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Making That Tumblr Tumble


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Presentation to accompany talk at SoCon, Atlanta, GA, Feb. 9, 2013. Case study of successful Tumblr, Art Deco Architecture, and tips on how to succeed on Tumblr.

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Making That Tumblr Tumble

  1. 1. Making That Tumblr Tumble Achieving Tumblr SuccessWendy Darling, Atlanta, GA@wcdarling | | |
  2. 2. Begun October 2010 As of Feb. 8, 2013 6,963 Posts 5,732 Followers 746 Likes on Facebook 299 Followers on TwitterArt Deco Architecture Blog for Art Deco architecture, civil engineering, interiordesign, plus related history and culture – around the world
  3. 3. Types of Posts• Photos • Historical Photos (1900s-1940s) • Later Photos • Recent Photos• Historic Illustrations • Architectural Drawings • Postcards and Posters • Advertising• Movie Sets• New Digital Design & Traditional Art• Videos• Articles and Books• Reblogs• Questions & Submissions
  4. 4. Traffic Numberson Web SiteSince Inception*200,000 Visits570,000 Page ViewsMost Viewed Posts: • Empire State Building Lobby - 12,000 • Chrysler Building Elevator - 5,200 • Helsinki Train Station - 3,900 • Whitehouse Diner (NJ) - 3,400* 6 mo. missing data in 2012NOTE: This does not include viewsvia Tumblr itself. Tucson, Arizona
  5. 5. AudienceGrowth• Google • Tags and descriptions in posts • Other Tumblrs & sites linking • Success leads to success• Tagging • Users browsing by tag (click under posts) • Users searching Tumblr by tag• Influential Tumblrs reblogging• Tumblr Features • Featured Tumblr tags • “Spotlight” image• Facebook• Twitter• Pinterest
  6. 6. Why Tumblr?• Easy to use from both browser and posting POV• Plays well with others – Twitter, RSS, etc.• Wide variety of templates and options• Fun to explore• Easy to reblog*• Community and reciprocation – “I’ll share you, you share me, we both benefit”* (Maybe too easy.)
  7. 7. Good Tumblr Citizenship• Credit, credit, credit! • Tag! • Name source. • Enables others to find your content • Link to source. • Provides more context • Link photo to source. • Links your content to similar content • Promote source.• Identify! • Be egalitarian! • Buildings, people, etc. should • Promote other Tumblrs and blogs. not be posted unlabeled. • Reblog others and while you’re • This way, context is retained. at it, thank them. • Goes along with crediting source. • Don’t spam! • 100 reblogs in a day isn’t going to gain you followers. • Stay on your topic.
  8. 8. Tools to Try• Queue• Tags• Facebook • Fan Page • Automatic RSS Import • Hootsuite• Twitter• Co-Editors• Tumblr Apps
  9. 9. Questions?Wendy Deco