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Slideshow of medical missions trip to Tanzania and Zanzibar in summer of 2008.

Published in: Travel
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  1. 1. By Lion Melanie Miller
  2. 7. Team members Nimfa and Jocelyne greet each other
  3. 12. A real “Massai takes pictures of these two ‘Mzungu’s’ (white people). We would love to know what he told his friends when he got home.
  4. 15. Pastor Vakau shares a blessing
  5. 16. Pastoral Prayers for us
  6. 17. Mr. & Mrs. Melanie
  7. 18. Our Wedding Party
  8. 20. The Geiko Insurance Fellow followed us everywhere
  9. 25. Our Team socializes with the President, the Minister of Health, and the Minister of Disabilities The President “hand delivers” the medications to the Minister of Health Thousands of dollars of critically needed medications were delivered to the local hospital for our clinic. Dozens of dignitaries attended the special event. Posing with the Minister of Dis- abilities and a government official.
  10. 26. Lion Melanie and the Minister of Disabilities, an amazing woman by the name of Abeda Rashid
  11. 27. Young or old, apprehensive or elated, everyone understood the freedom the wheelchairs granted them! Some were apprehensive … some had never known anything but being carried in their mothers arms, or dragging themselves along in the dirt. It would take some time to find their comfort level. Understanding all that freedom means can be a lot to take in at once.
  12. 31. Melanie Meeting With The Minister of Disabilities and visiting a School with Deaf Children
  13. 32. I enjoyed watching them communicate with Ms. Rashid. They use Swahili sign language in Tanzania.
  14. 33. Watching her climb the terrain between the road and the school was an inspiration in itself. This school was located in the middle of the jungle!!
  15. 34. They were so curious about me. I can’t imagine why! I actually had children that were frightened by me. One little boy was fine after he could touch my hair.
  16. 35. Principal Khamis Ali Ali
  17. 37. So many of these hearing-challenged kids are impacted such treatable conditions as wax impaction, and simple earaches.
  18. 38. Melanie hopes to work with these kids and others like them in the near future. There is a great need there!
  19. 48. Everyone carries their own medical records with them; each paper file needed to be manually updated before the patient left the clinic.
  20. 49. One of our team members working with two Zanzibarian Pharmacists filling Rx.
  21. 55. Modesto Lions 500 had an impact on the island of Zanzibar!! We filled thousands of Rx. We saw 525 patients in 3 days! Amazing! Thank you for your generous donation!!
  22. 56. While we were there, a Canadian firm was there as well, setting up a wireless network system so local doctors could benefit from medical seminars throughout the island.
  23. 57. It took a lot of coaxing, but our camera crew finally convinced the kids it was alright to see their picture in the camera.
  24. 59. Mr. Enzi and his family. He is the #1 assistant to the Prime Minister and our liaison for our trip.
  25. 60. One of the officers from the Chief Ministers office.
  26. 61. Doug finishing up his speech and accepting a certificate from the Chief Ministers office.
  27. 62. Doug and Melanie with Mr. Enzi, the Minister of Health and another dignitary.
  28. 63. The ruins of the palace from the last great Imam of the island.
  29. 64. The ruins of the palace from the last great Imam of the island.
  30. 65. A very long centipede (8” long). Yuck!!
  31. 66. A boat building area near Stone Town.
  32. 67. A boat building area near Stone Town.
  33. 68. A boat building area near Stone Town.
  34. 69. A boat building area near Stone Town.
  35. 70. A boat building area near Stone Town.
  36. 71. Sail production.
  37. 72. Mr. and Mrs. Miller
  38. 73. Stone Town coast scene.
  39. 74. Stone Town coast scene.
  40. 75. What visit would be complete without visiting a living museum...
  41. 89. Before we leave, we check out one of the local resorts ...
  42. 100. One last Team Photo on the beach
  43. 101. Heading Back for one last celebration …
  44. 102. Sunday Celebrations are just that … celebrations!!