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India Wind Storage Opportunities Walawalkar Final


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A presentation by Dr. Rahul Walawalkar @ 5th Energy Storage Forum, Rome, Italy June 2012

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India Wind Storage Opportunities Walawalkar Final

  1. 1. 6/14/2012 Opportunities for Energy Storage in addressing Infrastructure Challenges in India Dr. Rahul Walawalkar Vice President, Emerging Tech & Markets and Executive Director, India Energy Storage AlliancePresented at 1India: Land of growing opportunities & Challenges 2 1
  2. 2. 6/14/2012 IntroductionIndia’s GDP is growing at ~ 8% per yearCurrent installed generation capacity ~199 GWExpected capacity additions over the next 5-10 years: 200 – 450 GWExponential increase in renewables, owing to policies and economic incentives (Feed-in Tariffs, RECs)Critical need for bridging the supply – demand gap:  Average power deficits: 8.3% ;  Peak power deficits in industrial regions : 22% (MH), 17% (PB) 3 Existing vs projected Capacity Additions 4 2
  3. 3. 6/14/2012 India – Wind Resource Potential17-20 GW of wind anticipated by 2013 source Estimated potential Wind 85 GW Small hydro 15 GW Solar 25 GW Biomass 200 GW Total 325 GW Source: MNRE 2009-10 Annual report A new Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Report suggests wind potential in India @ 800 GW+ Source: Phadke et. al (2011). Reassessment of Wind Potential in India. LBNL. Forthcoming 5Renewable Energy certificates & Feed In Tariffs REC Option Feed-in Tariff [State Regulated Tariff] Electricity Green Attributes REC Sale of electricity to Electricity @ [Solar & Non-Solar] DISCOMs at State Market Price regulated tariff (Preferential Tariff) Sell to Dis-Coms at Sale of RECs at Price ≤ Avg Price* Power Exchange * - Weighted Average Pooled Price at which distribution licensee has purchased electricity (including cost of self generation, long-term and short term purchase) in the previous year, but excluding the cost of RE power purchase 6 3
  4. 4. 6/14/2012Challenges in integration of renewablesSource: Dr. Michael Milligan NREL / AWEA 7Significant Wind Fluctuation (04/03/07) 8 4
  5. 5. 6/14/2012 India Grid Frequency 9 Implementing new Indian Grid Code 2012Wind developers have to pay financial penalties for deviations of more than ±30% of forecastNew wind energy generators will be able to fine tune their schedules (based on forecasting) as close as three hours before actual generation.The operational frequency band has been further tightened from ‘50.3 - 49.2 Hz’ to ‘50.2 - 49.5 Hz’.This is generating interest in exploring better forecasting and integrating storage for wind farms 10 5
  6. 6. 6/14/2012Regional wind power generation forecast for Germany and real observation data 11 Unscheduled Interchange:a mechanism for promoting grid discipline 12 6
  7. 7. 6/14/2012 Evolution of Grid Frequency Control 48.9 49.0 49.1 49.2 49.3 49.4 49.5 49.6 49.7 49.8 49.9 50.0 50.1 50.2 50.3 50.4 50.5 Freq Band Tightened Further Proposed2012 - Yet to be Implemented May 2010 Tinkered Apr 2009 Vector UI July 2002 to Jan 2008 48.9 49.0 49.1 49.2 49.3 49.4 49.5 49.6 49.7 49.8 49.9 50.0 50.1 50.2 50.3 50.4 50.5 13 India – Grid Frequency Analysis 14 7
  8. 8. 6/14/2012 Integrating advanced wind forecasting & scheduling Customized’s Market Operations Center currently actively manages over 3000 MW of generation, energy storage and demand response resources to maximize profits for our clients. 15 Data Acquisition & Monitoring ServicesProvides Customer easy access to Fully redundant Highly Available SCADA Functionality Site Data Communications To/From ISO/SLDC Site Voice Communication To/From CES Real-Time SCADA MMI Interface at Customer Site HIS Archive of Critical Customer Information Full Real-Time Data Support for ISO/SLDC Services UI / Imbalance Regional Energy Accounting. Minacs Confidential 166/14/2012 8
  9. 9. 6/14/2012 CES SecureNet-RT  Reduces the grid interconnection timeline from few months to < 2 weeks  Real-time access to data  Same View as Control Room Operators  Ability to set up custom alerts for maintenance Minacs Confidential 176/14/2012 Role of Energy Storage in Renewable Integration Over $26B planned Transmission investments over next 5 years. Also Perform need for transmission optimization with significant wind penetration. Achieve Trade (PAT) mechanism for thermal Commercial & plants & Industrial customers, introduction SEZs / townships, of ancillary Rural Electrification services Adapted from EPRI & AEP presentation 18 9
  10. 10. 6/14/2012 Energy Storage integration in microgrids will enable greater renewable utilization Source: Altairnano 19 Industrial Estates / SEZsA Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is a geographical region to promotecommercial & industrial activity. Categorization of SEZ:  Free Trade Zones (FTZ),  Export processing zones (EPZ),  Free Zones (FZ),  Industrial Estates (IE),  Free ports,  Urban Enterprise Zones etc. It is anticipated that more than 300 new such townships with more than 1M population will be developed in India during next 10-15 years. The green field development provides a great opportunity to explore new business models for integrating energy storage technologies to optimize the distribution systems and generation mix for optimizing resources 20 10
  11. 11. 6/14/2012 21 Applications of Energy Storage in IndiaOptimizing the supply and demand imbalanceIntroduction of ancillary servicesTransmission & Distribution upgrade deferralReduced congestion on transmission linesMicrogrid opportunities for rural and new townshipsPower Reliability and quality for large IndustriesElectrification of transportation (hybrids and EVs)Telecom Industry applications including cell tower 22 11
  12. 12. 6/14/2012 Goals of India Energy Storage AllianceProvide a platform for promising energy storage technologies for meeting India’s growing needsAnalysis of existing opportunities in IndiaAssess the barriers preventing the adaptation of EES technologies by various market participantsProvide an overview of planned and potential rule changes that can remove these barriersMatching the technical capabilities of various storage technologies with opportunities in IndiaEducating policy makers and regulators about storage 23 Goals of IESA …Build awareness in end users and potential investorsAssess the market potential for various applicationsEvaluate current financing mechanisms available and propose any alternate financial models that can accelerate adoption of these technologies in IndiaOrganize stakeholder meetings with key financial institutions, project developers & technology suppliersOrganize an annual technology tour / conference focused on bringing attention to energy storage for various target segments in India 24 12
  13. 13. 6/14/2012 Summary There is tremendous growth potential for supply & demand growth in India including renewablesCurrent grid is not geared to tackle the potential challenges that could impact PQ and reliabilityNew regulations as well as reliability and PQ concerns are creating a need for evaluating of energy storageNeed to learn from international experiences and successful energy storage project implementationsNeed to create a clear business case and demonstrate energy storage in various applications 25 Contact USCustomized Energy Solutions Ltd. Dr. Rahul Walawalkar Customized Energy Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. 1528 Walnut Street, 22nd Floor VP, Emerging Tech & Markets and A 501, GO Square Philadelphia, PA 19102 USA Executive Director, IESA Aundh - Hinjewadi Link Rd, Wakad Customized Energy Solutions Pune, Maharashtra 411057 India Phone: +1-215-875-9440 Phone: 91-20-32407682 Fax: +1-215-875-9490 Mobile: 91-989-205-4504 26 13