9 tips for gaining Self Confidence


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http://CoreSelfConfidence.Com This goes over 9 tips for gaining Self-Confidence and how to increase yours in every aspect of Core Self-Confidence. It goes over the 5 parts of Core Self-Confidence and the characteristics of a self-confident person. We go over the Emotional, Physical, Mental, and Spiritual State of someone who has Core Self-Confidence as well as the people they surround themselves with.
If you apply these 9 tips you will be well on your way to self-confidence, these are the very same tips guys like Tony Robbins, Sean Stephenson, Stephen Covey, and Eckhart Tolle recommend for gaining Self-Confidence! Obviously it is a small slide show so you won’t get everything they offer but you certainly get some elements of some of the greats in the self-confidence and personal development world!
If you would like more information on gaining self-confidence you can go to www.CoreSelfConfidence.Com .

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9 tips for gaining Self Confidence

  1. 1. 9 Tips for Gaining True Core Self-Confidence• Here are a list of the 5 most important aspect of Core Self-Confidence• There are 9 tips for increasing your Self-Confidence!• These tips will make you feel better if you choose to implement them• In my own True Core Self-Confidence and Happiness Program you are told to implement every single tip in this program Go to www.CoreSelfConfidence.com for more information on how to gain Core Self-Confidence and Happiness!
  2. 2. True Core Self-ConfidenceTrue Core Self-Confidence Contains 4 inner Parts and 1 Outer Part: Emotional State/Intelligence Mental State Spiritual State Physical State Relationships You Have
  3. 3. True Core Self-Confidence – EmotionalState• Our Emotional State is of the utmost importance when it comes to having self-confidence and high self-esteem.• If you do not feel confident emotionally you can not be confident overall.• Controlling your emotions is difficult but it is necessary to control your emotions rather than let them control youTip 1: In order to control your emotions you can meditate, this will help youlearn to gain control of your mind and emotions by simply being aware ofthem.Tip 2: Practice emotional awareness – always be aware of your emotionalstate and why
  4. 4. True Core Self-Confidence – MentalState• Core Self-Confidence means having Complete control of your mind• Understanding your thoughts• Having Self-Confidence means you have a complete understanding of how your Mental state influences your Frame or State of being• A healthy mental state will mean a positive self-image• An Optimistic outlook regardless of negative experiencesTip 3: Practice positive thinking. Be sure control your mind and beaware of whether your thoughts are self-appreciating or self-depreciating
  5. 5. True Core Self-Confidence – SpiritualState• Core Self-Confidence revolves around having a spiritual state that isn’t restless but content• Your Spiritual state and it’s role with Core Self-Confidence is your ability to be honest with yourself• Core Self-Confidence is when you are living within your own personal Life PhilosophyTip 4: Meditation once again is quite necessary when it comes to CoreSelf-ConfidenceTip 5: Be ego-aware, pay attention to your ego and when you are doingthings for yourself versus doing them for others.
  6. 6. True Core Self-Confidence – PhysicalState• Core Self-Confidence is also about Physical Confidence• Your body language tells a story of Self-Confidence, If you stand Confident you’ll Feel Confident (Core Self-Confidence is about much more than a temporary feeling though)• Feeling Confident is also feeling physicallyTip 6: Eat Right- What you put into yourself is what you get out of yourself, ifyou eat horrible expect to feel horribleTip 7: Work Out- We are animals meant to work out or exert ourselves, workout so that you can give your body at least the bare minimum exertionTip 8: Confident Body Language is essential to feeling Self-Confident. Alwaysbe aware of your body language and until confident body language is habitpractice fixing it regularly…. Note: Here is an OLD video I made on ConfidentBody Language. Sorry for the Poor quality but the Content is GOLD!
  7. 7. True Core Self-Confidence –Relationships• Core Self-Confidence means having GREAT relationships with people• Core Self-Confident people have people around them that are positive and good for them –Keep Optimistic People Around• People with Self-Confidence AVOID pessimistic or negative people who create a negative EnergyTip 9: Be Careful with the relationships you have. Don’t keep peoplearound who talk to you negatively or aren’t supportive. Look to findpositive people to raise your life and push you forward
  8. 8. How Do I learn More about Gaining Self-Confidence?Thank You for Looking at 9 Tips for gaining Self-ConfidenceIf you’d to learn more about gaining Self-Confidence go towww.CoreSelfconfidence.comThis was produced by Science of Natural Game a website that specializes inCourtship, Body Language of Courtship, Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem, andjust down right BETTERING YOURSELF!