7 free Visual Studio extensions


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7 free extensions which improve Visual Studio IDE for everyday work.
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  • There's a new excellent code-editor extension called Flow.

    Really improves productivity by automating the process of browsing through Q&A sites (like StackOverflow) and reading exhausting online documentation (compatible with any programming language)

    More info & download: http://www.flowextension.com
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  • Code Compare uses native Visual Studio code editor, using all of its functionality, including keyboard shortcuts, code formatting,syntax highlight andvalidation.
  • IntelliSence
  • Click to replace the difference.Hold Shift to insert before code block on other side.Hold Ctrl to insertafter code block on other side.Hold Ctrl + Shift to remove code block.
  • Menu & Toolbar
  • New comparison, Compare current file, Folder Comparison
  • Collapse code blocks without differences
  • Three comparison modes: Line by line Symbol by symbol Word by word
  • Comparison while debugging
  • The folder comparison feature uses color highlighting to mark differences. You can merge folders with the help of Copy to Left and Copy to Right items of the context menu. If you want to compare a file from one folder with a respective file from another folder just double-click on the file or press ENTER on it. The resulting comparison is fairly quick, yet it can be further enhanced due to an additional option, which skips files with equal size and timestamp. Another helpful option is the possibility to filter files and folders. For instance, it allows you to ignore binary files and subversion folders.
  • Standalone version of Code Compare allows you to work with your sources without any additional environments and pre-installations, that provides you higher application performance. Also standalone version of Code Compare supports the most popular programming languages (Java, Delphi, PHP, etc.)
  • In Pro version clicking on the tagger will take you to the beginning of the code block.In Liteverson clicking opens a dialog that hangs up 22 seconds and then moves the cursor to the beginning of the code block.
  • Supported file types:C#, C++, VB.NET, XML*, XAML, ASPX, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Razor, Config files
  • Hovering over item in the File Structure window displays comments associated with that element (C# and VB)For XML elements tooltip displays attributes of that element
  • File Structure window displays code regions as defined in codeIn CSS files use /* #region region_name */ and /* #endregion */ commentsIn Xml/Xaml/Config files use <!—#region region_name –> and <!—#endregion –> comments
  • You can now use {env:xxx} placeholder to insert environment variables inside Friendly Solution name
  • Highlighting the find results as typingFind in Selection, Document, Project, or SolutionReplaceOptions to match case.NET Regular ExpressionsFind History
  • Sort Tabs By ProjectSort Tabs Alphabetically
  • You cannot reorder pinned tabs
  • Sort Drop Down AlphabeticallySelected tab appears in boldAll hidden tabs appear in italics
  • You cannot reorder tabs when displayed vertically
  • Editing withIntelliSenceGo to Definition Find all References Double click on an item in the Call stackSave as XPS image
  • Each bubble has its own locals window, where you can inspect values and even take snapshots to compare values as execution progresses. You can either use it as a fly out like illustrated, or you can pin it to the canvas as a bubble using the push pin button.
  • Each bubble has its own locals window, where you can inspect values and even take snapshots to compare values as execution progresses. You can either use it as a fly out like illustrated, or you can pin it to the canvas as a bubble using the push pin button.
  • When debugging recursive code, you can see each call in a separate bubble by turning off reuse of bubbles
  • Debugger Canvas supports multi-threaded debugging by color coding each thread. In addition, the last active frame of each thread is highlighted with a deeper shade of the thread color.Inspecting a frame in a thread is as easy as clicking on it. This will activate the thread and the frame, just as using the Debug Location toolbar and the call stack window would do.
  • Any questions?
  • Any questions?
  • 7 free Visual Studio extensions

    1. 1. 7 free extensionswhich improve Visual Studio IDEfor everyday work Shandor Sharvari
    2. 2. Agenda RegEx Editor 1.5 Microsoft VS 2010 Code Compare 2.80 Free Devart Software VS 2008, VS 2010, VS 2012 PowerCommands Microsoft VS 2008, VS 2010, VS 2012 VSCommands 2010 3.9.12 Lite DPStudio VS 2010, VS 2012 Productivity Power Tools 10.0.20626.18 Microsoft VS 2010, VS 2012 CodeRush Xpress 11.2.7 DevExpress VS 2008, VS 2010 Debugger Canvas 1.1.31208 Brown University & Microsoft VS 2010
    3. 3. MicrosoftRegEx Editor Version: 1.5 Supports: VS 2010
    4. 4. RegEx Editor – New RegEx Regex r = new Regex(
    5. 5. RegEx Editor – Testing Matches and Results
    6. 6. RegEx Editor – Saved Expressions Saved Expressions
    7. 7. Devart SoftwareCode Compare Version: 2.80 Free Supports: VS 2008, VS 2010, VS 2012
    8. 8. Code Compare – File comparison Native Visual Studio code editor
    9. 9. Code Compare – File comparison IntelliSence
    10. 10. Code Compare – File comparison Replace, Insert before, Insert after, Remove
    11. 11. Code Compare – File comparison Toolbar
    12. 12. Code Compare – File comparison New comparison, Compare current file, Folder Comparison
    13. 13. Code Compare – File comparison Smart Collapse
    14. 14. Code Compare – File comparison Different comparison modes
    15. 15. Code Compare – Debugging Comparison while debugging
    16. 16. Code Compare – Folder comparison Folder comparison & synchronization
    17. 17. Code Compare – Standalone tool Standalone tool with VS-like editor
    18. 18. MicrosoftPowerCommands Version: Supports: VS 2008, VS 2010, VS 2012
    19. 19. PowerCommands – Undo Close To reopen the last closed document use Edit  Undo Close or press Ctrl + Shift + Z
    20. 20. PowerCommands – Extract Constant Create a constant based on the selected text
    21. 21. PowerCommands – Organize Usings Remove and Sort Usings for whole project or solution
    22. 22. PowerCommands – Other Commands Clear All Panes  Edit Project File Copy Path  Open Containing Folder Email Code Snippet  Open Command Prompt Insert Guid Attribute  Unload / Reload Projects Show All Files  Clear Recent File List Collapse Projects  Clear Recent Project List Copy / Paste Class  Close All Copy / Paste References Copy As Project Reference
    23. 23. PowerCommands – Other Settings Format document on save Remove and Sort Usings on save Enable/Disable PowerCommands features
    24. 24. DPStudioVSCommands 2010 Version: 3.9.12 Lite Supports: VS 2010, VS 2012
    25. 25. VSCommands – Code Block Tagger A tagger at the end of each code block
    26. 26. VSCommands – File Structure C# HTML JS ASPX C++ VB XML CSS XAML Config File Structure for different file types
    27. 27. VSCommands – File Structure C# VB XML XAML Hovering over item
    28. 28. VSCommands – File Structure CSS C# VB XML XAML Config Regions
    29. 29. VSCommands – Friendly Solution Name Visual Studio window title Solution explorer Friendly name pattern
    30. 30. VSCommands – Project File Modified One dialog for all modified project
    31. 31. VSCommands – Insert Guid Different formats of new Guid
    32. 32. VSCommands – Unhandled Exception Information about exception, installed extensions and local system setup
    33. 33. VSCommands – Solution PropertiesAccess and modify properties of all projects in solution
    34. 34. VSCommands – Assembly details Additional information about an assembly that is not available from properties pane
    35. 35. VSCommands – IDE Navigator Thumbnails in IDE Navigator
    36. 36. VSCommands – Other Commands Group / Ungroup Items  Attach to local IIS Copy / Paste as Link  Collapse Solution Copy / Paste Reference  Build Startup Projects Show / Hide All Files  Open PowerShell Copy Document Content  Open Command Prompt Copy Full Path  Reload All Projects Locate in Solution  Reload Modified Projects Locate Source File  Start without Debugging Open File Location  Clean All Build Edit Project File Configurations Edit Solution File
    37. 37. VSCommands – Other Settings Enable / Disable VSCommands features Show Commands Only When Ctrl Is Pressed Always Show Dialog Boxes in TaskBar Cancel Build when first project fails Rename Grouped Files Always Clean Solution Before Build Show build statistics in output window Synchronies zoom level in all documents Default zoom level in all documents Enable Zoom to Mouse pointer Disable zooming with Ctrl + MouseWheel
    38. 38. MicrosoftProductivity Power Tools Version: 10.0.20626.18 Supports: VS 2010, VS 2012
    39. 39. Pro Power Tools – Quick Find Quick Find bar
    40. 40. Pro Power Tools – Enhanced Scrollbar Scrollbar mode
    41. 41. Pro Power Tools – Enhanced Scrollbar Map mode
    42. 42. Pro Power Tools – Enhanced Scrollbar Full Map mode
    43. 43. Pro Power Tools – Solution Navigator All in one: Solution Explorer, Class View, Object Browser, Call Hierarchy, Navigate To, Find Symbol References
    44. 44. Pro Power Tools – Tooltips Hover on a class name, variable or method
    45. 45. Pro Power Tools – Tabs vs Spaces Popup “Tabify” toolbar
    46. 46. Pro Power Tools – Quick Access Press Ctrl + 3to quick search for and execute common tasks within the IDE
    47. 47. Pro Power Tools – Add Reference Searchable Add Reference Dialog
    48. 48. Pro Power Tools – Tab Well UI Scrollable and Sorted Tabs
    49. 49. Pro Power Tools – Tab Well UI Pinned Tabs
    50. 50. Pro Power Tools – Tab Well UI Sorted and Formatted Tabs dropdown
    51. 51. Pro Power Tools – Tab Well UI Vertical Tabs
    52. 52. Pro Power Tools – Tab Well UI Dirty Indicator style Show document / toolwindow icon
    53. 53. Pro Power Tools – Tab Well UI Coloring Tabs by Project Coloring Tabs by Regular Expressions
    54. 54. Pro Power Tools – Tab Well UI Options for Coloring Tabs
    55. 55. Pro Power Tools – Other Commands HTML Copy Add Guideline Close all but pinned (Tabs) Move Line Up / Down Alt + Up / Down Align Assignments Ctrl + Alt + ]
    56. 56. Pro Power Tools – Other Settings Enable / Disable Pro Power Tools features Highlight Current Line Select a line by Triple Click Go To Definition by Ctrl + Click Colorized Parameter Help Auto Brace Completion Insert Tabs At Right Remove tabs by usage order Show close button in tab well Show pin button in unpinned tabs Minimum and Maximum Tab sizes
    57. 57. DevExpressCodeRush Xpress Version: 11.2.7 Supports: VS 2008, VS 2010 (C#, VB)
    58. 58. CodeRush Xpress – Struct Highlighting Structural Highlighting
    59. 59. CodeRush Xpress – Camel Case Alt + Left, Alt + Right Alt + Shift + Left, Alt + Shift + Right
    60. 60. CodeRush Xpress – Editor Features Smart Cut Ctrl + X, Shift + Delete Smart Copy Ctrl + C, Ctrl + Insert Paste Replace Ctrl + B Duplicate Line Shift + Enter Camel-case navigation Alt + Left / Right Camel-case selection Alt + Shift + Left / Right Extend / reduce selection Alt + Shift + = / - Declaration and Refactoring Ctrl + ` Show Settings Dialog Ctrl + Alt + Shift + O
    61. 61. CodeRush Xpress – Declaration Declare Local
    62. 62. CodeRush Xpress – DeclarationTypes: Members: Declare Class  Declare Constructor Declare Delegate  Declare Event Handler Declare Enum  Declare Getter Declare Enum Element  Declare Setter Declare Interface  Declare Method Declare Struct  Declare PropertyVariables:  Declare Property (auto-implemented) Declare Field Declare Local  Declare Property (with backing field) Declare Local (implicit)
    63. 63. CodeRush Xpress – Refactoring Simplify Expression
    64. 64. CodeRush Xpress – Refactoring Compress to Lambda Expression
    65. 65. CodeRush Xpress – Refactoring Create Overloads
    66. 66. CodeRush Xpress – Refactoring Safe Rename
    67. 67. CodeRush Xpress – Refactoring Inline Delegate
    68. 68. CodeRush Xpress – Refactoring Name Anonymous Type
    69. 69. CodeRush Xpress – Refactoring Move Type to File
    70. 70. CodeRush Xpress – Refactoring Add/Remove Block Delimiters  Extract Method to Type Combine Conditionals  Flatten Conditional (merge nested "If" statements)  Introduce Local Compress to Lambda (introduce variable) Expression  Inline Delegate Compress to Ternary Expression  Inline Temp (inline variable) Convert to Auto-implemented  Make Explicit Property  Make Implicit Convert to Initializer (use  Move Type to File object/collection initialize when possible)  Name Anonymous Method Create Backing Store  Name Anonymous Type (converts Auto-implemented  Reverse Conditional Property to standard Property (invert "if") with get and set)  Split Conditional Decompose Initializer (split complex "If" statements) Decompose Parameter  Use StringBuilder Expand Lambda Expression  Use String.Format Expand Ternary Expression
    71. 71. CodeRush Xpress – Collect Marker Press Esc to return to the original location
    72. 72. Brown University & MicrosoftDebugger Canvas Version: 1.1.31208 Supports: VS 2010 Ultimate (C#, VB)
    73. 73. Debugger Canvas – Code Bubbles Code Bubbles for C# and Visual Basic
    74. 74. Debugger Canvas – Mini Map Navigation by Mini map
    75. 75. Debugger Canvas – Stack Navigation Navigating the Call Stack
    76. 76. Debugger Canvas – Code Paths Highlighting Code Paths
    77. 77. Debugger Canvas – Inspecting Values Own Locals Window for each Bubble
    78. 78. Debugger Canvas – Inspecting Values Taking Snapshots
    79. 79. Debugger Canvas – Code Search Search to add a member to the Canvas
    80. 80. Debugger Canvas – Notes Note Bubbles
    81. 81. Debugger Canvas – Reuse of Bubbles Debugging Recursive Code
    82. 82. Debugger Canvas – Multi-Threaded Code Distinct colors for different threads
    83. 83. Downloads RegEx Editor Microsoft Code Compare Devart Software PowerCommands Microsoft VSCommands 2010 DPStudio Productivity Power Tools Microsoft CodeRush Xpress DevExpress Debugger Canvas Brown University & Microsoft
    84. 84. Any questions?
    85. 85. Thank You!