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MARTA Feedback


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Brief outline for a proposal to build an online (web and mobile app) feedback system for capturing feedback (good and bad) re MARTA. The feedback would be publicly searchable, mappable, and passed on to MARTA. This project is proposed for the Random Hacks of Kindness event coming up in December.

Use your skills to help make the world a better place with technology. Check out Random Hacks of Kindness Atlanta, Dec. 1-2 at Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) on 14th Street.

RHoK Atlanta (Main Event)
Time/Date: Saturday, Dec. 1, 8:00 a.m. - Sunday, Dec. 2, 3 p.m.
Location: GTRI - 250 14th Street NW
Cost: FREE
Event registration:
Twitter: @rhokATL

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MARTA Feedback

  1. 1. MARTAFEEDBACKLetting MARTA know whenthey’re doing a good job – andwhen they need to shape up.Proposal by Wendy Darling
  2. 2. PURPOSE Communicate to MARTA  Empower Riders  General Complaints  Save Complaints from MARTA  Problem Reports “Black Hole”  Allow Riders to Contribute to  Compliments & Thanks Larger Project via Reporting  Riders Care About System  Generate Data for Transit Identification of Problems Advocacy  Bus Routes  Consistent Problems  Safety Issues  Problem Areas (by Route, by  System-wide Problems Geographic Area)  Problem Mapping  Track Rider Suggestions
  3. 3. COMPONENTS Web Site – Desktop  Web Site – Mobile  Feedback Form  Feedback Form  Specific Problem  View Feedback  General Problem  Get App  Compliment or Thanks  Background & Related  View Feedback Resources  Map  List  App  Search  Feedback Form  Latest Feedback  View Feedback  Get App  Link to Mobile Web Site  Background & Related Resources
  4. 4. Web Site - DesktopMARTA FEEDBACK Mobile How It Works FAQ MARTA Resources Transit Advocacy Take Action: Live: Complaint or System Feedback Compliment Zoom or Click to Pan Map Download: App for iPhone View Full Map And Android View as List Latest Feedback: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vivamus id tellus sit amet est rutrum tincidunt at sit amet dui. – Joe Tranzit, 11-19-12
  5. 5. Mobile Web Mobile AppMARTA MARTAFEEDBACK Take Action: FEEDBACK Take Action: Complaint or Complaint or Compliment Compliment Download: View: App for iPhone System And Android Feedback Mobile Web Site View: System Feedback Desktop Site How It Works FAQ MARTA Resources Transit Advocacy