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Draft voice and influence tor


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Terms of Reference

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Draft voice and influence tor

  1. 1. SG3 Voice and Influence (V&I) Steering Group Terms of Reference (Draft) July 2011 1 Purpose of V&I Steering group - To identify and recommend a robust and effective black and ethnic minority V&I structure /model for voluntary and public sectors in Bristol 2 Membership - There should be no more than 14 representatives from the 9 voluntary and 5 public sectors that sit on the steering group. Specifically, black and ethnic minority representation is essential. The following sectors should be represented; Education & Young People Health & Well Being Culture Key communities, i.e. South Asian, Asian, African (inc Somali), African Caribbean, white non-British e.g. polish 3 Vision/mission – To ensure the process used to produce a V&I structure model for Bristol is effective and robust 4 Role of members – To advise, recruit and oversee the work of a consultant who will recommend an appropriate V&I model for Bristol and to represent views of their communities when doing so. 5 Period of membership, resignation, termination – steering group recruited from June 2011 to January 2012 (to cover six meetings) 6 Decision making structure - Decisions are taken by the steering group, and should not be made by more than 14 7 Milestones - To agree work programme, key deliverables and time line in July 2011 8 Appointment of Chair – An independent chair has been recruited until January 2012. An honorarium of has been agreed for the chair by lead organisations BCC and VSOCUR 9 Meetings – a maximum of one meeting per month until January 2011, (this may be increased or decreased depending on milestones and deadlines. Times and locations to be determined by the steering group) 10 Attendance at meetings – If a member misses three consecutive meetings, the steering group will ask that member’s sectors to nominate another representative. If the sector is unable to nominate a representative the steering group will invite a representatives from the 1
  2. 2. SG3 same sector. Reasonable travel expenses will be paid for attendance at meetings. 11 Code of Conduct a meetings – Professional conduct at all times 12 Declaration of Interest – A steering group member must regard himself or herself as having an interest in any matter if a decision upon it might reasonably be regarded as affecting the financial position of the member, a relative or friend, or of the organisation the member has an association with, either as an employee, volunteer and manager. Such interests should be declared and noted at the commencement of the item to be discussed or when the interest becomes apparent. 13 Decision-making – BCC and VOSCUR are committed to maintaining transparency and clarity in the decision – making process and to ensure that all decisions are open to scrutiny and challenge. Decisions made by the steering group will be reached by consensus and debate, but in exceptional circumstances, when formal voting is required, a quorum of one-third of the membership must be present. The chair of the meeting will hold the casting vote. 14 Financial Decision Making – Any decisions on financial spend are taken by BCC and VOSCUR. 15 Complaints procedure – in the first instance any complaints should be submitted via the chair of the steering group which the steering group would collectively seek to resolve 2
  3. 3. SG3 3