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What are Core Self Confidence Traits?


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When you look at the elements of a self confident man they all have 5 traits in common (at least when it is true core self confidence). Self Confidence traits include Emotional Intelligence, Mental Control, Physical Confidence, Spiritual Awareness, and great relationships with those who matter in their life. If you want the self confidence traits you must work on your self confidence as a whole go to for more information on making yourself a person with self confidence traits.

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What are Core Self Confidence Traits?

  1. 1. Core Self Confidence Traits This slideshow goes over Core Self Confidence Traits -Emotional Intelligence -Mental Control -Physical Confidence -Spiritual Awareness -Good Relationships
  2. 2. Core Self Confidence Traits - Emotion• Emotional intelligence is a Self Confidence Trait• Those with this self confidence trait do not allow emotion to own them but own their emotions for them
  3. 3. Core Self Confidence Traits - Mental• Optimism is a Self Confidence Trait• Most people are pessimists - Not a self Confidence trait
  4. 4. Core Self Confidence Traits -Physical• A Self Confidence Trait is STRONG Confident or Alpha Body Language• An often overlook Physical Confidence Trait Area is Physical Health –This extends to both Eating and Exercise
  5. 5. Core Self Confidence Traits -Spirituality• A Self Confidence trait is being content Spiritually• Those who have strong personal life philosophy that they believe in are those who have this self confidence trait
  6. 6. Core Self Confidence Traits -Relationships• The Relationships with people who have self confidence are always good• A major Self Confidence Trait is they surround themselves with other successful happy Self Confident people
  7. 7. Core Self Confidence TraitsIf You are interested in gaining Core Self Confidence work on yourself onevery level.Those with Self Confidence Traits have it from working on their SelfConfidence on many levels (whether they realize it or not).If You would like help on gaining your own Core Self Confidence Go to: