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It’s in your blood. You can’t help it. You can’t explain it. You see an open slope and you have to bomb it. You are a speed freak. There is no cure. But there is a support group.
"I think it's just stoking passion," said Nyman. "It's just firing the kids up. I think there's a perception of ski racing as a very serious sport, but it's fun, man. If you break it down, all we're searching for is speed."
- Steven Nyman U.S. Ski Team member and Olympian

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Speedfreaks 6 16-10v2

  1. 1.
  2. 2. It’s in your blood. You can’t help it. You can’t explain it. You see an open slope and you have to bomb it. You are a speed freak. There is no cure. But there is a support group.<br />
  3. 3. Executive Summary<br />Alpine ski racing is one of the most exhilarating, physically demanding, and competitive sports in the world. It requires a combination of immense strength, tremendous skill, and an insatiable quest for speed. As a result, elite level ski racers are among the most committed and best all-around athletes on the planet. To be a champion, individuals rely on a variety of dedicated resources throughout the calendar year.<br />There is a need for customized performance support both on and off snow. At the junior level, clubs lack the sophistication to advance talent. At the World Cup level, funding constraints leave elite athletes in need of additional resources. Spyder can bring the best in the industry together in a way that’s unique, highly targeted, efficient, and athlete focused. <br />Ski Racers at all levels are in need of more personalized attention. We can help. We will focus on the specific performance needs for these athletes and will offer resources to allow them to reach their maximum potential. We have the ability and expertise to craft on-snow and dry land programs that focus on individual strengths and weaknesses. In addition, the junior athletes have an extraordinary opportunity to be mentored by elite athletes in their discipline and develop good training techniques at a young age to prepare them for high-level competition in the future.<br />
  4. 4. Spyder Active Sports has a long history of sponsoring ski racers and is well aware that in the realm of performance, everything counts. As an extension of this commitment, Spyder launched Speedfreaks. Founded in 2007, the Speedfreaks program provides athletes with world-class performance support, training, product, and exposure. We work closely with our elite athletes to define solutions for training, racing, and winning. The athletes share a common goal and inspire one another. This unique program gives elite athletes a chance to share their knowledge with future World Cup racers, and the juniors get the priceless opportunity to learn from and be exposed to their role models. <br />There are many sponsorship opportunities but few that will make a revolutionary and global impact on the sport of alpine ski racing. We believe Speedfreaks represents such an opportunity.<br />
  5. 5. About Spyder<br />Spyder embodies a passion for performance.<br />Spyder’s roots are in ski racing. The company revolutionized ski apparel in 1978 with a padded slalom sweater designed "for racing, by racers," and became an official supplier to the US Ski Team in 1989, a relationship Spyder continues to support with great pride. In addition, Spyder also sponsors the Canadian National Team. Spyder product has been showcased on Olympic podiums multiple times. <br />
  6. 6. With an expanded product offering and loyal consumer following, Spyder's growth has exploded, and the company is now the largest ski-specialty brand in the world. <br />Based in Boulder, Colorado, the company has global reach through distribution in over 50 countries. Spyder's vision remains focused on performance, fashion, and function.<br />
  7. 7. The Speedfreaks Program<br />Speedfreaks is a first-of-its kind program that joins competitive junior ski racers and elite World Cup athletes together in an environment that fosters technical racing skill, provides a network of peers and access to world class resources. <br />This year, Spyder will scour national US Ski and Snowboard Association rankings as well as European and Canadian rankings and extend team invitations to category J2 (15 and 16 year-olds), J3 (13 and 14 year-olds) and J4 (11 and 12 year-olds) regional powerhouses. The brand outfits them in technical race apparel, provides them with performance support, and puts them in physical and virtual proximity of elite level Speedfreak athletes such as current and former US Ski Team World Cup racers Julia Mancuso, Daron Rahlves, Steven Nyman, T.J. Lanning, and Jake Zamansky.<br />
  8. 8. The initial idea came from U.S. Ski Team member and Winter Olympian Steven Nyman. Steven wanted to find a way to do something for kids as a way of giving back to the sport.<br />"I think it's just stoking passion," said Nyman. "It's just firing the kids up. I think there's a perception of ski racing as a very serious sport, but it's fun, man. If you break it down, all we're searching for is speed." <br />
  9. 9. Benefits of Speedfreaks and Brand Affiliation<br />Spyder welcomes co-sponsors to help expand the program and take advantage of Speedfreaks marketing opportunities. Speedfreaks sponsorship offers brands the chance to: <br /><ul><li>Generate brand/product awareness through a variety of desirable and targeted exposure opportunities
  10. 10. Leverage sponsorship of junior ski racers, top elite athletes, and their marketing story to a brand-aware, intensely loyal niche sport audience
  11. 11. Extend your brand in the snowsports market through Spyder’s momentum and credibility
  12. 12. Reach an affluent, social demographic and target consumer in an authentic, meaningful, and powerful way
  13. 13. Seed or sell products to influencers</li></li></ul><li>DEMOGRAPHIC INFO<br /><ul><li>60 million skier visits per year in the U.S. alone.
  14. 14. Alpine skiers are primarily male - 64%, and 46% fall between the ages of 13 and 34 years.
  15. 15. 48% have household incomes in excess of $100,000, 73% in excess of $50,000.
  16. 16. 52% have college degrees or have done at least some post graduate studies.
  17. 17. Top ten states in skier participation represent 59% of total U.S. population.
  18. 18. 1 in 10 Americans identify themselves as a snowsports participant.</li></li></ul><li>Speedfreaks Sponsorship Exposure Opportunities<br />The Spyder Speedfreaks program offers co-sponsors a variety of desirable and targeted exposure opportunities. Speedfreaks sponsors will be mentioned and logos will be prominently displayed in numerous ways: at training camps; in online marketing activities; in training assets; on team product; in a short documentary; and at sponsored events.<br />
  19. 19. 1) Speedfreaks Training Camps – World Class Training<br /><ul><li>World Class Athletes – Multiple high profile U.S. Ski Team and Canadian Ski Team World Cup and Olympic ski racers will train with and mentor the next generation of World Cup ski racers. Speedfreaks elite athletes include: Daron Rahlves, Julia Mancuso, Steven Nyman, TJ Lanning, and Jake Zamansky
  20. 20. Top Juniors – The Speedfreaks program will support top performing juniors and invite them to benefit from world-class training opportunities.
  21. 21. Philanthropy – Each Speedfreaks training camp will include a fundraising event for a specific charity.
  22. 22. National Media – Large media outlets will be invited to cover these events and introduce the vision and mission of the Speedfreaks program to a global audience.
  23. 23. Video Content – Compelling video from these camps will be captured and used as content for educational purposes and online marketing efforts. Sponsor logos will be printed on GS gate panels.</li></li></ul><li>2) Online Marketing Efforts – Unique, Relevant and Authentic<br /><ul><li>Speedfreaks/Spyder.com – Create the hub for the alpine ski racing community. The Speedfreaks website will be a community site featuring athlete driven content such as blog posts, photos and videos. Site visitors will also receive helpful training tips and access educational video content.
  24. 24. Highly Trafficked Snow Sports Related Sites – Speedfreaks educational content and training tips in the form of blog posts with embedded video will be produced. Highly trafficked sites will be given permission to feature this valuable content in exchange for a link to Speedfreaks/Spyder.com. Sponsors will be mentioned at end of each blog post and logos will be displayed at beginning and end of each video.
  25. 25. Social Networking Sites – Social media will play a large role in establishing Speedfreaks as the online community and hub for alpine ski racing. A multi-faceted and aggressive viral marketing plan will be implemented and the Speedfreaks program will have a major presence on sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and YouTube.</li></li></ul><li>3) Speedfreaks Training Academy – Raising the Bar<br /><ul><li>Training Manual – Educational blog posts and training tips will be expanded upon and packaged as a training manual for ski racers.
  26. 26. Training Videos – Educational video content utilizing cutting edge performance technology such as Dartfish and Ultra Slow Motion HD video will be compiled and made available as a training aid.
  27. 27. Training programs – Functional, integrated, customized and sport specific strength and conditioning programs used to enhance performance of Speedfreaks sponsored athletes will be modified for external use.</li></li></ul><li>4) Documentary: Inside the Life of a Speedfreak – Broadening the Base<br /><ul><li>Follow the athletes in their pursuit of excellence from the elite level to the juniors. See what it takes to make it happen, 24/7, 365.
  28. 28. This story telling opportunity, from the definitive authority in the sport, will be launched at Birds of Prey 2011 with a world premier during the World Cup weekend.
  29. 29. This documentary will be screened at film festivals as well as be available for online download. </li></li></ul><li>5) Team Product – Performance, Fashion, and Function<br /><ul><li>Team Jackets – Sponsor logos integrated into the garment.
  30. 30. Team Race Suits – Sponsor logos prominently displayed.
  31. 31. T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats – Sponsor logos included.</li></ul>6) National Junior Championships Grassroots Outreach<br /><ul><li>J4 Qualifier Prater Cup – Speedfreaks sponsor banners, giveaways
  32. 32. J3 Junior Olympics – Speedfreaks sponsor banners, giveaways, podium awards
  33. 33. J4 Junior Olympics – Speedfreaks sponsor banners, giveaways, podium awards
  34. 34. Whistler Cup – Speedfreaks sponsor banners, giveaways, podium awards</li></li></ul><li>Integrated Marketing Power <br />
  35. 35. Sponsorship Levels<br />Title Co-Sponsor: $50,000 annual<br /><ul><li>Maximum of one title co-sponsor
  36. 36. Company name and logo integrated into the Speedfreaks logo
  37. 37. Prominently displayed in all Speedfreaks marketing activities
  38. 38. Opportunity to use Speedfreak marks and approved imagery in marketing initiatives</li></ul>Secondary Sponsors: $25,000 annual<br /><ul><li>Maximum of two secondary sponsors
  39. 39. Company name and logo patch on the Speedfreaks team jacket
  40. 40. Logo displayed secondarily to title co-sponsor on select marketing materials
  41. 41. Opportunity to use Speedfreak marks and approved imagery in marketing initiatives</li></li></ul><li>Summary<br />Ski racers need customized performance support and personalized attention in order to reach their goals. The Speedfreaks program will provide these talented athletes with valuable resources and Spyder Active Sports is fully committed to creating tremendous value for everyone involved. We welcome you to partner with us in our effort to make a revolutionary, global and long lasting impact on the sport of alpine ski racing.<br />CONTACTS<br />Russ RowanVP Sales & MarketingSpyder Active Sports<br />303 544 4046<br />rrowan@spyder.com<br />Laura WisnerDirector of MarketingSpyder Active Sports<br />303 544 4012<br />lwisner@spyder.com<br />Phil ShettigGM Resort/RaceSpyder Active Sports303 903 4930 <br />pshettig@spyder.com<br />Raul GuisadoSports Performance DirectorSpyder Active Sports831 251 0559<br />rguisado@spyder.com<br />