft Office 2007, you have all the basicfunctionality without the additional cost of software.
  10. 10. Buying a Tablet: Terminology Think about how you want to use the tablet: Will be it an e-reader, or more of a laptop replacement?  How long do you plan to keep it? How important is having a constant data connection to you? Consider the extra costs and contracts carefully. Is it worth it to wait for the next generation of OS to be released?
  11. 11. Buying a Tablet: TerminologyOperating Systems: The software that controls the tablet. The standard OSfor tablets are Mac IOS (the mobile version of OSX for mobile devices),Android (made by Google for handheld devices). Some companies,including RIM, maker of Blackberry and the forthcoming Playbook tablethave their own proprietary operating system. Microsoft is said to have atablet version of Windows 7 in development.Screen size: Measured on a diagonal across the screen. 7” tablets are moreportable and e-reader friendly, but 10” tablets are better for surfing the weband editing documents (Bell, Tips for tablet shopping, 2010).Bluetooth: A radio technology that allows computers to wirelesslycommunicate with peripherals(Vaughn, 2008).
  12. 12. Buying a Tablet: Terminology SD card slot: Secure digital (SD) is a small card for storing data and is the industry standard for portable device information storage. An SD card slot allows the card to be put directly into a device to access its contents. Flash: a software created by Adobe to add animation and interactivity to web pages. Megapixel: 1 million pixels, or points of digital information. It is a measure of camera quality, based on how many pixels a camera captures when it takes a picture.
  13. 13. Product: Apple iPad 16GBCost: $499Click here for full reviewEditors Rating: 4/5 stars Operating System: Apple IOS 4.2 Weight: 1.5lb Screen Size : 9.7” Camera No Battery Life 10 hours Blue Tooth: Yes Flash supported No SD Card Slot No
  14. 14. Product: Samsung Galaxy•Cost: $399(+2yr Sprint contract and monthly data plan)•$599 off contractClick for full reviewEditors Rating: 3.5/5 stars Operating System: Android 2.2 Weight: 0.8lbs Screen Size : 7” Camera 1.3MP front, 3MP rear Battery Life 7-10 hours Blue Tooth: Yes Flash supported Yes SD Card Slot MicroSD
  15. 15. Product: Dell Streak 7Cost: $449.99($199 with T-Mobile 2 year contract)Click here for full reviewEditors Rating: 3.5/5 stars Operating System: Android 2.2 Weight: 0.9lb Screen Size : 7” Camera 1.3MP front, 5MP rear Battery Life 7-10 hours Blue Tooth: Yes Flash supported Yes SD Card Slot Yes
  16. 16. Buying a Tablet: Recommendations•Dont buy just yet! The new iPad expected in April is widely predicted to have front and rearfacing cameras, which is the only area where the Android tablets take the lead.•If you really want a tablet, the iPad is still the best. It tops overall quality, responsiveness, ease ofuse, and number of apps.•On a limited budget, a smartphone will do all of the same things on a smaller scale.•A laptop is a more practical overall choice.•Avoiding contracts because tablet technology is evolving so quickly, and still has lots of room toimprove.
  17. 17. Buying an Interactive Whiteboard: TerminologyThings to consider:Does it need to be portable?Do you have access to LCD projectors?Can the board be mounted in a place that can easily be projected onto?LCD projector: A projector that connects to your computer by VGA cableand projects the images from your monitor onto a screen or other flat surface.LCD projectors can cost between $300-$500, although more sophisticated orcompact models can cost several thousand.USB: Universal Serial Bus ports allow you to directly connect most peripheraldevices to your computer. The more ports you have, the more devices you canconnect at once (Vaughn, 2008)
  18. 18. Product: MimioTeach Interactive SystemCost: $729Click for full reviewEditors Review: 4/5 starsClick to view a demonstration Screen Size up to 113” Portability yes Installation Time 10 minutes Dry erase friendly: Yes Technology: Sensor and stylus Input: Stylus
  19. 19. Product: Promethean ActivBoard 300 SeriesCost: $1795Click for full reviewEditors Review: 2.5/5 starsClick to view a demonstration Screen Size 78” Portability no Installation Time 2+ hours for wall mount Dry erase friendly: yes Technology: proprietary surface Input: Stylus
  20. 20. Product: SMARTboard 600 Series Interactive WhiteboardCost: $1999Click here for full reviewEditors Review: 2.5/5 starsClick to view a demonstrationScreen Size 77”Portability Can be wall mount or on cart for extra costInstallation Time 2+ hours for wall mount. 30 min for cartDry erase friendly: NoTechnology: Proprietary surfaceInput Stylus or Finger
  21. 21. Buying an Interactive Whiteboard: Recommendation•If your goal is to get as many interactive whiteboards into yourclassrooms as possible, the Mimio system is the way to go•Since it is less than half the cost for the other boards , you can outfittwice as many classrooms•If you still need to share, you can easily move the Mimio from roomto room without having the pay the extra $500 for the portableSMARTboard stand• The software that comes with the SMARTboard and the ActivBoardoffers many well produced lessons and features, but isn’t worth theextra cost.
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