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  1. 1. A tale of digital disruption www.watershed.co.uk1999: 155Mb fibre begins to unlock the creative potential
  2. 2. Growing the Network through Trusting the Participants 2002 create www.DShed.net as shared publishing space
  3. 3. We become a cultural connectorartists, creative business, audiences, universities, technology companies… Image from A Personal History of Corruption by Joe Magee The network of participants grows exponentially but this leads to complex issues of organisational identity. Who creates the permissions?
  4. 4. Audiences tell us that It feels relaxing & stimulating, familiar & risky, entertaining & intellectual above all a creative mix of events, activities & people ‘If it didn’t exist it would be necessary to invent it’2006 : we shift focus to experience not just product
  5. 5. At last language which talks about what we have been doing 2007 Creative Britain Watershed is a prime example of a highly connected, flexible, porous piece of cultural and creative infrastructure. Watershed is more than just an arts cinema. It is at once a cultural centre, a business broker, a social networker, a research and innovation facility, a café/bar, and a cultural tourist attraction. This is because it has developed organically over the years to become totally embedded in place. 2008 OfCom Critical to Watershed’s core mission and to its subsequent success is a commitment to putting the ‘user’, ‘audience’ or ‘market’ at the heart of its programming.
  6. 6. 2008: Create inter-disciplinary innovation space for knowledge creation and sharing pmstudio.co.uk
  7. 7. Navigating the dilemma between money & meaning International Futures Forum researchWe are most interested in collisions of experience and cultures, to createsomething new. A laboratory for experiment, risk and disruption. We are arouter and amplifier of cultural ideas, creativity and technology.
  8. 8. Making Money £3.7m in 2011 custodians, not managers, of a shared cultural space
  9. 9. Making MeaningBuilding relationships through cultural dialogue Visitor experience – Bristol Audience engagement - Region & Global Talent development – National
  10. 10. Doing things with people not for peopleSocial space at the Heart of Connectivity and Innovation Communicating and sharing our values Ambitious, Connected, Curious Generous and Open Local and Global
  11. 11. Our Logic Model SOCIETY Build relationships Permission to play yp ro th an Crowd diversity hil eP ur Shared trust ey STAKEHOLDER nt on Ve gM + in les ak S Sa M + Ne ng w isi Se ra nd rviWATERSHED y Fu ce vit s Ne ti Ac w ng Ex ini pe sta rie Su nc s ce Ne es ur w so Ide Re as Production Participation Potential Making Meaning Co-creating Public Value CULTURAL VALUE CREATIVE MULTI- CONSTELLATION ECONOMY ECONOMY
  12. 12. Listen & LearnImage: The Elders by Lisa May Thomas 12
  13. 13. the best small city of the future is Bristol in the UK, scoringparticularly well in the business friendliness category, due in part toits concentrated high-tech and knowledge-based sectorsfDi Intelligence 2012 Be Authentic - Stay Relevant