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Ogres gimnazija


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Ogres gimnazija

  1. 1. HistoryFounded in March 9, 1991First principal – Uldis KlemperisCurrent principal – Aina BērceStudents – 630Teachers - 45
  2. 2. Possibilities
  3. 3. After School ActivitiesChoir “Gājputni”Folk dance collective “Dzīpari”Theater group “Ir”Newspaper “ Mana diena”Students’ parliamentSports activities – basketball, volleyball, floor-ball, aerobics, football, handball, athletics
  4. 4. Choir “Gājputni”Conductors: Daina Čudare and Maija Gorda
  5. 5. We are proud of our school choir. More than 50 studentssing in it. Our choir has got many awards and it always participates in song and dance festifals.
  6. 6. Folk Dance group “Dzīpari”This group is led by MartaDargiene and it is the 9thbest Folk dance group inLatvia. The group consistsof school present andformer students. Thisyear they haveparticipated in Latviansong and dance festival.
  7. 7. Traditions• September 1st – the day of •Christmas – the holy knowledge morning• Sports day •Valentine day’s ball• Confirmation day of form •Badge party – 100 days till 10 exam• Teachers’ day •The last bell• November 18th – Latvia’s •Graduation birthday
  8. 8. September 1st
  9. 9. Sports day
  10. 10. Valentine day’s ball
  11. 11. Badge party
  12. 12. Graduation