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2500 years of learning theory: The good, the bad & the ugly - Donald Clark


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2500 years of learning theory: The good, the bad & the ugly
from Donald Clark, Non-Executive Director, Learning Pool.

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2500 years of learning theory: The good, the bad & the ugly - Donald Clark

  1. 1. 2500 years of learning theory: The good, the bad & the ugly How this relates to tech in learning Donald Clark
  2. 2. “I know nothing that can be best taught by lectures” Samuel Johnson
  3. 3. Holes in the research Arora (2010) Erasmus University Rotterdam “little real independent evidence, other than that provided by HiWEL “ “not comparing amount of time spent on hole-in-wall material with same time in school.. Comparison was meaningless” “self-defeating… ‘hole-in-the-wall’ has become the ‘computer-in-the-school”
  4. 4. Holes in the research Mark Warschauer Professor of Education University of California “parents thought it irrelevant “ “distracted the children from their homework “ “most of the time they were playing games” “low level learning and not challenging” “no Hindi content (only language they knew)” “overall the project was not very effective”
  5. 5. “it took me 30 minutes to think about and write this response. I would have spent the time on planning a new project for very poor children. Would someone, perhaps Donald, like to take the responsibility for this wastage and the resultant loss to them.” Sugata Mitra
  7. 7. Working memory
  8. 8. Semantic/episodi c memory Cues
  9. 9. Deliberate practice
  10. 10. Dec 2010
  11. 11. Learning styles and pedagogy in post -16 learning – A systematic Dec and 2010 critical review This report critically reviews the literature on learning styles and examines in detail 13 of the most influential models. The report concludes that it matters fundamentally which instrument is chosen. The implications for teaching and learning in post-16 learning are serious and should be of concern to learners, teachers and trainers, managers, researchers and inspectors.
  12. 12. Black & William Inside the Black Box Formative feedback key to better learning •Rarely diagnostic •Be specific and constructive •Hinge questions •Tests are terminal •DON’T mark
  13. 13. Black & William Inside the Black Box Avoid marking: •Poor as formative assessment •Mark of fixed ability - says nothing about improvement •Even high achievers – done enough, not full competence •Tests are terminal – mark of Cain
  14. 14. Techology as trainer 1
  15. 15. ‘organize world's information & make it universally accessible & useful’ •Profound pedagogic productivity shift •Outsourced memory
  16. 16. Techology as trainer 2
  17. 17. Video
  18. 18. MOOCs
  19. 19. Over 1 billion unique users a month Over 6 billion hours watched a month (An hour for every person on Earth) 100 hours uploaded every minute Localised 61 countries 61 languages More than any cable network A LEARNING PLATFORM
  20. 20. 33,856 videos 477,248,454 views 2,154,827 subscribers
  21. 21. Techology as trainer 3
  22. 22. MOOCs
  23. 23. “Love or hate them MOOCs have forced open a debate at policy level on digital education” “touch learners much more than you might think” “courses can be run at surprisingly large scale” “Accelerated a range of technological innovations doing things at scale – peer assessment” 2020 •10,000,000 students •“Without technology this is undoable”
  24. 24. Employers and MOOCs (Duke): • 75% would treat job-related MOOCs positively in hiring • 71% would use them in future • 57% could see using MOOCs for recruitment • positive reaction across all sectors
  25. 25. Techology as trainer 4
  26. 26. VR is not a device but a medium VR
  27. 27. Oculus Rift
  28. 28. $2 billion
  29. 29. Games
  30. 30. TV & Film
  31. 31. Dec 2010
  32. 32. Education
  33. 33. Techology as trainer 5
  34. 34. Spaced practice
  35. 35. Spaced practice 1. Start and end 2. Notes 3. Sleep 4. Games 5. Adaptive 6. Social Media - Email | Facebook/Twitter | Blogs 7. Mobile
  36. 36. http://static.mumsnet. com/cms/uploads/con tent/matthew-syed. png
  37. 37. Donald Clark Website Blog Email Twitter @donaldclark Facebook donaldclark