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Para israel21062010


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Periodical newspaper - fight terrorism - support Israel

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Para israel21062010

  1. 1. FeedJournal Basic 6/20/2010 at 2:10:56 PM - 6/21/2010 at 5:02:51 AM Plan to pump water into Dead Sea makes environmentalists see red by Harriet Sherwood (Hija del Dead Sea has alarmed growth of living organisms in a sea the Dead Sea would stabilise, he says. Zion para Israel - Daughter of environmentalists, industrialists and with no life. That would require ending the free Zion for Israel) tourist authorities for years. It has The World Bank study is considering supply of water to agriculture and been caused mainly by three a number of options, all of which asking some fundamental questions: Submitted at 6/20/2010 2:10:56 PM countries – Israel, Jordan and Syria – involve massive construction in “Do we need to grow bananas in the Activists unite with industrialists to diverting an astonishing 98% of its ecologically delicate areas of desert middle of the desert? Do we need to oppose World Bank study into project source, the once-surging Jordan river, between the two seas. That in itself flush our toilets with clean drinking to transport water from Red Sea to provide water for their citizens. would be disruptive to biodiversity water?” In a plastic-lined hole in a spit of (Another impact has been to deny and costly, but the inclusion of two The Dead Sea will never completely sand stretching out into the Dead Sea, much-needed water to Palestinian stretches of canal under one of the disappear, says Bromberg. Fresh something is growing in the water. communities and businesses in the options would attract further water continues to seep into the sea Floating on top of the greenish pool West Bank). Industry is also to development along their banks. from the earth below it, and as the sea – a mixture of 70% water from the blame: the waters of the Dead Sea Both the Dead Sea Works and a continues to drop the rate of Dead Sea and 30% water from the have been pumped into evaporation coalition of environmentalists led by evaporation is slowing. “At some Red Sea – is a white scum of algae. ponds to allow the extraction of Friends of the Earth Middle East fear point the amount of water coming in This is Pool No 9, dated March 2003. minerals. the study is being rushed and will equal the evaporation,” says Next to it is Pool No 8, with exactly Now the World Bank is conducting a alternatives are not being properly Bromberg, leading to the sea’s the same proportions of Dead Sea and study into the feasibility of taking considered. stabilisation. The solution, according Red Sea waters, created a year ago. water through tunnels, pipes and The governments behind the plan are to Noam Goldstein of Dead Sea Here the colour of the water is red. canals from the Red Sea to replenish pushing the study towards “certain Works, lies at the other end of the No one knows why the two pools are the Dead Sea. Public hearings into the results”, claims Gidon Bromberg, Dead Sea: “The best solution is for different, but both environmentalists “Red-Dead Conduit” are being held Israeli director of Friends of the Earth the Jordan river to flow again – this is and industrialists are worried. this week. Middle East. “They are paying lip what nature intended.” The reason behind the experimental The plan, estimated to cost around service to alternative options. The • Sea level mixing pools at the Dead Sea Works $15bn (£10bn), is enthusiastically public consultations are a box-ticking • Water industrial complex, located at the backed by the Israeli and Jordanian exercise.” • Israel southern end of the lowest point on governments. But both The World Bank says nothing has land, is an ambitious and environmentalists and industry – been decided. “This is a big idea to Harriet Sherwood controversial proposal to build a usually in fierce opposition to one address a big problem, namely the© Guardian News & conduit to pump water from the Red another – are deeply concerned about dying of the Dead Sea,” says Alex Media Limited 2010 | Use of this Sea to the Dead Sea in order to the consequences. McPhail. “We are still in the middle content is subject to our Terms & revitalise the latter’s shrinking The Dead Sea Works, which extracts of a comprehensive and integrated Conditions| More Feeds dimensions. potash, bromine, magnesium and salt evaluation of the proposed project.” Hija del Zion para Israel Support It attracts hordes of tourists wanting from the unique waters, has been Bromberg is critical of the Dead Sea Israel to float in its waters and bathe in its experimentally mixing the seas for Works, despite its anxieties over the • D’var Torah: Learning to Love restorative mud. But the level of the several years. It doesn’t like what it conduit scheme. “We have a common Leviticus by Joe Rooks Dead Sea has dropped 25m in the has seen. interest in not destroying the Dead Rapport(Originally published in Ten past 50 years and it is continuing to “No one can answer for sure what the Sea. But we know where our interests Minutes of Torah and Reform Voices recede at the rate of a metre a year. response of nature to the mixing will diverge.” of Torah) Genesis is easy to love: its North of the Dead Sea Works is Ein be,” Dr Joseph Lati, in charge of the The company is only concerned with soaring narratives, its rich poetics, the Gedi, a historic oasis where a luxury experiment, says cautiously. “We its commercial interests, he claims, family dramas whose...... spa was originally built on the sea’s have to go very carefully with this and whether a change in the chemical • Greek Romaniote Jews in NY ; a edge. Now, guests have to be project until we know more about the composition of Dead Sea waters visit to a rare Jewish community read transported one and a half kilometres biological and chemical effects. would impact on its mineral about it on my other blog... to reach the sea. Further north, an There might be micro-impacts that extraction business – which has been • LED Menorah candles – 7 Image abandoned restaurant, built on what we don’t know about until they hit a big contributor to the problem. taken on 2006-12-04 03:18:18 by was Lido Beach, is marooned inland. us.” Bromberg says the conduit plan oskay.... Where once the sea lapped almost at The red colour of Pool No 8 is due to ignores the root cause of the the feet of diners, there is now a vast the blooming of bacteria, he explains. dwindling Dead Sea. If Israel, Jordan Original post source expanse of rock and sand. The algae indicates that the mixing on and Syria halved the amount of water The gradual disappearance of the a large scale would encourage the they diverted from the Jordan river, Amar Rabbi Elazar by paraisrael (Hija del Zion Price: $ 0.99 Sean Trank Azharoth: Part of the para Israel - Daughter of Zion Hija del Zion para Israel Support Liturgical Poetry of Rabbi Solomon for Israel) Israel Ibn Gabirol a Poet of Tenth Century • Amar Rabbi Akiva Amar Rabbi Spain/ Reshut by Rabbi... Submitted at 6/20/2010 7:20:05 PM Akiva... Amar Rabbi Elazar • David Elazar images david elazar Rating:(out of reviews) images I found: ... Feature | about david elazar Filmed List Price: • Journeys of Faith: Matt Sieger by: Emmanuel Mebasser Edited by:
  2. 2. 2 FeedJournal Basic The Mosques and Bank Robbers of Paris by Daniel Greenfield @ the him a deal. Take 50,000 Euros. Half Sultan Knish blog (Hija del Zion of what he is asking for. Interest free. para Israel - Daughter of Zion No questions asked. Just as Chirac for Israel) offered to agree that the roots of Europe are equally Muslim and Submitted at 6/20/2010 7:48:00 PM Christian. What does this horde of slaves, Robbers have a way of getting what Of traitors and conjured kings want? they want. Whether they are robbing For whom are these ignoble banks or entire countries. The normal trammels, laws of citizens do not apply to them. these long-prepared irons? Through violence they make their La Marseillaise own laws. And the society on which While Jews are fleeing Paris due to they have been inflicted either Muslim violence and harassment, vigorously defends itself against Robert Haroush, an Israeli them, or seeks to negotiate some form businessman, decided to fund the of compromise with them. reconstruction of a mosque in order to How does one compromise with a build a “bridge of peace”. The bank robber? Offer him half of what shortage of mosques in Paris, is of he wants. Israel did that. Now it’s course almost as grave as the surplus done to offering the robbers 90 of intact cars that need burning. And percent of what they want. The the City of Lights needs more dark robbers however continue to hold out mosques, the way Baghdad needs for more. Which is reasonable more IED’s. A Jew funding a mosque behavior for robbers. It is not to promote peace, is as irrational as however reasonable behavior for his printing up a 100,000 copies of bank managers to invest money in Mein Kampf in 1939 to promote trying to appease the robbers, rather tolerance. Feeding hate does not bring than in guards and alarm systems. But peace. And for over a thousand years, renovate someone else’s barracks. In Malaysia, churches are being if one is more afraid of violence, than the Koran has been the Mein Kampf Even if the people in them didn’t burned for presuming to use Allah to of losing what one has, such a of the Muslim world, teaching hate have any hostile intent toward you at mean god (which Muslims in the compromise seems eminently toward Jew and Christian, and the the moment. And most especially if West assure us is exactly what Allah reasonable. Mosque has been the rallying point they do. Even a pacifist doesn’t buy means). While Christians in the There are two reasons why one for its hateful teachings. bullets for his enemy’s gun. That act Muslim world remain a persecuted would fear violence. Personal safety Robert isn’t the first gullible infidel of folly is reserved not for those who minority. While Jews who once fled and moral confidence. The former to try and build bridges of peace. But will not fight, but for those who do Muslim countries for Europe, are now suffers from physical cowardice. The the problem is that when you build a not even understand that there is a in turn being forced into a second- latter from moral cowardice. But bridge, you had better have a good fight. If former conflicts could be stage exodus from countries such as physical cowardice is much more idea of what you will find on the divided up into those who were for France who have developed a sizable severe an affliction than moral other side. Building bridges with and those who were against, a sizable Muslim population. Against this cowardice. For physical cowardice people whose sole use for bridges is number of the present targets of the background, the true crisis is revealed has its limits, but moral cowardice to cross them in order to kill you, is Clash of Civilizations insist on to be a grave shortage of Parisian has no limits whatsoever. The nothing but an elaborate form of believing that nothing at all is going mosques. physical coward is afraid, so long as suicide. on. War, what war? We’re having While the Muslim world is not he is in danger. The moral coward is Turkey’s Thug in Chief, Erdogan, coffee here. prepared to concede equality to the afraid regardless of whether he is in was quite explicit about the role of The bridgebuilders of peace would Christian or the Jew– both are eager danger or not. He stays up worrying the mosque in Islam, saying; “ The like very much to shift the Clash of to make him equal partners in their over things that have nothing to do mosques are our barracks, the domes Civilizations into an Accommodation societies. Not because Muslims have with him. He is afflicted with specters our helmets, the minarets our of Civilizations, turning a conflict shown themselves eager and fit to be of guilt and phantoms of moral bayonets and the faithful our into a nice culture fair in which the partners, but precisely because they uncertainty. The physical coward soldiers.” At the time the poem French learn about Moroccan have shown themselves to be not. knows that he has rights, but is afraid landed Erdogan in a Turkish prison. weaving techniques, North African This is not as much of a paradox as it to defend them. The moral coward But time and enough faithful Muslim immigrants learn the rules of seems to be. will not defend his rights because he mustered from the barracks of a Republic, and everyone lives Suppose a businessman walks into does not believe that he has any. That mosques helped propel him to power. together happily ever after. All that the Credit Lyonnais bank seeking a is why the physical coward fears bank Where he has wasted little time requires is some accommodation on loan of 100,000 Euros. The bank will robbers, but the moral coward pushing an Islamist agenda, which both sides. A recognition of the new carefully examine whether he is a welcomes them. To the moral includes the persecution of non- reality. That the mosque belongs in legitimate credit risk. They will coward, the bank robber is a moral Muslims and the growing escalation Paris as much as the church does. Or demand to see all sorts of papers and force because in a world of of hostilities with Israel. as former French President and documents to show that he can be uncertainties, he is decisively certain Paris does have a barracks shortage, Mayor or Paris, Jacques Chirac put it; trusted. And then the bank will offer a about what he wants. at least according to Dalil Boubakeur, “ The roots of Europe are equally loan with a high interest rate. Or This is the power of the primitive. To of the Paris Mosque, who wants to Muslim and Christian.” perhaps the loan officer will shrug, the civilized man of little faith, the abolish that whole pesky Separation The problem with this lovely and wish him better luck finding the savage seems moral because of his of Religion and State thing in France, expression of tolerance, is that this money somewhere else. simplicity. The savage has no doubts. until the French taxpayers have paid sort of accommodation only runs one But now suppose that a robber from He does not concern himself over the for as many mosques as there are way. The Muslim countries of the the street comes into the bank, armed proper balance between religion and churches. Unlike Robert Haroush, Middle East are not eagerly and wearing a sizable bomb strapped state. He does not worry himself over Dalil Boubakeur who once said, “ proclaiming that their roots are to his chest, and demanding 100,000 whether there is a god or not, and if The West has dug its grave with its equally Muslim and Christian. It is Euros. No one will ask him for his commands are moral or not. He own teeth”, at least does know what rather hard to find a Muslim country documents or proof that he is credit simply says, The mosques are our he’s after. He wants more barracks. where Christians actually are equal, worthy. He is not at all credit worthy. barracks, the domes our helmets, the Which are useful things to have, if or have any serious prospect of being And that is exactly the point. But minarets our bayonets and the faithful you’re fighting a war. And if the so. In Egypt, the Copts are a instead the Bank President himself our soldiers.” And to the moral West is willing to dig its grave by persecuted minority. In the West will step out, and try to negotiate with coward, such simplicity is both paying for them, so much the better. Bank, the handover of Bethlehem to him. He will not send him packing, refreshing and unanswerable. But this raises the obvious question Muslim rule has seen the local the way he did the legitimate of why anyone would want to pay to Christian community begin to vanish. businessman. Instead he will offer MOSQUES page 6
  3. 3. FeedJournal Basic 3 Islamic hate preacher barred from Britain is mainstream in India by Robert (Hija del Zion para “If he [Osama bin Laden] is fighting On YouTube, a search for Dr. Naik remains loath to criticize Islam, even Israel - Daughter of Zion for the enemies of Islam, I am for him,” turns up more than 36,000 hits. in its most radical form, lest this be Israel) he said in a widely watched 2007 Nobody accuses Dr. Naik of direct interpreted as sympathy for Hindu YouTube diatribe. “If he is terrorizing involvement in terrorism, but those nationalism…. Submitted at 6/20/2010 4:08:22 PM the terrorists, if he is terrorizing reportedly drawn to his message A lot of that sounds a great deal like Islamic hate preacher barred from America the terrorist, the biggest include Najibullah Zazi, the Afghan- the situation in the U.S. Britain is mainstream in India Why terrorist, I am with him. Every American arrested last year for Posted by Robert on June 20, 2010 doesn’t the Vast Majority of Peaceful Muslim should be a terrorist.” planning suicide attacks on the New 4:08 PM Muslims in India denounce and shun Dr. Naik recommends the death York subway; Rahil Sheikh, accused | 2 Comments this hateful individual? How did he penalty for homosexuals and for of involvement in a series of train Print this entry get to be so mainstream and apostasy from the faith, which he bombings in Bombay in 2006; and | Email this entry influential? likens to wartime treason. He calls for Kafeel Ahmed, the Bangalore man | Digg this Tiny Minority of Extremists Update, India to be ruled by the medieval fatally injured in a failed suicide | and an update on this story. “The tenets of Shariah law. He supports a attack on Glasgow airport in 2007. | Trouble with Dr. Zakir Naik,” by ban on the construction of non- Nonetheless, when the doctor Hija del Zion para Israel Support Sadanand Dhume in the Wall Street Muslim places of worship in Muslim appears on a mainstream Indian news Israel Journal, June 20: lands and the Taliban’s bombing of channel, his interviewers tend to be • Beit T’Shuvah Shavuot If you’re looking for a snapshot of the Bamiyan Buddhas. He says deferential. Senior journalist and Testimonials Beit T'Shuvah's India’s hapless response to radical revealing clothes make Western presenter Shekhar Gupta breathlessly residents discuss their Shavuot Islam, then look no further than women “more susceptible to rape.” introduced his guest last year as a experience last year and how it Bombay-based cleric Dr. Zakir Naik. Not surprisingly, Dr. Naik believes “rock star of televangelism” who impacted their spirituality and In India, the 44-year-old Dr. Naik–a that Jews “control America” and are teaches “modern Islam” and “his own renewed their faith in recovery and medical doctor by training and a the “strongest in enmity to Muslims.” interpretation of all the faiths around Beit T'Shuvah.... televangelist by vocation–is a widely That last bit, of course, is from the the world.” A handful of • Saudis deny giving Israel air respected figure, feted by newspapers Qur’an: “Strongest among men in journalists–among them Praveen corridor Saudis deny giving Israel air and gushed over by television enmity to the believers wilt thou find Swami of the Hindu, and the grand corridor On Saturday anchors. The British, however, want the Jews…” (5:82). old man of Indian letters, Khushwant night, I blogged a Times of London no part of him. On Friday, the newly Of course, every faith has its share of Singh–have questioned Dr. Naik’s report that indicated that 'our friends elected Conservative-led government cranks; and, arguably, India has more views, but most take his carefully the Saudis' had de... announced that it would not allow Dr. than its share. But it’s impossible to crafted image of moderation at face • Daily Quote: Nissan 27, 5770 – Naik to enter Britain to deliver a relegate Dr. Naik to Indian Islam’s value. [...] April 11, 2010 All these eight days of series of lectures. According to Home fringe. Earlier this year, the Indian Finally, unlike Hindu bigots, such as Chanukah, these lights are holy; we Secretary Theresa May, the Express listed him as the country’s the World Hindu Council’s Praveen are not permitted to make use of televangelist has made “numerous 89th most powerful person, ahead of Togadia, whose fiercest critics tend to them, only to see them-- From the comments” that are evidence of his Nobel Laureate economist Amartya be fellow Hindus, radical Muslims go "Haneirot Halalu" prayer recited after “unacceptable behavior.” Sen, eminent lawyer and former largely unchallenged. The vast kindling the... The good doctor’s views run the attorney general Soli Sorabjee, and majority of Indian Muslims remain gamut from nutty to vile, so it’s hard former Indian Premier League cricket moderate, but their leaders are often Original post source to pinpoint which of them has landed commissioner Lalit Modi. Dr. Naik’s fundamentalists and the community him in trouble. For instance, though satellite TV channel, Peace TV, has done a poor job of policing its Dr. Naik has condemned terrorism, at claims a global viewership of up to own ranks. Moreover, most of India’s times he also appears to condone it. 50 million people in 125 countries. purportedly secular intelligentsia Iranians execute Sunni "insurgent" by Robert (Hija del Zion para strive after corruption in the land will Rigi, also called Abdol-Majid Rigi, | Digg this Israel - Daughter of Zion for be that they will be killed or was executed in Evin Prison in | Israel) crucified, or have their hands and feet Tehran, with his victims’ relatives | on alternate sides cut off, or will be watching on. In court, Rigi Hija del Zion para Israel Support Submitted at 6/20/2010 3:45:00 PM expelled out of the land. Such will be acknowledged that his crimes Israel Iranians execute Sunni “insurgent” their degradation in the world, and in contradicted Islam and humanity and • ‘I support the law’ Local Meretz Sunni/Shi’ite Jihad Update from the the Hereafter theirs will be an awful asked others not to repeat his leader Pepe Alalu on why he wants Misunderstanders of Islam Republic doom.” mistakes. Beit Yehonatan to be sealed – at the of Iran: “Iran hangs man accused as Jundallah, Iran claims, is behind an And of course there was no coercion expense of more Palestinian homes.... militant leader,” by Jingwen Zhang at insurgency that has destabilized the behind that! • Rashi and Zionism Answering the, June 20 (thanks to all border region with Pakistan. The “The terrorist measures of Malak Rigi question, put in the name of Rabbi who sent this in): group also takes responsibility for and his group had taken away the Isaac, as to why the Torah does not Abdulmalik Rigi, leader of Jundallah recent bombings killing dozens, as sense of security from people,” Ali- begin with the first mitzva, Rashi (Arabic for Soldiers of God), was well as abductions. Reza Azimi-Jahed, commander of the replies that the Torah begins with an hanged after being convicted of The group carries out a violent Revolutionary Guard in Sistan- account of the Creation so that if charges of murder, terrorism, armed campaign against the Shiite Baluchistan province, told state there ... robbery, civilian attacks, and government’s supposed television. He hopes that the people • Jewish History in ASL #116- Jews collaboration with the CIA, along discrimination against Sunni would feel more secure now…. of India Topics in Jewish history and with other charges of heresy and Muslims. Unless they’re Sunnis! heritage presented in ASL.... corruption, both capital offenses Iran also accuses the United States Posted by Robert on June 20, 2010 under Islamic law. and Britain of supporting and 3:45 PM Original post source That’s based on Qur’an 5:33: “The collaborating with Jundallah to | 1 Comment only reward of those who make war weaken Iran, but the two countries Print this entry upon Allah and His messenger and deny the accusation. | Email this entry
  4. 4. 4 FeedJournal Basic Rahm Emanuel expected to quit White House by NoahDavidSimon (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel) Submitted at 6/20/2010 6:19:00 PM Rahm Emanuel, the White House chief of staff, is expected to leave his job later this year after growing tired of the “idealism” of Barack Obama’s inner circle. By Alex Spillius in Washington Published: 10:00PM BST 20 Jun 2010 Rahm Emanuel expected to quit White House Photo: GETTY Washington insiders say he will quit within six to eight months in frustration at their unwillingness to “bang heads together” to get policy pushed through. Mr Emanuel, 50, enjoys a good working relationship with Mr Obama but they are understood to have reached an understanding that differences over style mean he will serve only half the full four-year term. Related Articles • Profile: Rahm Emanuel, Barack arguments have developed between legislation anyway. characters, Mr Emanuel is the son of Obama’s new enforcer pragmatic Mr Emanuel, a veteran in Mr Emanuel has reportedly told Jewish immigrants and was an • Rahm Emanuel: Barack Obama’s Congress where he was known for friends that his role as White House accomplished ballet dancer at school. enforcer driving through compromises, and chief of staff was “only an eighteen He served in the Israeli Defence • Barack Obama inauguration: the idealistic inner circle who month job” because of its intensity. Force in the 1991 Gulf War. Reaction on the web followed Mr Obama to the White Regarded as the most demanding The White House did not respond to • Barack Obama Inauguration: The House. after president, it involves controlling a request for comment. via seasoned veterans promising change His abrasive style has rubbed some the president’s agenda, enforcing • Barack Obama’s defining moment people the wrong way, while there White House message discipline as maybe he could take on Obama in • Rod Blagojevich convicted of has been frustration among Mr well as liaising with Congress. the Democratic primaries. I’m trying to sell Barack Obama’s Illinois Obama’s closest advisers that he His departure would regarded as betting that Obama’s luck won’t seat failed to deliver a smooth ride for another sign of how Mr Obama’s change. the president’s legislative that his presidency has been far more Posted via web from Friends say he is also worried about background promised. troubled than expected. noahdavidsimon’s posterous burnout and losing touch with his “It might not be his fault, but the Mr Emanuel has privately expressed Hija del Zion para Israel Support young family due to the pressure of perception is there,” said the a readiness to run for mayor of Israel one of most high profile jobs in US consultant, who asked not to be Chicago, which is also his home • his rabbi talks Image taken on 2006 politics. named. “Every vote has been tough, town though he was never part of the -02-10 15:21:02 by Shira Golding.... “I would bet he will go after the from health care to energy to Obama set and did not endorse the • This Day, June 4, In Jewish History midterms,” said a leading financial reform. then senator in the Democratic JUNE 4 In Jewish History1039: Democratic consultant in “Democrats have not stood behind primary in 2008. Conrad II passed away. Born in 990, Washington. “Nobody thinks it’s the president in the way Republicans That would however depend on he served Holy Roman Emperor from working but they can’t get rid of did for George W Bush, and that Mayor Richard Daley stepping down 1027 until his death. His reign was him – that would look awful. He was meant to be Rahm’s job.” when he is up for re-election in part of positive period for the Jews of needs the right sort of job to go to There were sharp differences over 2011. the Rhineland. The first... but the consensus is he’ll go.” health care reform, with Mr Emanuel The chief obstacle to taking the • Boxing Rabbi! In the Ring with An official from the Bill Clinton era arguing that public hostility about White House job originally was Yuri Foreman Meet Yuri Foreman, a said that “no one will be surprised” cost should have forced them into doubts about moving his three junior middleweight professional if Mr Emanuel left after the midterm producing a scaled down package. children from Chicago. According to boxer who's training simultaneously elections in November, when the Mr Obama and advisers including another former Clinton official, he for 2 very different careers: one as a Democratic party will battle to save David Axelrod, the chief strategist, has let friends know that he is “very boxer, the other as a rabbi! For more its majorities in the house of and Valerie Jarrett, a businesswoman sensitive to the idea that he is not a b... representatives and the senate. and mentor from Chicago, decided good father for having done this”. It is well known in Washington that to push through with grander One of Washington’s more colourful Original post source Overnight music video by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del when he was a child. This book was originally... to kill him with my own hands” Zion para Israel - Daughter of Let’s go to the videotape. • Ehyeh: A Kabbalah for Tomorrow Prosecutor in case of human rights Zion for Israel) posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 3:09 Product DescriptionJoin one of the activist jailed in Pakistan: "I can't AM world’s leading interpreters of Jewish tolerate to see this blasphemer Submitted at 6/20/2010 5:09:00 PM Hija del Zion para Israel Support mysticism in discovering why the standing in front of me; I really want Overnight music video Here is a Israel words of the past reveal the path of to kill him with my... recording of a young boy singing • Sefer Rats la-Mishnah Product our future. Kabbalah teaches that Yossi Green’s, made famous by DescriptionThis reprint is being made there is a secr... Original post source Avraham Fried’s “Tanya.” According available at cost by • Prosecutor in case of human rights the the website Bechadrei Chadarim, in partnership activist jailed in Pakistan: “I can’t the young boy singing is of the with the Society for Preservation of tolerate to see this blasphemer chasidic singer Yaakov Shwekey Hebrew Books ( standing in front of me; I really want
  5. 5. FeedJournal Basic 5 My IDF contact by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del but not accessible for millions of non- learned of the capture of the six Gaza make the case that the Turks really Zion para Israel - Daughter of journalists. -bound ships and the killing of nine were looking for violence. With each Zion for Israel) In addition to her regular duties, she activists aboard the Mavi Marmara. It IDF action, she makes the IDF get made it her business to send material took the army’s spokesperson about better at getting information out Submitted at 6/20/2010 4:00:00 PM to what she says was the previously 10 hours to release footage showing quickly. My IDF contact In case you’re neglected community of bloggers. “I soldiers being attacked. These hours Here’s a video of Aliza that I found wondering how I get all my stuff think they’re an up and coming class without visual evidence for Israel’s online. Let’s go to the videotape. from the IDF, meet Aliza Landes: of information disseminators and version of the story caused the world posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 2:00 At first it seemed the Israel Defense opinion-makers, and so I was a very to regard Israel as the sole aggressor, AM Forces wasn’t too keen on enlisting strong advocate of providing them many local pundits complained. Hija del Zion para Israel Support the recent immigrant from America. with the same basic information we “There was a lot of criticism and I Israel At 24 she was much older than most provide journalists with,” says can completely understand why the • IDF Escalators Image taken on other recruits, and the army Landes, the daughter of renowned public felt that way,” Landes says. “I 2006-03-07 11:01:34 by Sifter.... bureaucrats told her they didn’t know U.S. historian and pro-Israel advocate also understand that they don’t see it • Belgium: Request for police to pay Latin, forcing her to get certified Richard Landes. from the inside perspective.” She more attention to Muslim translations of her university diploma, The California native says she uploaded the clips from the boat homophobia Belgium: Request for first into English and then into initiated the launch of an IDF blog, around 5:30 P.M., the moment the police to pay more attention to Hebrew. Today, three and half years Twitter account and YouTube army’s higher-ups gave her green Muslim homophobiaParliament later, first lieutenant Aliza Landes channel, in concert with other light, says Landes, who has four member Bruno Tuybens (SPA, holds what is one of the IDF’s soldiers. As of yesterday, YouTube soldiers under her command. “What I Flemish socialists) wants the police to increasingly important positions. As ranked the IDF channel, which has don’t think people appreciate is the pay more attention to homophobia head of the new media desk at the 31,960 subscribers, as its 15th most logistics that are involved in getting among fundamentalis... spokesperson’s office, the now 27- popular in the world this month. “The material out,” she adds. “You can’t • Now batting for Israel: Joe Biden – year-old plays a crucial role in army had a website when I arrived really expect us to send out a Ben Smith – Now Israel’s ongoing struggle to present but they still weren’t active on any helicopter just to get footage in the batting for Israel: Joe Biden The its point of view to the public. sort of online platforms,” recalls middle of an operation. Operational V.P.'s instinctive embrace of Israel at “I’m a huge believer in making Landes, who had noted the rapidly considerations come first, always.” a tough time is the best example yet information available to people, as increasing importance of new media She adds the time lag was an of his public support. On Tuesday in much information as possible,” while studying political science and improvement over Operation Cast New York... ... Landes told Anglo File this week in Middle Eastern studies at Montreal’s Lead a year and a half ago. her Jerusalem office. The young McGill University. Read the whole thing. Original post source officer started her service at the North She says the importance of the IDF’s Aliza deserves all the credit for the American desk of the spokesperson’s PR machine became especially clear fact that we have managed to put foreign press branch, where she saw after the May 31 flotilla incident, before the world what really how much information was available when TV audiences around the world happened on the flotilla of fools and Geller: Why friends of Israel once again have to make the case for the legitimacy of the Jewish State by Robert (Hija del Zion para legitimacy of Israel. we must understand it. Read it all. Israel - Daughter of Zion for Why debate “Israel’s right to exist” Yet Bush described Islam as “a Posted by Robert on June 20, 2010 Israel) or “Israel’s right to defend itself”? religion of peace” in the wake of the 4:04 PM Why not debate France’s right to Islamic jihadi attack on America. It | 4 Comments Submitted at 6/20/2010 4:04:55 PM exist, or Iran’s, or Germany’s? wasn’t that Bush was a shill for jihad; Print this entry Geller: Why friends of Israel once How did it come to this? it was just that he was uninformed, | Email this entry again have to make the case for the There are definite points in history and worse, not curious. He had | Digg this legitimacy of the Jewish State In when things are on the cusp of real whispering in his ear the stealth | “Why Israel and the U.S. Are in change. More specifically, there are jihadist Grover Norquist and his band | Crisis” in the American Thinker defining moments when the direction of Muslim Brotherhood brothers Hija del Zion para Israel Support today, Pamela Geller provides some of history can go either way. propagandizing the nonsensical Israel important background to illuminate When José María Aznar was Prime meme that it was “just a few fringe • Kabbalah Moments – March 18, recent remarks by the former Spanish Minister of Spain, the world was a extremists” who “hijacked” the 2010 Tweet This Post Delicious Prime Minister José María Aznar: wholly different place, as recently as religion” — as well as the planes. Ten Facebook Stumble It... “Israel is a fundamental part of the 2004. He served at a time when men years and 15,511 Islamic attacks • What is Jewish Art? Intro: Morton West. The West is what it is thanks to — not appeasers, shills, and tools for catastrophically demonstrate what a Landowne | about jewish art Lincoln its Judeo-Christian roots. If the jihad — were driving the bus. There turning point that window of Square Synagogue Tuesday Talks on Jewish element of those roots is was Bush, the inestimable John opportunity really was. Modern Day Issues Video Rating: 0 / upturned and Israel is lost, then we Howard (Australia), Blair (no great Grover Norquist is a powerhouse 5 Jewish Arts Institute #1 Image by are lost too. Whether we like it or not, shakes, but light-years ahead of brick- with deep pockets. Many Republicans ElatChayyim Jewish Art Rating: our fate is inextricably intertwined.” brain Brown) — and one of the best are in his pockets and in his debt. (out... Former Spanish Prime Minister José of the group was Aznar. Norquist’s ties to Islamic • From kibbutz shacks to NASDAQ- María Aznar wrote that in the Times Yet this group did not seize the supremacists and jihadists have been Israel celebrates 62 years of of London. It is powerful, moment. They thought they had time known for years. Just six weeks after independence Address by Israel's magnificent. And I wish him great and reason on their side. They did 9/11, The New Republic ran an ambassador to the United State, success with his “Friends of Israel not. They blew it. “The greatest threat exposé explaining how Norquist Michael B. Oren on the occasion of Initiative,” but I am deeply disturbed to mankind and civilization is the arranged for George W. Bush to meet Israel's 62nd independence day. ... by the direction the narrative is taking spread of the totalitarian philosophy,” with fifteen Islamic supremacists at — such that friends of Israel such as Ayn Rand wrote. “Its best ally is not the White House on September 26, Original post source Aznar now feel as if they must once the devotion of its followers but the 2001 — to show how Muslims again make the case for the confusion of its enemies.” To fight it, rejected terrorism….
  6. 6. 6 FeedJournal Basic MOSQUES continued from page 2 Because moral cowards who tangle Clopin, the uncivilized outsiders angry mobs and armed terrorists– the themselves in moral complexity, will contending against the wickedness of question is not so much “how” as often look backward to a simpler time the authorities. “when”. The robber enters the bank in human development. To the The narrative of the Good Monster, and the negotiations begin. Violence reactionary lure of easy answers the Noble Savage, the Wise Primitive is the wheel that keeps the through primitivism. contending against the evils of a negotiations turning, on and on. The In 1970, François Truffaut made a corrupt and decadent civilization has vaults are emptied, one by one. And film called L’Enfant Sauvage or The Wild Child, about a feral child found been told and retold over and over again, many times beyond counting. still the process continues. Until there is nothing left, and no longer Erdogan adviser: naked in the wild. In the movie, he is taken to Paris and taught how to But the stories we tell ourselves have a way of coming to life. And in the anything to negotiate. What! Foreign cohorts ‘We told them speak and live in human society. But L’Enfant Sauvage was actually based real life version of such stories, the civilization that nurtures us turns out Would make law in our homes! Great God ! By chained hands not to go’ on the real life story of the Wild Boy not to have been nearly so ignoble as Our heads would bow under the yoke by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del of Aveyron, a feral child who despite we led ourselves to believe, and the La Marseillaise Zion para Israel - Daughter of best effort of France’s experts could savages coming to free us from the You really want to see the Zion for Israel) never be turned into a proper human burdens of reason and morality, are establishment of an Islamic Republic being. The difference between the not nearly so nobly primitive as we in France? Submitted at 6/20/2010 3:40:00 PM movie and reality is the same as wanted to think. Instead they are like Yes, but not only for France. I hope Erdogan adviser: ‘We told them not between what we would like to think us, in that they want what we have. the whole world becomes Muslim. to go’ Shall we say this strains is possible, and what is actually so. In The difference is that we are no Abdelkader Bouziane, Imam of credibility? An adviser to Turkish the world as we would like it to be, a longer willing to kill for it. But they Vénissieux Prime Minister Erdogan is claiming feral child can be taught to speak are. Hija del Zion para Israel Support that the Turkish government urged French and use proper table manners And so Paris has a mosque shortage. Israel the passengers on the flotilla of fools and be just as one of us. In the world Galway will be getting its first • Potato Squash Bake... not to sail to Gaza. as it really is, a feral child will remain mosque. A mega-mosque will rise • Free Access to U.S. Federal Census Ibrahim Kalin, chief adviser to feral. So too Islam. near Ground Zero. Because you can Documents at Click Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip One cannot import an 8th century never have too many barracks, even here for more information. ... Erdogan, also stressed that the ideology rich with blood and death when you’re winning the war. And • Yom Kippur War 1973: The government had appealed to the into 21st century Paris, and expect it while we try to be reasonable, they Egyptian Revenge – (3/4) October civilian-run ship not to sail for Gaza, to have proper table manners. Yet endeavor to be most unreasonable. War 1973: The Egyptian Revenge... but that it paid no heed. over and over again we insist on Because when force is on your side, “We tried to convince these people telling the story so that the savage is you don’t need to be reasonable. You Original post source not to go. We advised them not to go, the hero, and the civilized man, the just press as hard and far as you can. given the circumstances and villain. Another more famous Over and over again, until you win. difficulties and dangers,” he told The fictional adaptation of the Wild Boy The mosque is the barracks of a Jerusalem Post after his speech. of Aveyron, is Victor Hugo’s novel, different civilization. One that does In his address, Kalin called the The Hunchback of Notre Dame. The not seek equality, but dominion. incident a “deep wound” and “one of heroes of The Hunchback of Notre Whether through the simple the most tragic events in our recent Dame are the wild and primitive demographics of the Immigration ERDOGAN page 7 Quasimodo and Esmeralda, even Jihad, or the violent confrontations of Geert Wilders: Change Jordan’s name to Palestine by NoahDavidSimon (Hija del be next. Thus, Jerusalem is the main noahdavidsimon’s posterous Zion para Israel - Daughter of front protecting the West. It is not a Hija del Zion para Israel Support Zion for Israel) conflict over territory but rather an Israel ideological battle, between the • Rambam Mishneh Torah: Hilachot Submitted at 6/20/2010 5:18:00 PM mentality of the liberated West and Yesodei Hatorah Product Ha! Wilders says something that the ideology of Islamic barbarism,” DescriptionMaimonides' famous almost everybody else chickens out to he said. Mishneh Torah, or review of the say. Go Wilders! “There has been an independent Torah, covers the entire breadth of ( JPost) Geert Wilders, who leads the Palestinian state since 1946, and it is philosophical and legal topics that are right-wing Party for Freedom (PVV) the kingdom of Jordan.” Wilders also the foundation of traditional Judaism. in Holland, said last week he believes called on the Dutch government to Vowelized H... Jordan should be renamed Palestine. refer to Jordan as Palestine and move • Israel’s moment of truth Israel's The Jordanian government responded its embassy to Jerusalem. m o m e n t o f t r u t h by saying Wilders’ speech was The Saudis and the Jordanians Pajamas Media's Bill Whittle reminiscent of the Israeli right wing. crapped their pants and summoned interviews Caroline Glick, who says “Jordan is Palestine,” said Wilders, the Dutch ambassador foran that based upon the IAEA report on who heads the third-largest party in explanation. Iran issued this wee... Holland.“Changing its name to The Saudi Al-Watan carried Jordan’s • Follow our authors on tour! The Palestine will end the conflict in the response to Wilders’ speech. The Sydney Taylor Book Award will be Middle East and provide the kingdom’s embassy in Hague was celebrating and showcasing its 2010 Palestinians with an alternate outraged, and said the Dutch “crows’ screams”. recipients with a blog tour February 1 homeland.” ambassador would soon be Which yet again makes it crystal -5, 2010! What is a blog tour, you Wilders added that Israel deserved a summoned to explain. clear that neither the Saudis nor the ask? A blog tour is like a virtual book special status in the Dutch Jordan’s minister for media affairs Jordanians want a real solution to the tour. So inste... government because it was fighting and communications, Nabil Al Sharif, conflict and want to keep the so- for Jerusalem in its name. asked for clarifications. He described called “Palestinian issue” alive. via Original post source “If Jerusalem falls into the hands of Wilders’ declaration as “an echo of the Muslims, Athens and Rome will the voice of the Israeli Right” and Posted via web from
  7. 7. FeedJournal Basic 7 Israeli film Independent Women banned by French by Yaakov Kirschen (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel) movie chain by Elder of Ziyon (Hija del Zion Submitted at 6/20/2010 8:00:00 PM para Israel - Daughter of Zion Samar Hajj, who is coordinating the for Israel) trip was quoted as saying; “We are all Submitted at 6/20/2010 7:12:00 PM independent women who believe in breaking the siege on Gaza.” A film made by an Israeli immigrant According to Iranian TV: from Russia, called “5 Hours from “One day after Israel threatened to Paris,”(“ 5 heures de Paris“) has been attack a new Gaza-bound aid ship taken off the schedule of the Utopia with only women activists on board, theatre chain in France. the Lebanese resistance movement of The chain’s director, Anne-Marie Hezbollah highlights Israel’s fear, Faucon, made the move as a protest saying its military ability is against the Israeli raid on the terrorist “deteriorating.” IHH Mavi Marmara ship. “Israeli threats against women The film was replaced with a movie activists and journalists who are about Rachel Corrie. organizing new flotillas serve as Pretty much every French website I proof of the immense fear the have seen has been critical of the Zionists are living in,” Israeli move. The movie is a light romantic dailyYnet news reported Hezbollah’s comedy with no political overtones “This is the Zionist entity in its Israel Executive Council Chief Hashem and most French observers feel that current state and its deteriorating • Out of the UN, Now! Out of the Safieddine as saying on Saturday. Utopia is engaging in censorship. The ability,” he went on to say. UN, Now!by sheikyermami on June The comment comes after earlier on French Minister of Culture wrote a A group of 50 female Lebanese and 9, 2010UN Watch´s Hillel Neuer Friday, Israeli Ambassador to the UN letter to Utopia expressing his foreign activists have announced a Attacks Humanitarian Credentials of Gabriela Shalev called for a halt to incomprehension and disapproval of plan to send an aid ship loaded with ‘Free Gaza’ Flotilla Give Peace a the Gaza-bound aid ship scheduled to the move. medical supplies to Gaza, which has Chance [Mark Steyn]In contrast to set sail from Lebanon, warning that Even Utopia seemed to backtrack a been under siege since 2007. the genera... Tel Aviv would use “all necessary little, as Faucon originally said that The organizers are yet to announce a • Reflection Image taken on 2005-12 means” to stop the vessel. she would be happy to screen the film departure date for the ship, named -28 10:16:10 by Thomas Hawk.... Israel “is terrified by a boat carrying “when the siege of Gaza is over” but “Mariam” in honor of the Virgin • _DSC1800full Image taken on 2006 women who want to deliver aid to the co-founder of Utopia later said Mary.” -06-15 09:24:39 by sneakymoose.... Gaza. How will this Israel be able to that the film will be screened at the -Dry Bones- Israel’s Political Comic face the rockets and the resistance chain in July. Strip Since 1973 Original post source bloc in the next confrontation?” the The director of the film, Leon Hija del Zion para Israel Support Hezbollah official asked. Prudovsky, is getting a lot of free publicity out of this. Leftover news items Hija del Zion para Israel Support Israel • It’s Raining Awards This post by Elder of Ziyon (Hija del Zion Firas also quotes Al Hayat about Israel comes to us via Alice Rubin who, in para Israel - Daughter of Zion how both Hamas and Fatah are • Description of a Memory addition to playing a mean game of for Israel) stopping Gazans from traveling. Description of a Memory, directed by Mah Jongg, has done a great job with Hamas simply stops them at the Dan Geva, is a poetic essay using the Keeping History Center. The Submitted at 6/20/2010 6:25:00 PM border; Fatah is being stingy with references to the original Chris Keeping History Center has been Here are some things I didn’t get a passports. Marker classic film, Description of a honored with two p... chance to blog about today: One of Hezbollah’s “aid” boats, Struggle, winner of the Golden Bear • Tzitzit 5 Image taken on 2006-08- Jed in the comments pointed me to which may be the “Miryam” at the 1961 Cannes Fil... 21 15:14:28 by AngerBoy.... this Israeli Channel 10 report about (“Mary”) that was supposed to have • Rabash, article 13, 1984, Kitvei • SILVER DREIDEL – SILVER the underground trade of Israeli only women passengers, is being Rabash – Shlavei Sulam, vol.1, BEADED DREIDEL ON STAND – goods to Gaza. This explains all the stopped from sailing because it has pg.31(evening) Lecturer: Rav dreidel Crafted of silver plated Hebrew-labeled items in the Gaza not officially declared its destination. Michael LaitmanDate: 2010-06- materialFeatures stunning beaded supermarkets, but it goes beyond Ha’aretz profiles Aliza Landes, the 07Video: ENG 41.84MB... designsMakes a treasured Hannukah groceries to refrigerators and water head of the IDF’s “new media desk” • Brennan to get a promotion? decorationTwo were Measures coolers. and the person who I contact to ask Brennan to get a promotion? approx: 2.5" x 1.5". Product Firas Press reports that Turkey is specific questions and get official In response to John Brennan's search DescriptionSILVER BEADED now blaming Israel for recent clashes statements. She is also the daughter for 'moderates' in Hezbullah, Michael DREIDEL ON STAND Create... with Kurds over the past few months. of Richard Landes, of the Augean Ledeen explains the organization's Some 10 Turks have been killed in Stables blog. I met her when I was in rather... Original post source the past week – and 130 Kurds. Israel in December, and she hosted Sounds disproportionate, no? the IDF blogger trip to the Lebanese Original post source Where’s Goldstone when you need and Syrian borders. him? Hija del Zion para Israel Support ERDOGAN continued from page 6 history,” declaring that an Israeli-run American Jews, it would not come at AM • “Expansion of Israeli investigation was not sufficient, or the expense of principle. Hija del Zion para Israel Support settlements…shows the Zionist plans credible. I’ll bet they want to maintain their Israel to accelerate Judaization of east Another Turkish speaker, Omer strong relationship with American • Antwerp: “Islam is a completely Jerusalem”"Expansion of Israeli Celik, deputy vice president of Jews. It’s American Jews who save intolerant system” Antwerp: “Islam is settlements...shows the Zionist plans Turkey’s ruling party, accused Prime them from being charged with a completely intolerant system”by to accelerate Judaization of east Minister Binyamin Netanyahu of genocide of the Armenians every sheikyermami on April 2, J e r u s a l e m " “trying to derail the bilateral year. 2010Update from Antwerp: Lecture . . . relationship.” He also said that while Well, maybe this year it will change. shouted down by radical • Mr. Hariri goes to Washington Mr. the country wanted to maintain its Heh. MuslimsIslam in EuropeAn Update ERDOGAN page 8 historically strong relationship with posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 1:40 from this: Antwerp: V...
  8. 8. 8 FeedJournal Basic Israel News Israel could lose a by paraisrael (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel) major Muslim ally in Submitted at 6/20/2010 3:15:14 PM by david55king Turkey Israel to build massive desalination by israel (Hija del Zion para plant Israel - Daughter of Zion for The Israeli government on Sunday Israel) approved the construction of a massive new water desalination plant Submitted at 6/20/2010 5:16:00 PM to help the arid country deal with a By Ashish Kumar Sen Israel stands severe shortage. to lose its main Muslim ally in the Read more on AFP via Yahoo! News Middle East — Turkey — over a Israel’s blockade easing ‘inadequate’ recent raid on a flotilla bound for the Cool response from international Gaza Strip in wh… community as Palestinians demand Hija del Zion para Israel Support blockade be lifted completely Israel’s Israel decision today to allow a partial • Jewish Genealogy as a Spiritual easing of the blockade of Gaza was Pursuit Interesting interview with given a cool response by the Arthur Kurzweil from the Jewish • Israel News by merdi Israel international community, while Ledger. Excerpts below: Q: How despite a pledge to slowdown settle... considers loosening blockade Palestinians demanded the blockade does an absolute beginner start to • Profound Esophagus –”Necessary JERUSALEM, June 16 (UPI) -- be lifted completely. Aid agencies research his or her family's Stories” column from The Jerusalem Israel's security cabinet met condemned it as inadequate. The genealogy? What are some useful Report Haim Watzman My dearest Wednesday to discuss easing Israel's move, triggered by anger over Israel’s resource... Ms. Profound Esophagus, My heart Gaza blockade but adjourned without bloody interception of … • Israel OKs new settlement work has been racing and my mind reaching any deci... Read more on Guardian Unlimited despite slowdown – The Associated churning since our meeting last night • Israel News by Adib Roy Israel Hija del Zion para Israel Support Press The GuardianIsrael OKs new on level minus 4 of the Jerusalem considering easing Gaza blockade Israel settlement work despite municipality parking garage. Since Jerusalem- Israel's security cabinet • Israel News by Nationaal Archief slowdownThe Associated my All... was meeting on Wednesday to Israel's attitude can no longer be PressJERUSALEM — Israel reportedly consider an international tolerated by the EU - Simon Busuttil authorized the construction of 112 Original post source proposal for significantly easing its Israel had no special license to kill new apartments in the West Bank Gaza ... whoever and whenever it wanted and its attitude could no l... Carl in Jerusalem on We got mail! Chai FM by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del Zion for Israel) Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel) Submitted at 6/20/2010 6:16:00 PM We got mail! It’s been a while since Submitted at 6/20/2010 8:11:00 PM I got one like this – and from a Carl in Jerusalem on Chai FM I will woman with a Jewish-sounding last be on Chai FM 101.9 in South Africa name no less: at around 7:35 am local time today. u r givin jews bad name.last week Those of you who are not within the Counter-Missionary (series) This jewcop was killed n u say may his radio range of Johannesburg, you can series of lectures by Dr. Brown seeks blood b avanged!it ll not be!its small listen to me on the web by going here to answer most of the major revenge in return for so many deaths and clicking on Listen Live Now objections that face Jewish beli... israel inflicted on Worldwide. • Free Kabbalah Course – Bnei palestinians..countles deaths Johannesburg is currently one hour Baruch Learning Center - Bnei not2mention nazi war crimes during behind Jerusalem – GMT + 2. So it’s Baruch senior instructor Tony gaza lead..u have no shame writin bs 8:35 am Jerusalem time. Kosinec introduces the upcoming u r total ignorant hypocrite!expect posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 6:11 course in authentic Kabbalah at the israel never to regain some world AM Bnei Baruch Learning Center. Visit respect it had!justlygone! States' deci... Hija del Zion para Israel Support the site for more inf... Sounds real intelligent, doesn’t she? • Israel: At least 9 pro-Palestinian Israel posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 4:16 activists killed on Gaza flotill… • Yom Hazikaron (Chazarot) – Original post source AM Israeli naval commandos seized an 4.2010 – Heyi Shketa .wmv... Hija del Zion para Israel Support aid flotilla bound for the Gaza Strip • Is Jesus The Promised Messiah – 3/ Israel early Monday, leaving at least nine 9 Dr. Michael L Brown - Countering • Syria slams US extension of dead and dozens wounded, and sanctions, transfers missiles to sparking protests and c...... ERDOGAN Hezbullah that can hit Tel Aviv Syria • The Yom Kippur War 1973 Part 4 continued from page 7 slams US extension of sanctions, Accounts of the events of The Yom Hariri goes to Washington transfers missiles to Hezbullah that Kippur War of 1973... When Lebanese President Saad Hariri can hit Tel Aviv Syria arrives in Washington next week, he reacted with anger to the United Original post source will bear a message from Syria for Presiden... Original post source
  9. 9. FeedJournal Basic 9 Israel drafting new list of goods banned from Gaza by israel (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel) Submitted at 6/20/2010 8:23:00 PM By MARK LAVIE AP JERUSALEM — Israel pledged Sunday it will immediately allow all South African doctor goods into Gaza except weapons and items deemed to have a military use under i… invents female condoms Hija del Zion para Israel Support Israel • 100215-N-0696M-464 Image taken with teeth to fight rape on 2010-02-15 17:28:56 by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.... • Lecture at the Unity Evening for theft in Dubai assassination While stopping short of directly by NoahDavidSimon (Hija del lowlands 2008 Watch in high quality Shavuot “All of us together bulding a admonishing Israel, the European Zion para Israel - Daughter of Enjoy!!! Band: Drums - Oscar Kraal spiritual environment”, Tel Aviv Union (EU) issued a statement today Zion for Israel) Bass - Boaz Kroon... Date: 2010-05-17Video: ENG denouncing the forgery of Euro... • Belgium’s lower house of 79.07MB Audio: ENG 14.09MB ... Submitted at 6/20/2010 4:45:00 PM parliament votes to ban face veils • Eyeing Israel, EU condemns Original post source Dr. Sonnet Ehlers shows a spiked Belgium's lower house of parliament identity theft in Dubai assassination female condom, whose hooks she votes to ban face veils Eyeing Israel, EU condemns identity says stick on a man during rape. via ... • America’s Lost Frontier What has I can respect that. gone wrong with America? It's a Posted via web from question that many people are asking, noahdavidsimon’s posterous but one approach is to look at what Hija del Zion para Israel Support the present day America has lost. Its Israel frontier. The frontier once defined • Anouk – Jerusalem [Live @ America. It... Lowlands 2008] HQ in stereo sound: Anouk & band Original post source performing "jerusalem" live at