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Sculpture developed to promote furniture re-use - see page 22
Summer Festivals
Love Parks
Funding Opportunities
Recession Support
Golden Agers’ Tyntesfield Quilt
Bristol Based Nationals
Tackling Age Discrimination
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  1. 1. Supporting Voluntary & Community Action ! July/August/September 2009 Inside Voscur’s Magazine Nominate for the Voscur Awards Summer Festivals Love Parks Funding Opportunities Recession Support Sculpture developed to promote furniture re-use - see page 22 Golden Agers’ Tyntesfield Quilt Bristol Based Nationals Tackling Age Discrimination Constitutional Advice Training and Learning Third Sector Survey Issue 6 July / August / September 2009
  2. 2. Shape a life. Be a foster carer TACT is a well respected fostering and adoption agency. TACT will o er you excellent training with 24 hour support and respite care when you need it. TACT pay between £322 & £574 per week per child as well as additional allowances for birthdays, festivals and holidays. Although fostering can be challenging, it can also be very rewarding. If you believe you have the capacity and commitment to support, vulnerable children and young people between 10 -16 years old, then we’d love to hear from you. To make a di erence call: 0117 927 7725. Email: Charity Number: 1018963 July / August / September 2009 Issue 6
  3. 3. Welcome Contents 4 Editorial 24 - 25 Summer Festivals 5 Voscur Annual Event 26 - 27 Children and Young People 6 Voscur News - St Werburghs City Farm - Summer Camp Campaign Award Sexual Health Services for Young People 7 New Voscur Members 28 - 29 How To - Funding Tax Effective Giving 8 - 10 Sector News Office of the Third Sector Survey 30 - 31 How To - Green Pages Keep Infrastructure Local Love Parks Free Support for Merger and Is Bristol Prepared for Sustainable Collaboration Growth? - Bristol Development Framework 11 Recession Support 32 Volunteering Bristol 12 - 14 Equalities - Older People Good Practice Promotes Higher Tackling Age Discrimination Standards 2009 Celebrating Age Festival 33 The Compact A New Treasure at the National Trust Compact Liaison Officer 15 Equalities What is the Compact? Femocracy 35 Constitution Corner 16 - 19 Voscur Training & Learning Operating for the public benefit? Training - why bother? 36 Diary Voscur Learning 20 How To - ICT Reduce your ICT carbon footprint 21 Voscur Shadowing programme 22 - 23 Bristol Based Nationals Furniture Re-use Network Why not advertise? Thrive! is available on disc. Please contact Special discounts for Voscur members. the office if you would like to Deadlines for October 2009 edition of Thrive!: receive your Thrive! this way. The Tuesday 1 September for ads and Monday 21 September for flyers. Details of prices at newsletter is also available online as a pdf or phone Polly Stewart, sub-editor, on 0117 909 9949 at Disclaimer: some of the views expressed in this publication are those of individual contributors and do not necessarily represent those of Voscur. Publications, events and services mentioned in Thrive! are not necessarily endorsed by Voscur. 3 Issue 6 July / August / September 2009
  4. 4. Editorial New Council pledges support for our sector Question: Who said Support from “ The voluntary, Recession community and social enterprise sector has an Mitigation Fund Details of the support available important part to play in from the Capacitybuilders Real understanding local need, Help For Communities fund can and is often best placed be found on page 10 of Thrive! to deliver activities, Voscur was concerned that this services and support that support is only available to groups best meets the needs with an income of over £150,000 of some of the most per annum. There are many groups in the city who don’t Wendy Stephenson vulnerable groups in reach that threshold, but are also our city”? wide has the potential to benefit vulnerable at this time. the most vulnerable groups and Answer: Voscur, in partnership with City people working in the sector in Bristol. We will keep you informed Councillor Barbara Janke, Leader of of Bristol College, applied to of the support on offer through the Council, in the last issue of Thrive! the Bristol Partnership recession our e-bulletin, website and this mitigation fund to help us offer magazine. Councillor Janke also told us that support for our members who the Liberal Democrats want to bring Wendy Stephenson, don’t meet the Capacitybuilders decision-making closer to the people Chief Executive, Voscur criteria, but are nevertheless through: building on Neighbourhood vulnerable to the effects of the Partnerships; working to find ways key TO SymBOLS recession. We will be offering to transfer assets to the third sector, and are committed to help with issues of redundancy, Equalities Article strengthening positive working collaboration and merger, skills relationships through the Compact. development and training. The local election has resulted in a It was a difficult decision as to ? Training Liberal Democrat majority running whether to apply to this fund as the council. We very much look Voscur member groups, did, of Resources forward to helping the Council put course, also apply to this fund. its commitment into practice in the On balance we thought that the Event coming months. support that we could offer city- 4 July / August / September 2009 Issue 6
  5. 5. Voscur Annual Conference and AGM Hitting the Headlines – Promoting the Value of your Work Wednesday 21 October 2009 9.30am – 2.30pm St Paul’s Community Sports Academy Keynote Speaker: Debra Allcock-Tyler, Chief The Voscur Awards: Make your nominations in the following Executive, Directory of Social Change categories 1.The Most Active Community Activist 2.The Community Venue of the Year Media panel and workshops to help you 3.The Most Innovative/ Engaging Project promote your organisation 4.The ‘I Will Survive’ Award Stalls to showcase your organisation 5.The ‘Thanks for Supporting the Sector Award’ Last year’s ‘Thanks for Fran Harrison, Manager of many in the voluntary sector, Supporting the Sector’ award Fairbridge West said… our premises need a lot of winner John Bos said… “We work with some of the most improvement. John gave advice “My prize was an invitation to challenged young people to about where we could get free lunch at Fairbridge West. The motivate and build confidence help in doing just that. This led to young people showed me around to move on to positive things in us receiving ProHelp support and the premises and explained the life. Our prize was an invitation help from architects to improve many activities and projects, to lunch cooked by our young the building.” which Fairbridge delivers: I began people at one of our ‘Come Dine to understand something of With Me’ sessions. Further details on the Voscur the fantastic work that’s being website: done with some of Bristol’s most “John showed why he had Email: disadvantaged teenagers.” received the Voscur; typical of Tel: 0117 909 9949 Issue 6 July / August / September 2009
  6. 6. Campaign Award Campaigners recognised for influencing decision makers Voscur is delighted to matthew Symonds, Development Disability equality Forum (DeF) announce the winner of the manager of Voscur said: - campaign for self-determination. 2009 award is Bristol theatre The campaign set out to stop the company Show of Strength, “ Campaign groups, like Council handing over the DEF who organised a campaign for Show of Strength, to another disabled people-led survival after they were told demonstrate that local organisation without consultation people really can make and to ensure that the Forum their funding was about to be members could explore options withdrawn. The award was changes and influence and decide their own future. decided by an online vote, decision makers. which attracted over 500 votes. Volunteers and community Save Grove Woods – campaign to groups across Bristol give preserve local woodland. Sheila Hannon from Show of a huge amount of time The campaign set out for Grove Strength said: and effort to improving Woods, Blackberry Hill, Stapleton to the city and to making be compulsorily purchased from its “ Show of Strength sure that the views of existing owner and be a designated Theatre Company is wildlife reserve. local people are heard.” thrilled to win this award as we’ve been Feet for Purpose campaigning against a Runners up were: Involved Bristol Older Peoples’ funding cut for nearly Peoples Republic of Stokes Croft Forum, Age Concern Bristol and a year. Our first appeal Campaign for community Bristol City Council Linkage in regeneration of Stokes Croft as a working together with NHS Bristol. to the city council cultural quarter. The campaign has Their work was to review current was rejected but we successfully raised the profile of services and recommend changes continued fighting and Stokes Croft and got people talking to improve basic foot care for older a second appeal is still positively about the area. They people living in Bristol. being heard. Thanks to have improved the appearance all the people who’ve of the area with urban art; Read more about all the been supporting us since successfully lobbied for the refusal campaigns at http:// last July, and who voted of a number of unsuitable planning applications and started discussions nership#voscurcampaigns for us to win the award ” with the city council on the future of the area. 6 July / August / September 2009 Issue 6
  7. 7. New Voscur members Who’s joined Voscur recently? Life Cycle UK Briefings (16 so far), organise the themselves in difficult situations. Enables people to take up cycling to Schumacher Award and Promote Whatever the reason for their improve their health, communities, Human Scale Sustainable Development. situation, they help them out. environment and overall quality of To find out more visit: Catch22 works with their families life. Life Cycle UK aims to inspire and their communities wherever people and to equip them with and whenever young people need the skills, the knowledge and the BARS (Bristol them most; in schools, on the confidence to make cycling part streets, in the home, at community of their everyday lives. They run Alcoholism Recovery centres, shopping centres, in police practical activities such as cycle Service) stations, and in custody. training, awareness-raising events, Serenity House delivers the To find out more visit: help with bike maintenance, cycle Recovery Dynamics programme, a maps and organise conferences and non-medical 12-Step treatment for seminars. alcoholism and other addictions. Charity Search To find out more visit: They are an addiction treatment Charity Search delivers a free advice resource for the City recognised by service which helps older people in NHS Bristol; and part of the alcohol financial need receive the support strategy team. Creative Kids To find out more visit: that may be available to them from charitable sources. They aim International to help them independently with A Bristol based organisation that dignity and peace of mind. works with children and young people in Bristol, the South West Catch22 To find out more visit: Catch22 is a national charity that of the UK and in Zambia (Africa) works with young people who find through hands-on visual art activities. To find out more visit: creativekidsinteranational The Schumacher Society Promotes sustainable systems for social, economic and environmental development. They organise an annual Bristol Schumacher Conference, publish Schumacher Life Cycle UK Issue 6 July / August / September 2009 7
  8. 8. Sector News Office of the Third Sector Survey – what does it tell us? Bristol Third Sector organisations give their judgement on support from local statutory bodies The Local Area Agreement (LAA) third sector organisations think What next? describes the way the Bristol that statutory bodies have on their How can Bristol improve its NI7 Partnership members will work success. performance? together to improve the quality Here are some ideas: of life for people in Bristol. One The most important factors are • Develop a third sector strategy, of the targets in Bristol’s LAA is the degree to which third sector which is supported by the Bristol National Indicator 7 (NI7) ‘an organisations can influence Partnership environment for a thriving third local decisions that affect them • Consult the sector and the sector’. (in Bristol 13% are very or fairly Bristol Partnership on its NI7 satisfied), and the degree to which action plan To find out whether partners are local third sector organisations • Raise awareness of the Compact providing an environment for a have dealings with statutory bodies • Ensure that local community thriving third sector, in 2008 the (in Bristol 32%). groups can influence Office of the Third Sector national Neighbourhood Partnerships survey asked the following question: Only 18% of respondents to the and that communities are “Taking everything into account, Bristol survey received funding in involved in shaping services overall how do the statutory the form of a grant from the local through involvement in bodies in your area influence your council, 3% from the local NHS commissioning processes organisation’s success?” body, 1% from the police or fire • Share its asset transfer strategy authority. 65% received funding • Improve its consultation The full results of the survey are from none of these sources. processes so that groups know now available. Looking at the how their responses to these results for Bristol, you might 41% of the respondents to the will shape and improve services assume that Bristol groups don’t Bristol survey said that the main • Invest in the sector for the long- areas where they carry out their think that local public sector term – let’s have some stability. activities are either internationally, partners influence their success, Visit nationally and regionally – so but unpicking the results, a the main focus of their work is different picture emerges. Jargon buster not in Bristol. Statutory sector: Public bodies, What do Bristol Not surprising then that Bristol’s funded by government with legal responsibilities. groups think? NI7 score is low, when relationships with local statutory bodies are Third Sector: The Government’s The headlines tell us that 14.7% of not a priority for many of the term for voluntary, community and respondents to the Bristol survey respondents. However, for Bristol social enterprise organisations. think that the statutory bodies in to be judged to provide an their area have a positive influence National Indicator 7: Environment environment for a thriving third on their organisation’s success. for a Thriving Third Sector – target sector, we need to increase our The survey also identifies which within the Local Area Agreement. score by 4.4 percentage points to other factors have the most impact reach a score of 19.1% when the on the degree of influence that survey is repeated in 2010. 8 July / August / September 2009 Issue 6
  9. 9. Sector News Be vocal - Keep infrastructure local Important survey will determine future support – make sure your views are heard. Bristol City Council has launched retained to support and represent instead ensure that the support its infrastructure support survey, the sector at a local level. that Bristol groups get is high the findings of which will play a quality and responsive to local large role in determining what There is a long history of need. support will be available for local community activism in Bristol - organisations and groups. Please Voscur was started by community We encourage you to complete complete the survey - your views activists, and has grown in response the questionnaire and if you are vital to ensure you don’t lose to members’ needs. We are think that there is a need for a services you need and value. governed by a board that is elected local infrastructure organisation, from and by our membership and please say so. The Council is changing the way that we have structures in place so that it funds organisations like Voscur our members can represent the (local infrastructure organisations) sector at strategic bodies in Bristol. and will be commissioning Find a link to this infrastructure services such as those Unfortunately, in some parts of the questionnaire and offered by Voscur, from next year. country commissioning has been information about used to reduce services to local consultation meetings at To help them to do this, the groups, and national organisations, Council has produced a have won contracts to represent contact Keith Houghton on (0117) questionnaire that is designed to and support local groups. Some 922 4746 or email k.houghton@ find out from front-line local authorities have chosen not to get hold of a hard organisations (our members) what to support local organisations that copy. If you would like to talk to kind of support services you need. seek to represent the sector from a Voscur about the survey, please position of local knowledge. contact Wendy Stephenson on 0117 We think it’s important that local We hope that Bristol City Council 909 9949 or infrastructure organisations are won’t take that route, but will Issue 6 July / August / September 2009 9
  10. 10. Sector News Free support for merger and collaboration Capacitybuilders Real Help for Communities Modernisation Fund Does your organisation Phase Two – Grow Together: benefit people affected by the From October 2009, grants of up recession? Could you work more to £10,000 will be available to help closely with other organisations organisations buy the professional to increase your impact, and specialist support and advice extend your reach, generate they need to make collaboration more income and reduce your or merger happen, such as audit/ overhead costs? Capacitybuilders accountancy fees to carry out due is offering bursaries to help diligence work or legal fees. viable third sector organisations be more resilient to the impact To be eligible, organisations of the economic downturn. must have turnover in the range To assess your eligibility and of £150,000 to £750,000 and apply for this fund visit Phase One – Know your needs: be delivering recession related Frontline organisations will be able services. to apply for bursaries of £1,000 As a separate part of the this during June and July 2009. Closing Organisations must be wholly or fund, Futurebuilders are offering date for applications is 17 July primarily engaged in one or more loans of £30,000 and above to 2009. Bursaries will pay for two of the following areas: organisations with existing plans for days of professional support to • Theme 1 – Wellbeing and health collaboration and merger or who help organisations increase their • Theme 2 – Advice, information wish to take forward other activity impact and become more resilient, and guidance to help prepare their business for including through working more • Theme 3 – Loss of income, difficult times. (For information, closely with others. training and skills follow the link above). 10 July / August / September 2009 Issue 6
  11. 11. Recession Support - Triodos Recession Support economically challenging times Triodos Bank, enables successful can be the prompt we all need to applicants to visit another organisation reassess our finances, look at where already undertaking similar activity we can reduce costs and also to share learning from their consider new ways of generating experiences. One of the scheme’s income. Leaner times can help us earliest recipients was Swindon to find new perspectives on what Children’s Scrapstore, who visited we’re doing and why we’re doing it. Bristol Scrapstore to explore the This can open up new possibilities, option of setting up an online shop. particularly for charities and social enterprises as they revisit how A new venture will probably their activities really contribute to require new funding. With greater Shared learning: Bristol Children’s Scrapstore hosts an Only Connect visit their core mission. competition for grants, less spare cash in people’s pockets and bank will want to see that you By thinking strategically, banks less willing to lend, securing have thought your plans through reassessing income, expenditure, this might present challenges of carefully, properly assessing the risks activities and resources, you may its own. Social lenders however, involved. Balancing Risk, created find that precious time, energy still have money to lend and are by Triodos and Sayer Vincent is a and money are being expended actively supporting charities and tool designed to help you do just on activities that don’t really meet social enterprises. this. And remember to talk to your the needs your organisation exists bank. Social lenders in particular will to address. At the same time, you Triodos Bank recently provided a probably have seen similar projects may identify opportunities to both loan to Broadway Lodge in Weston before and will be able to give you generate additional income and Super Mare to help them expand useful feedback about your plans. better realise your mission. their range of services, enabling them to better meet the needs of Louise Davey Embarking on new activities can their clients through a financially Relationship Development Manager be a daunting process, so planning sustainable venture. The charity and risk assessment are vital. has been successfully providing Tel: 0117 980 9788 Thankfully plenty of resources are addiction treatment, counselling available to help you. and support since 1974 but saw Resources the opportunity to further support NCVO’s Sustainable Funding clients by offering housing at balancingrisk to download Project, for instance, offers a the third stage of recovery as a risk assessment tool developed by wealth of information on how they progress from residential Triodos Bank and Sayer Vincent to make your organisation more programmes into independent financially sustainable. If you are living and employment or training. considering a new venture, their for resources offered by the Only Connect Scheme, funded by Before agreeing loan finance, the Sustainable Funding Project Issue 6 July / August / September 2009 11
  12. 12. Equalitites - Older People Tackling Age Discrimination I am sure that you, like I, believe that age discrimination and unfair treatment based on age have no place in a fair society. I was pleased to be asked by the Secretary of State to undertake a national review with Sir Ian Carruthers, Chief Executive of NHS South West, on what practically needs to be done to implement the Equality Bill. Sir Ian and I will be specifically focusing on the critical issue of age discrimination in health and adult social care. Research shows us that there is age discrimination in some health and adult social care services. What is important in this review is that we get a comprehensive picture from across the country and gather opinion about what needs to be done to deliver the changes required by the new legislation. I am currently working closely with the Department of Health and Jan Ormondroyd listening to the views from a wide range of related agencies and organisations. In October this year we will be publicly announcing the Voscur asked Jan Ormondroyd, recommendations of this important review and I would like to update Chief executive of Bristol City you then with the key findings and recommendations. Council to tell us about her role in tackling age I am looking forward to the challenge, but most importantly I am discrimination in adult health focussed on bringing about real improvements and working to and social care. Here’s eliminate age discrimination. what she told us: See Single Equality Bill insert in this issue of Thrive! 12 July / August / September 2009 Issue 6
  13. 13. Equalitites - Older People 2009 Celebrating Age Festival Grants Available to organisations that would like to the finale. Full details of the terms take part in the festival. and conditions and how to apply help you take part are available from James George, monday 28 September to This is an opportunity for your email: Saturday 3 October group to promote its activities for, tel: 0117 352 5068. older people under the umbrella of Now in its third year, Bristol’s annual ‘celebrating age’. This can be to The festival is organised event to celebrate the massive raise awareness of an existing by Bristol’s Older People’s contribution older people make to group or activity or a special one Forum in partnership the city and their local communities off event for older people in your with the city council, will take place from Monday 28 community. The only criteria Voscur, The Care Forum, September to Saturday 3 October for local involvement is that the Black Development Agency (BDA) 2009 with a finale at The Council proposed event is fun and open to and the Primary Care Trust (PCT). House on Saturday 3 October. all older people. Anyone interested in getting involved or who would like more In order to widen the event to Small grants are available to groups information should contact include local community and group and organisations that want to take Sarah Salter, 0117 903 7899, activities, applications are being part in the festival by putting on invited from local groups and an event in the week leading up to Issue 6 July / August / September 2009 13
  14. 14. Equalitites - Older People A New Treasure at Tyntesfield House Gloria Morris, a member of the Golden Agers’ group, describes how the group reacted to this commission from the National Trust. It has been a wonderful achievement and quite exciting to have been commissioned by the National Trust at Tyntesfield House to do this hanging for the Old Mill building. The Golden Agers worked on it with excitement and put their all into it. The Golden Agers were also excited to have been invited to the ceremony to see it being hung and to share the experience with all the other people who attended the launch ceremony, including meeting the dignitaries from Tyntesfield House. Our tutor who has been working with us now for quite a few years, was very helpful and stood by us whilst we were creating the quilt and helped with the research. We, the Golden Agers enjoyed the sessions we ran to create the quilt. We are continuing to design and make further quilts and will have something to display for the Celebrating Age Festival in October. We are grateful for Voscur’s help as it was Voscur who first suggested Tyntesfield House contact us for this project. The group have now been quilting for about 10 or 11 years and look forward to many more years! Gloria Morris, Golden Agers. Detail of the Golden Agers’ Quilt 14 July / August / September 2009 Issue 6
  15. 15. Equalitites - Femocracy Your vote is your voice! This is the message that the Fawcett Society is sending to to women from minority ethnic groups up and down the country. The European and local government elections are now over but sadly many women from minority ethnic groups missed their The Femocracy campaign is launched chance to get their voice heard. political exclusion, Femocracy Voice and encourage them to has published Your Voice, a free register to vote. Women from minority ethnic guide to democracy for women groups are one of the most from minority ethnic groups, with If you work with women who excluded groups from formal useful information on how to want a louder political voice, political decision making processes access political power. It has been then help them to get heard and are not accessing the tools developed to build understanding with your Voice. To download of political power. They are less of how democracy is organised, or request a limited number of likely to be registered to vote and how politics impacts on their lives free copies of the guide, visit also tend to be less engaged with and how they can take part and mainstream politics than white influence decision-making through femocracy. women and men from minority exercising their right to vote. ethnic groups, explained Joella Hazel, who works for the Fawcett A General Election may be called at any time. To help make Fawcett Society is Society and leads on a project on sure women from minority the UK campaign for minority ethnic women’s political ethnic groups do not lose their women’s rights. For more empowerment, called Femocracy. opportunity to decide who runs information on Fawcett the country, Femocracy is working please visit: Femocracy helps women from minority ethnic groups engage with grassroots groups that directly or the service women from minority Bristol Fawcett website at: in politics and use their political ethnic groups to promote Your voice. To help address their Issue 6 July / August / September 2009 15
  16. 16. Voscur Training and Learning Training – why bother? In difficult times, with increasing cuts in budgets, we know that the first thing to go is staff training, so why bother training at all? So how can you make your organisation a learning “ Personally I’m always ready to learn, organisation? although I do not always like being Firstly, you can look at the skills that you have and taught.” Winston Churchill consider the skills you need. Secondly, you provide training and learning for staff, analyse how effective that has been and finally start the process again! ‘Don’t cut your training budget’ was one recommendation for surviving the recession • How are training needs identified in your given by Ben Kernighan from National Council for organisation? Voluntary Organisations. The National Association • How do you know what skills gaps your for Voluntary and Community Action (NAVCA) organisation has? agrees with this and highlights that it is more • Do you audit the skills of your staff, volunteers important than ever that organisations invest in and board? their staff. One way of finding out the skills you need is by In times of economic downturn, your staff may be looking at your organisation’s work for the coming your most valuable asset and training them should be year. Identify what roles are changing, what new work seen as a long-term investment. you will be doing and identify learning to go with that. You can find out the skills staff and volunteers need There are many benefits to training, for example: through: • Increased staff and volunteer morale and • Annual appraisals confidence leading to better working • Supervision • Increased staff and volunteer motivation • A skills audit • Reduced turnover of staff and volunteers and improved loyalty There are many ways to find out, but never assume • Staff and volunteers able to be more effective in people’s skills – ask them. their roles Organisations that offer well-planned training will If you think about what training you are going to need become more effective and on their way to becoming annually, then you are more likely to have the skills ‘learning organisations’. within the team to support the work. Learning organisations Often training needs are identified but are “ A Learning Organisation is one in which not acted upon. This is generally because people at all levels, individuals and some organisations do not see training as part collectively, are continually increasing of the organisational development process. If you their capacity to produce results they start a process with staff then you need to really care about “ . Richard Karach follow it through. July / August / September 2009 Issue 6 16
  17. 17. Voscur Training & Learning How can you meet the need with little money? There are many ways to deliver learning and training is only one. Some options are: • Attend Voscur Network meetings • Shadow other people in your organisation • Use mentoring and coaching • Attend free or low cost Voscur courses (bursaries are available) • Read publications, magazines and books that can help you in your role Look at Voscur The Voscur diary is regularly ? • Share skills within your courses here: updated with events and organisation network meetings. • Use web based toolkits and resources Download Voscur Skills Audit: Why do people attend Voscur learning#audits training? Voscur Networks: Many people come onto Voscur Ladder4learning supports and Community Buildings: training with specific needs for their facilitates development and organisations, so we run training learning for people and works/area_networks that is up to date and responds to trends within the sector. Voscur is organisations in the community and voluntary sectors and social Finance Forum: www.voscur. focused on the long-term enterprises org/networks/FWTforum sustainability of the sector and our courses reflect that. Children and young People: Many people who come on to Leading on Learning - a hands children Voscur training comment on on guide for line managers: feeling less isolated through Campaign for Learning: www. Voscur Assemblies: www.voscur. knowing that other people from org/networks/assemblies the sector need support too, it’s a assets/documents/Informatio- great chance to network! nandfacts/Line%20Managers%20 Sources: NAVCA circulation booklet.pdf June/July 2009 Issue 6 July / August / September 2009 17
  18. 18. Voscur Training & Learning Welcome to Voscur Learning Voscur’s open courses are developed with our members in mind, but we recognise the need for courses specially tailored to your organisation. Voscur can run in-house courses on many topics, so if you are thinking about learning, get in contact with Sophie Bayley on 0117 909 9949 or email: and find out what we can do for you. We haven’t finalised all our courses yet for the autumn, but they will be out at the end of July so keep an eye on our website, ebulletin and mailings from Voscur. Speaking with Confidence New Course Tuesday 14 July (9.30am - 3.30pm) at The Greenway Centre, Doncaster Road, Southmead, Bristol, BS10 5PY This session is aimed at people who need more confidence, skills and practice of speaking in public. This practical session will cover: exploring some of your fears and barriers to public speaking, how to put together presentations and some of the skills needed to speak in public. You will be asked to deliver a mini presentation on the day. Collaboration and Merger New Course Wednesday 15 July (9.30am - 3.30pm) at Windmill Hill City Farm, Philip Street, Bedminster, Bristol, BS3 4EA This workshop, facilitated by NCVO’s collaborative working project, will look at collaboration and merger and how it can work for you. Among other things it will cover the benefits, obstacles and challenges for collaboration and the legal implications of collaboration and merger. “ It was a great session - trainers were excellent, friendly and open. Venue was good ” 18 July / August / September 2009 Issue 6
  19. 19. Voscur Training & Learning Changing Employment Contracts Free Course Legally Monday 20 July (6pm - 8pm) at Beachcroft, Portwall Place, Portwall Lane, Bristol BS1 6NG This free session will help you get to grips with changing contracts of employment. Run by an Employment Law solicitor from Beachcroft, it will cover what a contract is, language used, how to change them and the risks associated. You will have time to get your questions answered. How to develop an Equalities and Getting Ready for Enterprise New Course New Course Diversity Policy Thursday 24 September (9am - 4.30pm) at Tuesday 21 July (9.30am - 3.30pm) at Windmill Hill City Farm, Windmill Hill, Bristol, Wellspring Healthy Living Centre, Beam BS3 4EA Street, Barton Hill, Bristol, BS5 9QY Now, more than ever, it is important that This session will help you to look at Equalities and organisations look at different ways to generate Diversity policies, what you need to have in them, income. This workshop, facilitated by NCVO’s how to develop one and how to make sure that it Sustainable Funding Project will enable you to is a live document in your organisation. It will cover respond to the recession by helping you to: explore issues such as legislation, the new Single Equality ideas for social enterprise products or services; Bill and monitoring and evaluation. understand the skills and resources needed to put a trading idea into practice and get constructive feedback and advice on your trading idea. Full details of autumn courses – coming “ Good delivery, relevant, good use of soon To book and for presentation and exercises. Helpful more details go to networking ” training or contact Anna Polanek at Voscur on 0117 909 9949, email Issue 6 July / August / September 2009 19
  20. 20. How To - ICT Reduce Your ICT Carbon Footprint With global warming still from an extensive database that ICT use. We will look at your current heading the international is being produced for Connecting IT infrastructure and plans and agenda, and the Transition Town Bristol. advise on changes that might movement gaining pace steadily be needed to reduce power locally and nationally, it can Voscur has been chosen to lead consumption and prolong use of seem a little at odds with the in this area because of our track existing equipment, plus WEEE growing carbon emission levels record over the last two years, (Waste Electrical and Electronic of ICT use across the planet. hosting the Social Source South Equipment) www.environment- West conference promoting free In fact at times it seems to run software and the Give One In Get waste/32084.aspx at cross-purposes to the digital One Back! project to promote awareness and your legal inclusion efforts of government responsible recycling and use of responsibilities in this area. We initiatives and voluntary groups’ refurbished machines within hope to save you money, improve aim to ‘upskill’ excluded individuals the sector. your efficiency and save the planet and communities. Of course all at the same time! ICT does not have the “dirty Free software is optimised to run industry” profile of road haulage efficiently on older hardware, so or the airlines, but it is a massive machines that currently seem consumer of power and the unusable can be given a new production line is one of the most lease of life, work like new again poisonous on the planet. By some and keep going for a few more estimates it is set to overtake the years. There has been a growth in Aviation industry as a polluter companies and social enterprises by 2010! offering support in this area, and nationally and locally the free Connecting Bristol is leading on software movement ethos lines up developing a series of strategies very well with the values and ethos that businesses and organisations of the voluntary, community and can implement to ‘green’ their social enterprise sector. offices, their supply chain and their day to day operations. Voscur has Voscur will be running a series agreed to promote this work in the of Green ICT surgeries using the voluntary sector in Bristol and we database and championing the hope to be able to offer help and adoption of Environmental Policies advice from summer onwards on in third sector organisations that reducing your ICT Carbon footprint specifically target emissions from 20 July / August / September 2009 Issue 6
  21. 21. Voscur Shadowing programme Councillor Shadowing – a View Inside 24 councillors, senior managers and shadows signed up for our 2009 scheme - a learning experience for everyone involved. This year people had the opportunity to shadow councillors and senior officers, gaining a greater understanding of how the Council works on all levels. Outlined below are the experiences of three people who got involved: has allowed me to understand what is involved with the Pete Tiley, Age process. I will be talking with Concern Bristol others in the Somali community to encourage them to become “ I shadowed a councillor. councillors.” This involved talking from our respective experiences, rather than sitting in on all that a councillor does. It was (left to right) Yassin Mohamud with Cllr Barbara Janke, Cllr Jon Rogers, Cllr Shirley Helen Holland, interesting and valuable and I was Brown and Ed Davey MP able to appreciate the pressures Leader of the a councillor works under. I made Yassin Mohamud, Labour Group a valuable relationship with Voscur “ I have always found shadowing someone on the inside of local government, and could make one of the best ways to get a “ I shadowed Shirley Brown, Liberal feel for a job, and also to get points and raise issues in a direct Democrat councillor for Ashley Ward. I to know someone fast - as way. As and when time allows we went with Councillor Brown to canvas working together for a day will continue with our dialogue. residents in the Ashley ward. It was demands trust and openness interesting to see how she discussed on both sides. As usual, I felt I would like to see the scheme local issues, and explained the work that I learned a lot from my expanded; it is an invaluable way she had undertaken in the area. shadow, so it is never just a for the council to make links with one-way process. Shadowing people in Bristol outside formal When Councillor Brown was first cuts through any mystique channels, and to inform us all elected in 2004, she was the first that surrounds the position of Black Minority Ethnic Liberal Democrat about how individuals within elected representatives. councillor in Bristol. the council go about their jobs. I hope that Voscur will find ways Shadowing would provide a great The most valuable lesson I have to continue to run this scheme, experience for young people learned is that anyone can become a and I have already got my name who want to find out about local councillor. The shadowing experience down for next time! ” politics. ” Issue 6 July / August / September 2009 21
  22. 22. Bristol Based Nationals Sculpture developed to promote Wombles used to promote furniture FRN signs partnership to promote the furniture re-use in London with re-use at national event sector with the National Housing Oliver Heath its designer Federation Furniture Re-use Network: Alleviating material poverty and tackling climate change. Bristol is the base for a longer want and make them much more of a community number of national charities: available to people on low incomes. development focus. Sustrans; Federation of City FRN also works at the national level Farms and Gardens; Soil to influence Government policy, In many ways these organisations Association and others. The and is part of a European network are a microcosm of the FRN Furniture Re-use Network doing the same in Brussels. membership and represent the (FRN) is perhaps slightly less range of activities in the sector. known than these illustrious In Bristol it has four members: organisations but runs its work SOFA which specialises in FRN provides free specialist advice across the UK from its offices in providing electrical goods; Emmaus to all of its members, usually via Old Market, on the first floor of that links its previously homeless the web, email or telephone. the SOFA Project building. companions to its work of The organisation tends to meet providing second hand furniture groups on a local level to support The FRN is a national infrastructure and reconditioned bicycles; coordination of activities, locally organisation with over 300 SPACE which provides furniture there is a group for projects in members across the UK. Its work free of charge to homeless the old Avon area, and to address is to support and co-ordinate the families moving from temporary issues around local authority work of charities that collect mainly housing into their first home and relationships. household items that people no Rework in Knowle West which has 22 July / August / September 2009 Issue 6
  23. 23. Furniture Re-use It is sometimes an embarrassment buried or incinerated. parent charities. FRN also has a role to be in Bristol, as it is one of the in highlighting the alternatives for few major local authorities that The FRN also has a trading subsidiary, people on low incomes. refuse to pay recycling credits to FRN Enterprises (FRNE) which the third sector. FRN managed to brokers deals with manufacturers, The focal point for FRN is its achieve a change in national retailers, and waste companies annual conference which brings Government guidance three years to extract reusable items from together delegates from around 100 ago, which it has helped to the waste stream. This could be organisations to share ideas, network implement across the country, customer returns from a retailer, and learn about good practice and but Bristol City Council has warehouse damaged goods (usually new thinking in the sector. stubbornly refused to pay. packaging) from manufacturers or items cleared from hotels The recession has led to an increase In many parts of the country FRN undergoing refurbishments. in the number of people buying members are running the bulky Currently 35 organisations, including from the re-use sector but this has waste services for local authorities, the SOFA Project, are subscribers to not been matched by an increase in hugely increasing the amount of FRNE and undergo a full audit from donations. There are fewer people goods rescued or recycled and FRN staff to determine their legal, moving house, which has slowed hope remains that Bristol will also logistical and managerial capacity to down the replacement of furniture take this route when it comes to take contracts on. and electrical items. renew its waste contract. The organisation has a dedicated team The key focus for the sector is that specialises in supporting both helping people on low incomes, Furniture Reuse Network local authorities and voluntary this is about providing items at the groups in developing a service lowest cost organisations can afford Provides an up-to-date list specification and business model rather than the maximum they of all organisations operating in the to transfer collection services to can get away with, this sets re-use country and has 20,000 visits each month from people either looking organisations able to re-use items projects aside from charity shops to donate or to purchase furniture that otherwise would be crushed, which exist to make money for their Issue 6 July / August / September 2009 23
  24. 24. Summer Festivals Bristol Islamic Cultural Fayre Best of the Festivals Throughout the summer a host of community festivals is taking place in Bristol. Here are just some of the events taking place in the coming months. July 2. When: September St Paul’s Carnival Saturday 22 August, Henstock When: Saturday 4 July 12pm to 6pm When: Saturday 18 July, Where: St Paul’s – various locations Where: Urban Park, Barton Hill 1pm to 4.00pm What: Celebrating its 42nd What: As the ten-year New Deal Where: South Bristol Sports Centre Anniversary this year, the carnival for Communities funding in Barton (Old Imperial Ground), West Town has become one of the UK’s best Hill, Lawrence Hill, Redfield and The Lane, Bristol, BS14 9EA cultural oriented events. The Dings comes to an end, Community What: The Neighbourhood theme for this year’s carnival is at Heart is planning to celebrate all Partnership is supporting the ‘Leaders of tomorrow’ that’s been achieved. This will be organisation of a community a chance for anyone who has had festival for the Stockwood and For more details contact St Paul’s any involvement with Community Hengrove area, which is being Carnival on (0117) 944 4176 or at Heart over the years to come called ‘HenStock’. The festival email: together and reflect on the journey aims to bring together the local or visit: www.stpaulscarnival. that this part of inner east Bristol community with service providers has been on and the improve- (both statutory, voluntary and ments that have happened. There community sector) who work in will be music, food, art workshops, August complementary therapies, games, the area. There will be a number of attractions and family orientated Community at Heart stalls and a chance to see faces old activities on the day. Two Summer Fetes and new from this ten-year project. 1. When: Saturday 15 August, For more details contact Ariaf Hus- 12 noon to 6pm For more details contact Stacy sain on (0117) 903 6434 or email: Where: The Dings Park, off Oxford Yelland on (0117) 377 3638 or Street, St Philips, Bristol email: stacy.yelland@ July / August / September 2009 Issue 6 24
  25. 25. Summer Festivals Bristol Festival activities and events at venues August When: Launch Party Friday 18 right across the city: September, Festival Saturday 19 Bristol Islamic Cultural Fayre, and Sunday 20 September For more details contact Sarah eastville Park, eastville Where: Harbourside Salter on (0117) 903 7899 or email: Sunday 9 August, 12 – 5pm What: The Bristol Festival or Find out more: Community Group was brought visit: to life in 2007 by a group of Bristol Ballon Fiesta, Ashton passionate local volunteers Court estate interested in ensuring the survival Thursday 6 to Sunday 9 August of a community festival for the Find out more: city. Now entering its second year, More Summer the Bristol Festival focus will be Activities on highly skilled performers and Henbury fun day, Crow Lane, musicians from the local area; a Henbury celebration and showcase of talent July Saturday 22 August The Phoenix Festival from the Southwest region. Sunday 12 July Find out more: www.commu- September For more details visit: Party in the Park - celebrating the centenary of Dame emily Barton Hill Fun Day Park, Bedminster October Saturday 18 July Sunday 6 September Celebrating Age Festival Find out more: Find out more: When: Monday 28 September – www.communityatheart. com/group/dame_emily_park/ Saturday 3 October Where: The Council House, College October Green, Bristol, BS1 5TR and venues The Big Lunch Stapleton Road Street Party, around Bristol. Sunday 19 July Stapleton Road, easton What: Now in its third year, Find out more: Saturday 3 October the Celebrating Age Festival Find out more: www.eastoncom- goes from strength to strength in championing the over 50’s. Southmead Festival Glencoyne The main festival day (Saturday Square, Southmead Promote your community events 3 October) will include, Saturday 11 July 10am – 4pm Are you having a community entertainment, discussions, festival or event during the demonstrations, stalls and much Bristol Harbour Festival 2009 summer? Make sure you put them more. Other festival events will be Friday 31 July – Sunday 2 August, in the Voscur online diary. We also taking place in the week before the Bristol Harbourside promote events in the diary in our festival (28 September – 3 October) Find out more: weekly e-bulletin. when older people will be able to To post your events visit sample and enjoy lots of different Issue 6 July / August / September 2009 25
  26. 26. Children & Young People St Werburghs City Farm - Summer Day Camp St Werburghs City Farm is an immersed in fun, interactive games independent registered charity and teambuilding. that works in partnership with the local community to provide They will learn how to make fire by high quality educational, friction, hazel pencils, how to build recreational and environmental a shelter out of natural materials, services and resources within a paint each others faces, go pond working farm. dipping and look at their findings under microscopes. They will learn We aim to promote health and about the water cycle, birds and well being for all by providing wild animals, make pizzas in the opportunities for people to meet, cob oven, make paper and do The camp is designed to teach learn, play, build relationships and other art projects. key stage 2 and 3 curriculum in a celebrate the changing seasons. fun, thematic, hands on way and Main Farm Site is focused specifically on transition Summer Day Camp Children will also spend time at age children going from primary to secondary school. This summer, St.Werburghs City the main farm site, where they will Farm is proud to present its very collect eggs from the chickens, The cost for camp is £125 per week first Summer Day Camp for 9 to help feed and muck out the per child. We may be offering some 12 year olds. The camp will be held animals. financially assisted places, please weekly during August, starting contact the office for more details. from Monday 3 August until Friday Staff will be taking children on 21 August, from 9 – 4pm daily. nature trail explorations in the local area where they will identify wildlife Boiling Wells Nature with binoculars and take part in other fun trail games. Reserve More Children will spend time at the Boiling Wells Nature Reserve, On Tuesdays, the farm café is Information hosting fresh pasta and tomato Please contact Victoria Siddle-Virok, located approximately five minutes sauce cookery classes and summer the Environmental Education and away from the main farm site. camp children will get to take their Youth Work Manager on 0117 9428 There is a larch barn for indoor creations home to enjoy with their 241,, or space and two acres of land families. visit to enjoy where children will be July / August / September 2009 Issue 6 26
  27. 27. Children & Young People Sexual Health Services Young People can Trust Voscur’s Children and young June 2009 saw the launch of For up-to-date details People’s June Network meeting the first annual training bulletin on 4YP training visit: focussed on the engagement of outlining all the free training young People. Jessica Boydell available through 4YP and from Connexions explained that Opening Doors for the children research had shown that young and young people’s workforce in The next Voscur Children people in Bristol were unaware Bristol. The Multi-disciplinary Sex and young People’s of what sexual health support & Relationships and Substance Network meeting will was available. In 2007, 4yP was Misuse Training Programme for focus on the re-specification of launched to bring together Professionals Working with Young Bristol City Council Youth and Play health services for young people People covers all training taking Services. Time: 10am - 12.00. and to make them easily place until July 2010 and is offered Venue to be confirmed.. accessible. on a multi-agency basis across Further details will be available on Bristol. the Voscur website: Such support is crucial since: 40% of teenage mums have no The Training Bulletin details children or contact Asma Ahmad, qualifications; 22% are likely to be courses including Level 1 Sex email: in poverty at the age of 30; they and Relationships, Level 1 Tel: 0117 909 9949 are 50% less likely to breast feed; Substance Misuse, Abortion, Sexual three times more likely to smoke Exploitation, and a variety of sexual during pregnancy and at higher health training aimed at different risk of partnership breakdown. 4YP equalities groups, including young work so far has included: improving people with learning difficulties, access to contraception and girls and young women, boys and sexual health services; specialist young men, and those from Black youth workers at Brook (Boys and and Minority Ethnic, and lesbian, Young Men, vulnerable groups); gay, bisexual and transgender supporting teachers in schools and communities. developing new resource packs. To get hold of your copy, email 4YP also has a website and provides your address to Mandy Parry on: free training for professionals amanda.parry@bristolpct.nhs working with young people. Issue 6 July / August / September 2009 27
  28. 28. How To - Funding and Finance Tax Effective Giving – it’s not boring, its Free Money! An overview of some ways that tax effective giving can raise unrestricted funds for your organisation. Gift Aid The declaration must contain simplest form an audit trail for Gift HMRC estimates that charities are the donor’s full name and home Aid would contain a copy receipt missing out on £700 million of address, the name of the charitable for the donation, a declaration and unclaimed Gift Aid every year. Gift organisation, and a confirmation a copy of a bank paying-in slip. Aid allows charitable organisations by the donor that they have paid HMRC recommends that all Gift to reclaim tax on donations enough tax to cover the amount Aid records are kept for at least 6 from UK taxpayers, increasing reclaimed. Declarations can be years. the amount the charity receives completed in writing, over the without increasing the cost to the phone, online, by fax, email or For further information, donor. Charities reclaim basic rate text message. Oral and online and to download a mode income tax, which at 20% equates declarations must be confirmed in Gift Aid declaration form, to 25p in every pound. This is writing. There is no official Gift Aid boosted by 3.2p Transitional Relief declaration form, so declarations paid by the government. can be incorporated into Payroll Giving promotional material and direct Payroll Giving can provide a source A further 25p in every pound may debit forms. of regular, reliable income to UK be claimed from donations from charitable organisations. Donations higher rate taxpayers. Higher rate To claim Gift Aid, organisations are deducted automatically from taxpayers may themselves claim must register with HMRC, employees’ weekly or monthly back the difference between requesting a Gift Aid registration gross salary. As they are pre- the basic rate of tax that the pack and reference number. If you tax deductions, this reduces the organisation claims and the are not registered with the Charity amount of Income Tax and the higher rate they pay – another Commission, HMRC will require a donor receives immediate tax relief 25p. In practice, most higher rate copy of your governing document on their donation. A donation of taxpayers choose to nominate a to check you are eligible for Gift £10 will cost a basic rate taxpayer charity to receive the additional tax Aid. Organisations can make as £8 and a higher rate taxpayer £6. benefit instead, increasing a £100 many claims per year as they like, donation to £153.20! but if more than one In 2006-07 over 640,000 is made they must all be for at employees used Payroll Giving For a donation to qualify, the least £100. to make donations worth almost donor must be a UK taxpayer, £90 million. All employers are have paid enough tax to equal HMRC has the right to inspect Gift encouraged to offer Payroll Giving the amount of tax reclaimed, and Aid records, so it’s important to to their staff and over 10 million confirm a Gift Aid Declaration. maintain a clear audit trail. In its employees have access to Payroll 28 July / August / September 2009 Issue 6