"Easter traditions"- eTwinning project 2013


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"Easter traditions"- eTwinning project 2013

  1. 1. “Easter traditions”eTwinning project 201321stPre-school of Patras,GreeceOlohmero TmhmaKonstantinopoulou AnastasiaPerttula Maria
  2. 2. Mrs “Sarakosti” is a traditional calendar for countingthe 40 days before Easter
  3. 3. Our Easter baskets made together with thechildren and filled with the cookies and sweets.
  4. 4. Making Easter cookies
  5. 5. Easter cards with the wishes written by thechildren
  6. 6. Thank you friends from Poland for your beautiful cardsyou sent to us!
  7. 7. We painted our eggs red in a traditional way.
  8. 8. “Lazarakia” - Traditional Bread for the Saturday ofLazarus
  9. 9. After baking the cookies we visited Primary school nextto us and sang a traditional Easter song “Lazarakia” tothe pupils and their teacher
  10. 10. Thank you and see you again!Happy and Blessing Easter!