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Draft to r bme vi advisory group june 2013


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Draft to r bme vi advisory group june 2013

  1. 1. D R A F T BME Voice and Influence Advisory group Terms of reference The purpose of the Black and Minority led voice and influence (BME V&I) Advisory group will support the BME V&I project. The project aim is to improve communication structures and relationships so BME-led organisations will have a stronger voice and be better able to influence how decisions are made. The steering group will bring wider understanding to the concerns and issues affecting BME V&I groups, be updated on progress, support ideas and find solutions, where possible, for: • developing robust structures for BME groups to connect and communicate. • developing a stronger voice for BME groups and communities • increasing collective processes to influence. The BME V&I Advisory group should not be too large and will be comprised of the project worker, a representative of Voscur staff, Bristol City Council, and members supporting BME-led groups. Should additional expertise be needed, the group will seek to involve more people. The chair will be selected from the group and will be independent of Voscur. The BME V&I Advisory group will meet quarterly for two hours at a community venue or Royal Oak House. Voscur will be responsible for the servicing and administration of the group. The work will be delivered by the BME V&I Community Connector.
  2. 2. June 2013