Do you want to be Successful? it takes time


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It just takes some basic knowledge, search & learning skills and patience to be Successful in Life

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Do you want to be Successful? it takes time

  1. 1. Do you want to be Successful?Success By Definition:-Plain Synonyms; achiever, winnerAn event that accomplishes its intended purposeAn attainment that is successfulA state of prosperity or fameA person with a record of successesBeing successful is not just being able to make a lotof money, it also means to make a difference in thecommunity that you associate to Not just the religiouscommunity but the social community too....Success is a journey and not a destination...So what does it take to be successful in life?
  2. 2. Basic Education / KnowledgeIts not necessary to have High fly Education or fancy degrees like MBA and MCA etcBasic Education just means proper Schooling till the 10th Grade; HSCSimple Math BODMAS ; Bracket, Operator, Division, Multiplication, Addition & SubtractionTables (2 to 12) andLogic like 1/2 litre milk takes 20 mins to cook so how much time for 1 litreI know people who are ultra successfuleven with basic educationBill gates was a Harvard InstituteCollege drop-outReal Life Eg: - A. V. (12th Sci) (Makes More that 1lac Rs P.M. ; 12.6Lacs p.a. )and F. R. 8.4 p.a. (11th Sci)One of my friends is not Just know as a MVP (Microsoft certified Most Valuable professional back to back twicefor same technology makes him 1 of the only 40 Max professionals chosen in the world to get that kind of acertificate that year) he is also know as a Extremely well skilled Salsa practitionerand F. R. besides being a Techie Owns a restaurant and also partners in an other.
  3. 3. Skill or Professional ExpertiseSkill By Definition:-An ability that has been acquired by trainingAbility to produce solutions in some problem domainSkill / Professional Skill like aDrawing Artist, Potter, Jewelry carver,Speaker, Motivator, Banker, AnalystSkilled mechanic, Sports person, Actor, Marketing personnel,Sales skills. Negotiation Skills.Even Bill gates had to have them in him to sell his products that he made at Microsoft. But well you can evenhire a Sales Manager only one thing’s not certain; his dedication, loyalty to your organization in the long run.Devoid of all other skills U already have, U need to have other soft skills in your kitty, like communicationskills, interacting with co-workers and developing a rapport required for team work and team spirit.Selling the Brand ‘U’ and always Negotiating for a ‘Higher Income’
  4. 4. Duniyadaari/ (Negotiation) & Social connectPlease Zara mera ek kaam karega/karegee?Will U please do this thing for me?How many people do U have who can stand by Ur side when the need arises....?That list is what I call my people. (friends, real friends.)U must have done enough for someone that they will stand for U when U need them.IT takes a team to do a task,You have to Invest enough time and efforts on someone to say that they are my people.Its only when U have helped someone when they needed Ur help the most will they return you the favor.U have to keep on building relations, U do that by imparting the knowledge that U have that is an edge over others.Ur attitude and activities should be the motivating factor for others. (Ur Tai’s Example for Ur neighbors)What all topics are supposed to be Topics of greatness, try venturing in to them:Main Heads of life where people spent their time are:1. Money Making/ being rich and managing wealth2. Way to God head, knowledge about God, Spiritual awareness, natural healer, religious literature, mantras by heart3. Philosophy, Worldly wise, art of living, speaker, Motivator, knowledge about books and literature.4. Sports Fanatic, Arts and Craft maniac.5. Professional expert.6. Social Service and philanthropy.Show me which of the above heads do U spend your time into?
  5. 5. Doing what U know / Decision makingDecision By Definition:-The act of making up your mind about something, conclusion.We are = What Decisions we take and what choices we make.If U choose to stay in to a career that is not lucrative and sucks then your life will continue to suck sinceits Ur own decision and U are leading yourself to nowhere....but Still no one else is to be blamed aboutthan U yourself.If U do not take a decision, someone else will take it for you.So be at least knowledgeable enough to not allow others to take a decision for U and be responsible forUr own decisions.After 8 years of a career in Graphics and Web design I did choose to change my career stream in to Webdevelopment. Its my decision and I am in a better position financially because of this decision.At some point of time we are faced by a dilemma where which decision of the two decisions to take. Ifboth the decisions are equally weighing then U should take one of them and move on. Its better to takea decision and move on instead of procrastinating it and staying in a state of not taking any decision dueto which U might end up loosing up both sides of the deal.Once a decision is taken the consequences are also faced and a real life lesson is learned which willmake further decisions more accurate.
  6. 6. Confidence – freedom from doubtConfidence By Definition:-Confidence - belief in yourself and your abilitiesconfidence in life comes from knowing that U can do it.U have confidence when U have moral support and when Uknow that there are people behind U to support U & to guide U.Confidence comes from doing a thing a repeatative no of times. which means that confidence justcomes with practice.Practice to lead, Practice to just do the things need to be done.In the N attempts of practice you will face many failures, but failure itself is the stepping stone to success
  7. 7. It takes time!Time By Definition:-An instance or single occasion for some eventAn indefinite period (usually marked by specific attributes or activities)Nothing just happens in a jiffy1The fruit bearing age of Mango trees is approximately 6-10 years. Mango Sapling – 19 days old Mango Sapling – 5 Mths oldGrafted and air-layered trees are engineered from branches of mature trees, so the young plantbehaves as a mature plant immediately. Thus, grafted and air-layered trees can be as small as 3 feet talland already have fruits on them.In general grafted trees will begin to producein the third year after establishment.Jiffy (A very short time (as the time it takes the eye to blink or the heart to beat))
  8. 8. We get output based on our Input Input Mango => Output Aamrass!