Catalog Microprocessor Flame Photometer VSI-602


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We are leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Digital Flame Photometers and Microprocessor based Flame Photometers, from India. Here we offer Microprocessor based Flame Photometer with advance features.

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Catalog Microprocessor Flame Photometer VSI-602

  1. 1. MICROPROCESSOR BASEDFLAME PHOTOMETER(Model : VSI-602)FEATURES : Useful for Medical & Laboratory Use Highly Stable & Accurate Direct Results in ppm and meq 5 Digit 7-Segment bright red LED Display 3-Point CalibrationMicroprocessor Flame Photometer (VSI-602) is an ideal instrument for the determination of sodium,Potassium, Calcium and Lithium. It uses the latest microcontroller technology and advanced engineeringtechniques so as to give enhanced accuracy and reproducibility. The System has 3-Point calibration facilityusing curve fitting software. It has soft touch membrane keys for ease of operations. It comes with twofilters Sodium (Na) & Potassium (K). Calcium (Ca) & Lithium (Li) Filters are optional available atextra cost.The sample solution is aspirated through an atomizer. Sample, Air and the fuel are mixed in the mixingchamber which is then sprayed as a very fine mist into the flame. The color of the flame is changeddepending upon the concentration of elements present. Radiations from the flame pass through the sensingsystem and specific narrow band interference filter which permits only the characteristic radiation to pass tothe photo-detector. The output of the photo-detector is then processed by the microcontroller and the finalresults are displayed on the digital display.Manufactured By :VSI ELECTRONICS PVT. LTD.,F-330, PHASE VIII-B, SECTOR 74, INDUSTRIAL AREA,S.A.S. NAGAR, MOHALI – 160 071 (PUNJAB), INDIA.TELEFAX : +91-172-2227238MOBILE : +91-9855076463, 9814016463, 9041931993E-MAIL :
  2. 2. MICROPROCESSOR BASEDFLAME PHOTOMETER(Model : VSI-602)TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:Measuring Unit ppm. meq/lSerum UrineRangeNa: 0.1 - 100 Na: 0 - 200, 1:100 dilution Na: 0 - 250, 1:100 dilutionK: 0.1 - 100 K: 0 - 10, 1:100 dilution K: 0 - 100, 1:100 dilutionCa: 15 – 100 (Optional)Li: 0.5 – 100 (Optional) Li: 0 - 2, 1:5 dilution Li: 0 - 10, 1:2 dilutionSensitivity 0.1 ppmAccuracy + 1% upto 40 ppm, + 2% above 40 ppm.Readout 5 Digit 7-Segment Bright Red LED DisplayMeasurementSystemOne Element at a TimeFlame System LPG & Dry Oil Free AirDetector Silicon PhotodiodeCalibration 3-Point Calibration Using Curve Fitting SoftwarePower 230 V + 10% AC, 50 HzDimensions 365 x 245 x 220 mm (L x B x H) (Approx.)Weight Main Unit - 7.5 Kg (Approx.)Air Supply By Oil Free Mini Compressor Unit With Pressure RegulatorCombustion Gas LPG Controlled By Precision RegulatorAtomizer Axial Flow TypeBurner Stainless Steel With Auto IgnitionCOMPRESSOR UNITAir Supply By Oil Free Mini Compressor Unit With Pressure RegulatorCombustion GasLPG Controlled By Precision Regulator(LPG Gas Cylinder & Regulator to be arranged by Customer)Power 230 V + 10% AC, 50 HzDimensions 290 x 255 x 210 mm (L x B x H) (Approx.)Weight Compressor Unit - 8 Kg (Approx.)Note : Appearance & Specifications are subject to change due to continuous improvements.