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Cybersecurity | Indegy: Industrial Cybersecurity


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In this installment of our 9-part series, we feature our portfolio company Indegy, an industrial cybersecurity solution that has enterprise-class OT security capabilities to protect businesses and their critical infrastructure.

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Cybersecurity | Indegy: Industrial Cybersecurity

  1. 1. Vertex Perspectives Industrial Cybersecurity Indegy is committed to protecting businesses, critical infrastructure and governments from cyber threats, malicious insiders and human error by delivering comprehensive set of enterprise-class OT security capabilities to ensure safety and reliability of complex industrial control system environments Counter-Drone Solutions for Urban Environments
  2. 2. Company Snapshot TEAM INVESTORS HIGHLIGHTS Founders • Founded in 2014 • HQ: New York, US • R&D: Tel Aviv, Israel • Series B • Multiple awards including • E.ON agile accelerator corporate challenge • Gartner “Cool Vendor”: Digitalisation through Industrie 4.0 • Frost & Sullivan 2017 Product Leader in ICS for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Shlomo Kramer General (Ret) David H. Patraeus Barak Perelman, CEO Graduate of Israel’s elite Talpiot military academy and brings over 15 years of hands-on experience in cybersecurity strategies and protection of critical infrastructures. Mille Gandelsman, CTO Graduate of Israel’s elite Talpiot military academy and has led engineering efforts for Stratoscale and several years leading cybersecurity research for IDF’s intelligence corps. Ido Trivizki, VP R&D An avid systems researcher of various computing technologies, Ido served as captain in IDF’s intelligence corps and led award winning projects. He was also lead developer at Stratoscale.
  3. 3. Industry Challenges ICS lack visibility and security controls Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are no longer isolated, static systems. They are connected to the enterprise and are subject to the same security risks that threaten downtime from malware, attacks, insider threats, human error, and failed system maintenance. Existing solutions fall short – Traditional IT • No coverage of OT assets for vulnerability and configuration • No visibility into the unique patterns and protocols of ICS attack traffic Network only OT solutions • Blind to changes from local maintenance • Lack context of endpoint state during attack • Inability to gather reliable patch & risk data As OT systems were traditionally segregated and isolated, controllers were not architected to address the security threats or human errors now experienced. In addressing this relatively new security threat, it is essential to gain visibility to the entire ICS environment.
  4. 4. Solution Overview Indegy Cybersecurity Suite is purpose-built for ICS networks. It is an all-in-one turnkey appliance that offers: • Asset tracking: full asset discovery and automated inventory • Threat detection & mitigation: monitors for both cyber threats and operational mistakes, generates alerts based on detection of behavioural anomalies and predefined policy conditions • Vulnerability management: periodic reports of risk levels for each of the assets in the ICS network • Configuration control: Tracks and logs all engineering activities taking place in ICS environment • Enterprise visibility: Comprehensive view of the IT & OT environment reporting and integration with third party solutions Access Indegy’s e-book to learn how ICS cybersecurity solution can provide visibility, security and control of OT network and critical infrastructure.
  5. 5. Solution Overview Hybrid technology engineered for OT networks – combination of passive monitoring with native active querying • Trigger device integrity checks after suspicious network activity • Rule out false positives, provide more context • What user was logged in? • What processes were running? • “Login attempt” identified, did it work? • “Code download” identifies, what was the key state at the time? The other vendors had a more passive monitoring solution. Indegy does both the passive and active component which was a real value to us. -- Steve Worley, SCADA Security Manager, City of Raleigh NC ” “
  6. 6. Case Studies Secure industrial operations across multiple sectors Customer Spotlight: City of Raleigh Public Utilities Department • Use Case: Ensure safety and sustainability of public utilities • Background: To detect potential security threats that could potentially harm the water supply and disrupt critical services, the Public Utilities department required full visibility and control of changes made to PLCs and other key devices in its industrial environment. The manual processes previously used for inventory management were both time-consuming and error-prone, making it difficult to maintain an up-to-date and accurate inventory of ICS assets, which is crucial for risk assessment and regulatory compliance • Results: o Automated asset discovery: within minutes of installing Indegy’s solution, the department was able to automatically gather and display “huge amounts of data on out network that would have taken weeks to gather manually” o Real-time threat detection: ability to actively query PLCs and learn what changes has been made was a major advantage especially with contractors or systems integrator who made changes to PLCs on regular basis
  7. 7. Competitive Advantage Better. Faster. With greater visibility & control. • Unparalleled product depth for collecting and analyzing data o Indegy’s Device Integrity technology allows active detection technology in conjunction with passive network monitoring – a unique hybrid threat detection engine • Combination of anomaly detection and ICS aware policies • Patented device integrity technology • Plug and play deployment creates immediate value • Acclaimed by industry experts with global partners including o SIEM: Radar, McAfee, Splunk, RSA Netwitness Log Rhythm o Applications: Palo Alto Networks, Fore Scout, McAfee, RSA Archer, Fortinet o Consulting & integration: Mckinsey & Co, IBM, EY, Accenture, Wipro, Booz Allen Hamilton
  8. 8. Thanks for reading! About Vertex Ventures Vertex Ventures is a global network of operator-investors who manage portfolios in the US, China, Israel, India and Southeast Asia. Vertex teams combine first-hand experience in transformational technologies, on-the-ground knowledge in the world’s major innovation centers and global context, connections and customers. Contributors Disclaimer This presentation has been compiled for informational purposes only. It does not constitute a recommendation to any party. The presentation relies on data and insights from a wide range of sources including public and private companies, market research firms, government agencies and industry professionals. We cite specific sources where information is public. The presentation is also informed by non-public information and insights. Information provided by third parties may not have been independently verified. Vertex Holdings believes such information to be reliable and adequately comprehensive but does not represent that such information is in all respects accurate or complete. Vertex Holdings shall not be held liable for any information provided. Any information or opinions provided in this report are as of the date of the report and Vertex Holdings is under no obligation to update the information or communicate that any updates have been made. Please stay tuned and do let us know if you’d like to subscribe to future issues of Vertex Perspectives. Vertex Perspectives: Cybersecurity Series • Cybersecurity | Risk. Impact. Innovations. • Cybersecurity | Axonius: Asset Management Platform • Cybersecurity | Cylus: Railway Cybersecurity • Cybersecurity | Cymulate: Breach & Attack Simulation • Cybersecurity | D-fend: Counter-Drone Solutions for Urban Environments • Cybersecurity | Indegy: Industrial Cybersecurity • Cybersecurity | Meta Networks: NaaS Software Defined Perimeter • Cybersecurity | PerimeterX: Next Generation Bot Defense • Cybersecurity | Very Good Security: SaaS Platform for Data Security