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Catalign quarterly September 2018


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Highlights and reflections by Vinay Dabholkar on his work related to (1) Design Thinking (2) Management of innovation and (3) Mindfulness during July to September 2018

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Catalign quarterly September 2018

  1. 1. Catalign Quarterly Sep 2018 Highlights and reflections Vinay Dabholkar Catalign Innovation Consulting 1
  2. 2. Focus Areas 2 Design Thinking Management of Innovation Mindfulness on the go
  3. 3. 3 Facilitation of a workshop on design thinking for Engineering college teachers in and around Coimbatore Design Thinking @ Coimbatore Institute of Technology
  4. 4. Managing innovation: Idea review @ Mumbai 4 Review of ideas and the process of innovation at a shipyard in Mumbai. Along with Prof. Rishikesha Krishnan (Director, IIM Indore).
  5. 5. Design Thinking @ IIM Bangalore 5 Facilitation of two workshops on “Design Thinking” at IIM Bangalore (with Prof. Ganesh Prabhu). Reflection of participants through the medium of blogging.
  6. 6. A “creative collaboration” workshop @ Agastya 6 Co-facilitation of a workshop on “Creative collaboration” for Region Heads and instructors at Agastya International Foundation at Kuppam campus, Andhra Pradesh.
  7. 7. “Design Thinking” workshop at Atos, Bangalore 7 Design Thinking workshop for a diverse audience from countries like Senegal, Spain, Germany, Netherlands at ATOS Bangalore
  8. 8. Articles 8 • Why did Prof. George Sudarshan say, “I am quite good at deceiving myself?” • Is “Design Thinking” old wine in a new bottle? • Revising an obsession checklist after a decade
  9. 9. Thank You 9