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Android is a good platform for getting things done very quickly, on both smart phones and tablet.

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Download whatsapp for pc

  1. 1. Top five Android Apps for Productivity Download Whatsapp For Pc
  2. 2. • Android is a good platform for getting things done very quickly, on both smart phones and tablet. • The key to fertility on android and any platform lies in the apps available.
  3. 3. • There are many android apps, many designed to help users be more productive, but finding them can often be a burden. Download Download Whatsapp For Pc in this link. • Here are five apps that will help most folks get more things done using an Android device.
  4. 4. Pocket Informant: • Android has decent calendar and contact apps, but lacks in the native commotion list area. • Pocket Informant is an app that handles calendaring and task management good and better.
  5. 5. • The app can be configured to present calendars in any style desired. • The task manager can synchronize with the online service Toodledo.
  6. 6. • It takes some time to get familiar with all of the features of Pocket Informant, but once you do, it is so useful.
  7. 7. Documents to Go: • People need to work with documents all the time in their office and homes. • This app is as full of features that are not available in most of the apps
  8. 8. • . Documents to go allow working with Microsoft Office documents, including Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. • In addition to handling Office documents, Documents to go can access Google documents, and PDF files with good effect.
  9. 9. • So over all it is very useful app for android users.
  10. 10. Handcent SM • It may be odd to find a text-messaging app in a list of productivity apps. • But texting has become a big part of business communications and friendly environment.
  11. 11. • . It is a great app as in addition to a full screen app, it also uses popup dialog boxes that appear on top of any other app. • This makes it possible to read incoming messages and reply to them without leaving the app that is currently open.
  12. 12. • The design is very attractive and has simple interface.
  13. 13. Exchange by Touchdown • Some of the android phones handle exchange email well, but it is not reliable across the android world. • Exchange by touchdown handles exchange accounts very well, and many swear by it.
  14. 14. • . The touchdown solution handles the full spectrum of exchange data such as email, contacts, tasks, notes and even SMS synchronizing. • It also has many interesting features.
  15. 15. Thinking Space: • This app may not be for everyone, but for them who constantly outlining and mapping out writing projects. • Thinking Space makes this elegant simple with a good touch interface and an innate design.
  16. 16. • It is based on simple mind mapping techniques, but can also be used to create visual outlines for projects. • It is also gives us option of locating places.
  17. 17. • So these are the top productivity related apps in the android stores.
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