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Social workers for children


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Published in: Law
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Social workers for children

  1. 1. Our goal is to tell you about how social workers help children and explain what’s happening in our country. Also, we are going to give you some advices to prevent the problems which happen to you.
  2. 2. How do they (social workers) help children? The social workers give children advices about the problems that happen to the children. As such as, working too hard – force and poverty, and kidnapping.
  3. 3.  Force and poverty. Many children work too hard by force. It means, the children work in pressure and force. Most of the reasons that the children are working too hard is – that they are being forced by somebody. Childrens are even forced by their parents. It’s because of poverty. Poverty and force can be solved but the poverty is a hard thing to be solved. Because the government doesn’t care about whatever happens to poor people. But forces are taken care of easily. Somebody just finds other people forcing children to work and they just report them. As a social worker, we must keep the children away from forcers and help the poor ones even by donating.
  4. 4. Kidnapping  This is the most-mentioned problem in any country. Many childrens are kidnapped in Mongolia and another countries. To prevent the problem, the children must be under sight everytime. The children must give information about where they are and what they are doing to their parents everytime. When some childrens are kidnapped, but rescued, they get a lot of emotional problems. As a social worker, we must give the children advices to keep calm and stay under sight. Additional: In most of the times, in a foreign country, there’s almost no teenagers or kids walking in the streets. That’s the reason the kidnapping crime rarely happens in developed countries. That explains that we should keep the children SAFE as well.
  5. 5.  If you have really paid attention to our lesson, you have known how to prevent these most-happened problems.  Any judgements can be taken and any questions can be asked, in English. (When the question is good, the answer is good as well.)  Thanks for giving us a chance to make the presentation again, to the teacher.  Nothing can be explained by pictures in this lesson, so we didn’t add pictures, we apologize.  Stealing ideas from this presentation’s make is prohibited.  The other members helped us to make the presentation. Don’t think that they did not do anything.
  6. 6.  Thanks for respecting and paying attention.  We hope you enjoyed the lesson. Regards, The First Team. Members: Ankhtamir (Helped to make the presentation) Batgerel (Sick) Bilguun (Helped to make the presentation) Bilegjargal (Made the presentation) Davaajargal (Gave the main ideas to make the presentation) Dashdeleg (Helped to make the presentation)