Geared up


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Geared up

  1. 1. MA Multidisciplinary Design I am studying an MA Multidisciplinary Design with a keen interest in branding, motion graphics, video advertising and using digital media to engage audiences.
  2. 2. Inspiration - Life Cycles
  3. 3. Sire Custom Performance
  4. 4. a film by productions geared up
  5. 5. ‘ Geared Up’ is a film that documents the lives of four people from Chain Reaction Cycles. This film follows the four athletes who live, eat and breath their sport, showing the training and preparation they go through for their competitive season and how they bring their knowledge and passion about bikes to work everyday. geared up
  6. 6. The underlying concept for the film is to show how being passionate about something and working tirelessly towards a goal, can help you achieve your dream job and reach your goals as an athlete. The film will effectively show a distinct link between an athlete’s passion for their job and passion for their sport. geared up
  7. 7. The film will show the subjects training and riding their bikes around the beautiful scenery and landmarks of Northern Ireland. geared up
  8. 8. The film will depict the bikes and athletes in different environments, showing how Northern Ireland can be a beautiful adventure playground, how it can lead to developing the social aspect of your life and promoting a healthy lifestyle option. Promoting the opportunity to take part and experience physical activity outdoors will help to open the country up to a new demographic of tourists. It will also help to encourage people to buy bicycles and make it a popular mode of not only exercise and entertainment, but also transport. geared up
  9. 9. Film Festivals Bike Film Festival London X-Dance Film Festival Salt Lake City Belfast Film Festival Belfast at geared up geared up
  10. 10. MTB Michael Cowan Road Michael Dougan Triathlon Emma Bamford A Chain Reaction Cycles Film BMX Peter Hollinger geared up geared up
  11. 11. LOCATIONS MTB geared up
  12. 12. locations geared up ROAD
  13. 13. LOCATIONS geared up TRIATHLON
  14. 14. locations geared up BMX
  15. 15. RC Helicopter with SDLR or GoPro HD
  16. 16. geared up RC Helicopter with SDLR or GoPro HD Robert Graham
  17. 17. geared up Partners/Sponsors USNISport ChainReactionCycles NI Tourist Board Aubrey Irwin Sponsor of equipment Gareth Maguire Ronan Smith
  18. 18. Northern Ireland Screen Thomas Damann Memorial Trust Up to £5,000 Funding Applications geared up Garfield Weston ACNI EU Design Funding
  19. 19. Twixtor Pro (software) IMac Slider Jib/Crane GoPro Cameras RC Helicopter Elekra Drive Ikan VH7 Monitor Handy35 mm Lens Adaptor Steady Cam Equipment geared up
  20. 20. Film Estimated Costs geared up in partnership with Chain Reaction Cycles Twixtor Pro Magic Bullet Camera Slider Camera Crane/Jib Go Pro Camera FX Factory FCP Elekra Drive VH7 Monitor IMac Total Amount Personal Investment Camera Travelling Expenses Total Project Cost geared up £370 £305 £1195 £500 £300 £255 £390 £375 £1684 £5, 374 £2500 £500 £8,374