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8 steps to innovation excellence


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"8 steps to innovation" presents a systematic approach to innovation in a team / organization. This 2-day workshop would help Managers / Specialists create an action plan to enable innovation in their team.

Published in: Leadership & Management
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8 steps to innovation excellence

  1. 1. 8 steps to innovation excellence A 2-day workshop on Mar 8-9, 2018 Hotel Grand Mercure, Koramangla, Bangalore Facilitator: Vinay Dabholkar, Ph.D. Catalign Innovation Consulting For more information / registration contact:, +91 99457-57913 1
  2. 2. Workshop learning objectives 1. How do I innovate effectively? 2. How do I enable innovation in my team/org? 3. How do I manage innovation systematically? 4. How do I integrate innovation in day-to-day work? 2
  3. 3. Outline 3 Time Focus 9:30-11:00 Introduction to “8-steps to innovation framework” Self-assessment (5-levels) 11:15-01:00 Build a challenge book Pain-wave-waste Challenge selection Challenge framing 02:00-03:30 Ideation and idea selection Quantity vs quality Leveraging metaphors Cost-impact matrix 3:45-5:30 Prototyping & pitch design Build prototypes (3-types) Design a pitch (framework) Day-1 Time Focus 9:30-11:00 How to sustain innovation? ABCD Approach Follow bright spots Create a dashboard 11:15-01:00 Taking big bets Building a platform / sandbox Building margin of safety 01:30-02:30 Breakout time Individual / team presentation preparation based on learning / sharing of best practices 02:45-5:00 Team presentations Reflection and takeaways Day-2
  4. 4. 4 Learning through cases & exercises Customized for Participants’ context Tips for busy manager (Five minutes exercises for each of the 8-steps) Workshop Highlights Time for reflection and sharing of best practices
  5. 5. 5 Facilitator: Vinay Dabholkar 11 years of consulting experience 21 years of industry experience 100+ innovation workshops Visiting faculty: IIMB (2010-18), IITB (2016-17) B.Tech. IIT Bombay & Ph.D. SUNY Buffalo in Computer Science 300+ blogs on innovation since 2007 Co-author 8 steps to innovation
  6. 6. 6 Clients (complete list)
  7. 7. “8-steps to innovation” based workshops by the facilitator (2012-present) 7 Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida Jaipur Kanpur Shillong Kolkata Bhubaneshwar Indore Veraval Raipur Varora Hyderabad Mumbai Pune Hubli Bangalore Chennai Kuppam Goa Visakhapatnam
  8. 8. Book chapter / Presentations / videos / podcast / articles • First chapter of 8 steps to innovation • 8 steps to innovation: An introduction (presentation) • “8 steps to innovation” in action (presentation) • The innovation ladder: 8-steps summary article • Three myths of innovation (YouTube video) • Where to begin: Pain-Wave-Waste (YouTube video) • Candid conversation with Vinay by Zunder Lekshmanan (podcast) • Chapter-wise blogs 8
  9. 9. Thank You 9 For registration details: 8-steps to innovation page For any clarifications:, +91 99457-57913