What Inspires Me? - NCHCMM 2013 Inspiration Shop Talk


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Nedra Weinreich's talk from the Inspiration Shop session at the National Conference on Health Communication, Marketing and Media (August 21, 2013).

The format was a 5 minute presentation consisting of 10 slides, with 30 seconds per slide.

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  • I’d like to share with you where I look for my inspiration.- First of all, I look around this room. - Lots of amazing people who have helped to shape my thinking and inspired me.- But if we only talk amongst ourselves, we’ll hear a lot of the same things over and over.So I want to challenge you to look beyond this room, this conference, this field.
  • -I get my inspiration from exploring fields that have nothing to do with health communication or marketingSteven Johnson’s book on Where Ideas Come From says that Inspiration for new ideas comes from putting together concepts in a completely new way- You need to be exposed to enough new concepts to draw on and connect togetherSo, I’m going to share with you some of the areas that give ME new ways to look at the world.
  • First, my Jewish tradition.This is a page from the Talmud, which is a compilation of centuries of rabbinic discussions about how to apply Jewish law to daily life. It’s commentaries on commentaries on commentaries. The perfect illustration of the saying “Ask two Jews, get three opinions.”Judaism is all about asking questions, not stopping at the first answer, looking at an issue from all angles.
  • Mathematical concepts help me to see the world in a new way, with two books books in particular that I’ll mention:- Powers of Ten - All about looking at the world at different orders of magnitude, moving from the up-close micro view to the big-picture macro view.-FlatlandWhich gave me a new way to think about how different dimensions might intersect our own
  • I’m also inspired by mathematics to look for patterns that repeat in the world.How many of you know about phi? The golden ratio?It’s a pattern based on the Fibonacci Sequence that’s found in the human body, in plants, DNA, music and more.And fractals, which are repeating patterns within patterns based on mathematical formulas and found all over nature.
  • Science fiction is my favorite kind of story because iit asks the big “what if?” questions:What if you could communicate instantly across time and space?What if disease were eliminated?Star Trek was great at planting ideas for products that had not been created yet and spurred people to think - why not?
  • - Unlike Muhammad Yunus, I believe that science fiction is social fiction.-Sci Fi is especially good at showing how new technologies function in a web of social and economic systems,Lets us explore what the world might be like and how society might be changed as a result of an innovation.Can think through the ethical implications, take things to their logical conclusions.
  • I’m inspired by the Maker Movement.- It’s all about rolling up our sleeves and jumping in, creating SOMETHING – not just being a consumer of other people’s creations, but putting something into the world.A great example ishackathons, which are based on prototyping and collaborating to make something useful quickly.
  • In order to become a maker, we need to build different skills.To that end, I try to keep learning from new fields. These are some of the subjects I’ve taken classes in or attended talks on this year.It’s amazing how much free learning is out there for you to take advantage of, online and in person, and I encourage you to do so in something that’s totally new to you.
  • Finally, it’s great to find inspiration for your own work. But when you can also be an inspiration to others, that’s where the real fulfillment lies.So I hope I’ve inspired you today to look beyond the usual places for your own inspiration. Thank you.
  • What Inspires Me? - NCHCMM 2013 Inspiration Shop Talk

    1. 1. Look. Nedra Kline Weinreich @Nedra http://www.flickr.com/photos/gerlos/3119891607
    2. 2. Look beyond. @Nedra http://www.flickr.com/photos/bala_/2308391300
    3. 3. Ask questions. @Nedra http://www.mesacc.edu/~thoqh49081/handouts/graphics/pesahim.jpg
    4. 4. “Mathematics seems to endow one with something like a new sense.” - Charles Darwin @Nedra http://www.flickr.com/photos/carolynwill/5176958714 Powers of Ten
    5. 5. Find patterns. @Nedra
    6. 6. Ask the big “what if?” @Nedra
    7. 7. "We have science fiction, and science follows it. We imagine it, and it comes true. Yet we don't have social fiction, so nothing changes.” - Muhammad Yunus @Nedra
    8. 8. maker movement @Nedra
    9. 9. continuous learning @Nedra mobile app development augmented reality user experience transmedia storytelling human-centered design codingcreativity fan communities game design
    10. 10. @Nedra