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Next Generation Social Marketing


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Using social media to promote health and social issues. From Nedra Weinreich's Social Marketing University.

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Next Generation Social Marketing

  1. 1. Next Generation Social Marketing Photo: ocean.flynn
  2. 2. Social Media Jeopardy!
  3. 3. Her teenage angst about parents and boyfriend was watched by millions on YouTube until she was exposed as a hired actress
  4. 4. This word describing an online collaborative tool comes from the Hawaiian word meaning “quick”
  5. 5. You would be excited to be listed as one of someone’s top eight friends on this social networking site
  6. 6. This presidential candidate recently opened a virtual office in Second Life
  7. 7. The initials RSS stand for this tool used by blogs, news sites and people wanting to track their ego feed
  8. 8. The combination of these two ingredients started a trend on YouTube of videos showing the explosive results
  9. 9. “Astroturfing” and “sock puppetry” are two different methods of doing this online marketing no-no
  10. 10. The revelation about a forged document by this blog led to the downfall of Dan Rather
  11. 11.
  12. 12. Web 1.0 is… • Static • Centrally managed • Slow to change • Unidirectional • Tech-heavy Photo: trixiebedlam
  13. 13. Web 1.0
  14. 14. What is Web 2.0?
  15. 15. The People Formerly Known as the Audience Photo: Arend Kuester
  16. 16. Photo: Waxy Poetic
  17. 17. The Internet is Part of Our Lives Pew Internet Survey - Dec. 2006 • U.S. adults - 70% use it • World - 17% use it • 91% of internet users use e-mail • 91% use search engines • 67% get news • 66% visit a government website • 39% read blogs Photo: Kimi Iwasaki
  18. 18. Most Adults are Online 2000-2006 100% 85% 80% 80% 69% 60% 40% 31% 20% 0% Age 18-29 Age 30-49 Age 50-64 Age 65+ Pew Internet Project Surveys, 2000-2006
  19. 19. 93% of American teens are online Photo: Bdegan
  20. 20. Health & Social Issues Online • 79% of internet users look for health/medical information online • 58% go to a website that provides info/support for a specific medical condition or personal situation • 54% look online for news or information about politics • 30% look for religious/spiritual info Pew Internet Project Surveys • 18% make a donation to a charity online Photo:WujekDobraRada
  21. 21. Media Shift Source: Blackfriars Marketing
  22. 22. The Death of the 30 Second Spot? Photo: you are your atman
  23. 23. Social Media Marketing SOCIAL MEDIA TO THE RESCUE! With apologies to XKCD
  24. 24. What can you do with social media? Communicate Collective Wisdom Connect Customization Collaborate/ Conversation Co-Create Community Collect/Categorize All leading to the big C -- CHANGE!
  25. 25. Communicate Blogs Podcasts Video Blogging Video Sharing Photo Sharing
  26. 26. Blogs
  27. 27. Podcasts
  28. 28. Video Blogging/Sharing
  29. 29. Photo Sharing
  30. 30. Connect Social networks Mobile text messaging Instant messaging/Twitter Skype
  31. 31. Social Networks
  32. 32. Mobile Text Messaging Smoking cessation Nutrition Fitness Medication reminders Disaster response Symptom checker Diabetes Photo: de.ef.ha
  33. 33. Collaborate/Co-Create Wikis Consumer-Generated Media Open Source Software Creative Commons Mash-ups
  34. 34. CGM
  35. 35. Open Sourcing
  36. 36. Collect/Categorize Tagging Social Bookmarking Search Engines
  37. 37. Tagging Photo: Beth Kanter
  38. 38. Collective Wisdom Ratings Sites Wikipedia Social News
  39. 39. Customization RSS Widgets Virtual Worlds/Avatars
  40. 40. Widgets
  41. 41. Custom Avatars
  42. 42. CDC in Second Life
  43. 43. Conversation Blog Comments/Responses Meme Trackers
  44. 44. Community Created by all of the above Fostered by common interests Built through conversations
  45. 45. How can these tools lead to change? Building awareness, spreading the word Providing social support and motivation Coordinating unified approach Involving those affected by the problem in creating the solution Helping people take action Customizing messages Humanizing the issue