2012 KQA Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open Quiz Prelims


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Prelims of the KQA Open Quiz by Vivek Karthikeyan (kiVi) and Venkatesh Srinivasan (Venky)

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2012 KQA Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open Quiz Prelims

  1. 1. XXIII Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open Quiz 2012 Prelims Quizmasters Vivek Karthikeyan and Venkatesh S
  2. 2. Answers Follow…
  3. 3. 1The Sanskrit words for “age” and “beginning”combine to give us what familiar term inKarnataka and Andhra Pradesh?
  4. 4. Answer follows…
  5. 5. Ugadi (Yuga + Adi)
  6. 6. 2What three word phrase,familiar to Indian roadtravellers is the title of thisquirky travel book aboutthree people traversingNorth India on a SUV?
  7. 7. Answer follows…
  8. 8. Horn OK Please
  9. 9. 3With what seven-letter name, presumably because ofthe feather-light ball, was Table Tennis originallyintroduced by John Jacques of London, who ran afamous sporting store?
  10. 10. Answer follows…
  11. 11. • Gossima
  12. 12. 4 Serge Haroche and David J. Wineland Robert J. Lefkowitz and Brian K. Kobilka Sir John B. Gurdon and Shinya Yamanaka Alvin E. Roth and Lloyd S. Shapley ? ?Give the two missing items from this list
  13. 13. Answer follows…
  14. 14. • Mo Yan• European Union• 2012 Nobel Prize winners
  15. 15. 5*Balarama is a veteran who has been the star for the last 13years. His predecessor was Drona, who had been on the jobfor 18 years before he died of electrocution.This year, word has it that Balarama may not be fit and bereplaced by 52-year old Arjuna. Others in contention areGajendra and Abhimanyu.The big day that they are preparing for is on October 24 thisyear when they will walk the 5 km route, carrying a ratherheavy load.Explain
  16. 16. Answer follows…
  17. 17. • Elephants who carry the howdah at the Mysore Dussera procession
  18. 18. 6Infosys announced recently that it is to open a newdelivery centre in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.The decision to locate the centre in the Midwest wastaken after the company last week won a five-year,$200 Mn deal with this global, iconic brand toprovide technology services, including taking oversome of the IT personnel of the brand .Which iconic Milwaukee-based brand?
  19. 19. Answer follows…
  20. 20. • Harley Davidson
  21. 21. 7What 10-minute project is this all about?
  22. 22. Answer follows…
  23. 23. • The project involving Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner’s free fall from 39 km.
  24. 24. 8Ranked 11th on the Top 500 list of the worlds mostpowerful supercomputers, and representing NASAsstate-of-the-art technology for meetingsupercomputing requirements, it is located at NASAAmes Research Center near Mountain View,California. It is maintained by NASA, and its partnersSGI and Intel.The supercomputer is named after a star cluster – thealternate name for which is used in India to describe acontiguous set of states.One-word name please
  25. 25. Answer follows…
  26. 26. • Pleiades (Seven Sisters)
  27. 27. 9Two of the greatest American novels of the 20thcentury are headed for the big screen later this year(2012), and literary fans are bracing for the worst.Baz Luhrmann is directing one of the films, starringLeonardo Di Caprio; the trailer of the film has evokedthe following reaction on Twitter, “___ _____ ______3D: Borne back ceaselessly into your face.”The other film is the first ever movie adaptation of this1951 book and is being directed by Walter Salles whohas retraced a journey across North America andinterviewed scholars and surviving members of theBeat Generation. Name the books
  28. 28. Answer follows…
  29. 29. • The Great GatsbyThe closing line of the book is So we beat on,boats against the current, borne back ceaselesslyinto the past.“• On the Road
  30. 30. 10*Lonesome George was the last known individual ofthe subspecies. In his last years, he was known as therarest creature in the world. George served as apotent symbol for conservation efforts in Ecuadorand internationally. Upon his death in June 2012, thesub-species became extinct.Which sub-species?
  31. 31. Answer follows…
  32. 32. • Pinta Island / Abingdon Island tortoise (half points for Galapagos tortoise)
  33. 33. 11Which town in Tamil Nadu has a Doordarshan TVtower standing at 1060 feet, making it India’s talleststructure ?
  34. 34. Answer follows…
  35. 35. • Rameswaram
  36. 36. 12Since the early 1990s, what object has been usedas a mark of protest by anti-tax protestors andconservatives in the US?A custom has developed among some conservativeactivists of sending these to legislators and otherofficials via postal mail as an act of symbolism. Theinformal slogan of these protests is “Taxed EnoughAlready”.
  37. 37. Answer follows…
  38. 38. • Tea Bags
  39. 39. 13ID the film- Video trailer removed
  40. 40. Answer follows…
  41. 41. • Delhi Safari
  42. 42. 14Phiroze Edulji Palia was the first one, from Bangalorein 1932. However, the first “authentic” Kannadiga wasWing Commander VM Muddiah in 1959. Both ofthem did it two times.The maximum is 164 times.18 others from Karnataka have done this so far, withthe latest happening in January 2012.What have these 20 people done?
  43. 43. Answer follows…
  44. 44. • Play test cricket for India
  45. 45. 15*“Follow! nay, I’ll go with thee, _____ __ _____. ”This is one of the earliest instances of this phrase,found in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.This often hyphenated phrase is essentially made up oftwo different words referring to the same part of thehuman anatomy.What phrase, used mainly in a negative sensetoday to refer to living conditions ?
  46. 46. Answer follows…
  47. 47. • Cheek-by-jowl
  48. 48. 16 Primary Medium National Language Primer Expert Well-versed MasterNames of exams conducted by which organization inIndia that had Mahatma Gandhi as its first presidentfrom 1918-1948?
  49. 49. Answer follows…
  50. 50. • Dakshin Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha
  51. 51. 17The _________ frog is found in Trinidad and Tobagoand the north coast of South America as well as in theAmazon area. The name comes because the creature isso small that it hides among bananas and is thensometimes accidentally exported to other countries.What’s the name?
  52. 52. Answer follows…
  53. 53. • Stowaway Frog
  54. 54. 18This is a painting depicting a traditional folk dance ofthe tribal community in East India of the same name.The painter is a Padma Bhushan awardee, who revivedBengali folk art through his paintings in the 1920s-40s.Name the tribe or the painter
  55. 55. Answer follows…
  56. 56. • Santhals• Jamini Roy
  57. 57. 19From a minimalistposter seriescelebratingpioneering womenin science, this is atribute to a lady whohas a U.S. Navydestroyer and a Craymodel named afterher. Who (thinkCOBOL)?
  58. 58. Answer follows…
  59. 59. • Grace Hopper, of the ‘bug in the notebook’ fame.
  60. 60. 20*Commonly known as the Browns, these butterflieshave eye like spots. Large groups of these dull-coloured butterflies were noticed to flutter throughmeadows with a bouncy flight, pausing to drink atfallen fruit. The males would often chase wildlyafter the females.What name did the Danish biologist Fabriciusgive them, after a mythical woodland creaturehaving features of a goat and a horse and known forlasciviousness?Pictures on next slide
  61. 61. Answer follows…
  62. 62. • Satyrids after satyrs in Greek myth
  63. 63. 21In 1763 after he got out of the militia, he embarkedon a grand tour of Europe. In his autobiography hewrites of a particular place:...after a sleepless night, I trod, with a lofty step theruins of the Forum;…as I sat musing amidst the ruins of the Capitol,while the barefooted fryars were singing Vespers inthe temple of Jupiter.Who, and what idea (for a book) did the localeinspire?
  64. 64. Answer follows…
  65. 65. • Edward Gibbon struck upon the idea of writing The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
  66. 66. 22In his works Dropsie Avenue, New York – The BigCity, and A Contract With God, Will Eisner showsus vignettes of daily life and decay.His stories are set in the sub-standard multi-familydwellings common in NY at the time (and in manycities then and now).What 16th century legal term, originally coinedfor any rented accommodation are thesehousing projects known by?Pictures on next slide
  67. 67. 4.
  68. 68. Answer follows…
  69. 69. • Tenement
  70. 70. 23It has been called a “massive phenomenon” by a topindustry honcho, and is claimed to have spawnedan entire ecosystem. A company, Zipdial, uses it in avoting system.Its usefulness also came to the fore when Indiaagainst Corruption (IAC) started using it to givemainstream politicians a run for their money. Arepresentative of the movement says the IACsdatabase has more than 20 million unique entriesat its computers in Mumbai.What method did IAC employ to gainsupporters?
  71. 71. Answer follows…
  72. 72. • Supporters are asked to give a missed call!
  73. 73. 24Middlemarch by George Elliot is considered to be herfinest work. There is a recent resurgence of interest in itsplotline. The story is set in a small, picturesque town,with a mix of the terribly poor, a bit of the very wealthy,and a lot of the middle classes, with things like a localelection thrown in.The causal factor for the interest has been called a“parody,” with a Guardian reader giving it an alternate title______, a play on the term for a “non-magical people.”What is the reason for the renewed interest, andwhat did the reader call it?
  74. 74. Answer follows…
  75. 75. • The Casual Vacancy• The reader called it “Mugglemarch”
  76. 76. 25*This representation fromthe Bible is the firstknown instance. Today a‘transfer of authority’ istermed as ____, havingoriginated from the nameof the artifact.What phrase?
  77. 77. Answer follows…
  78. 78. • Passing the mantle• The mantle is a sleeveless coat typically worn by bishops of the Eastern Orthodox Church. The pic shows Elijah giving his mantle to Elisha.
  79. 79. 26It began as the Morand plantation. Near the end of theeighteenth century a Frenchman purchased the land. Aftera few decades, the Carondelet Canal was built, splittingthe land.It soon had a diverse population that included Caucasians,Haitian Creoles, and free persons of colour. The localsquare was the Place des Nègres where slaves gathered onSundays to dance.In the early 1960s a large portion was torn down. The landstood vacant for a time before Louis Armstrong Park wascreated out of the area.Through which David Simon creation did we come toknow this better?
  80. 80. Answer follows…
  81. 81. • Tremé
  82. 82. 27It is most probably Sindora wallichii, a speciesbelonging to the peanut family. It marked theeastern approach to the Straits of Johore and wasfelled in 1942 to prevent the enemy from using it tosight their long range artillery.While many believe it lent its name to the locality,that name probably comes from another timber-producing species.What is being referred to?
  83. 83. Answer follows…
  84. 84. • Changi Tree• The area Changi is probably named after another species, Chengal, a tree belonging to the dipterocarp family
  85. 85. 28It is a term used to refer to someone at work whosaves all the good or easy jobs for himself, and alsoin sports for players who look for easy shots – like aperson who sits in the back court by the basketwaiting for an outlet pass.The origin for the term is from a hoist (see pic)originally designed for use in orchards, that is alsowidely used today to service equipment and cableson utility poles.What term?
  86. 86. Answer follows…
  87. 87. • Cherry-Picker
  88. 88. 29It is called Antina Unde in many parts ofKarnataka. Some call it Dinkachi Ladoo. In amore popular form it is called X.The difference between X and the others is thatX does not have as many ingredients, has moredry coconut, dry fruits and edible gum.What is X?
  89. 89. Answer follows…
  90. 90. • Karadantu, as it is popularly called in Northern Karnataka, or more specifically the Belgaum-Gokak belt
  91. 91. 30*When King George V travelled to India to beproclaimed Emperor of India in 1911 at theDurbar in Delhi, he was only the second EnglishKing to leave Europe in a long time.Who was the last one to set out beforeGeorge?
  92. 92. Answer follows…
  93. 93. • Richard ‘Couer de Lion’ or Richard the Lionheart, on Crusades.
  94. 94. 31Jawaharlal Nehru first visited Pakistan in 1950, 18days after the Nehru-Liaquat Pact on minoritieswas signed. His second visit was in September1960. The outcome of that visit is something thatperhaps the folks down south could study andtry to emulate.What was the reason for Nehru’s secondvisit?
  95. 95. Answer follows…
  96. 96. • To sign the Indus Water Treaty with Ayub Khan
  97. 97. 32The instrument in Pic A is a wind-driven musicalinstrument, the origins of which can be traced back toancient Greece. They are typically seen in churches andconcert halls. They were installed in movie theatresduring the silent movie era.The instrument in Pic B was developed as an affordablesubstitute for A, and as a replacement for the piano inmiddle-class homes. It also became a huge hit in jazz, andlater with pop groups. The overdriven sound gained a newimage with artists like Gregg Allman, Steve Winwood,Rick Wright, Keith Emerson and Jon Lord using itextensively.Name both.
  98. 98. Answer follows…
  99. 99. • A – Pipe Organ• B – Hammond Organ
  100. 100. 33First introduced in 1985 by Novo Nordisk, theseproducts have a number of advantages overconventional methods. They are convenient tocarry around, help administer accurate dosagesand are easier to use with less pain. What arethey used for?Pictures on next slide.
  101. 101. Answer follows…
  102. 102. • Used by diabetes patients to inject insulin
  103. 103. 34In India, only Andaman and Nicobar Islands,Delhi and Pondicherry carry on a tradition seenin other Commonwealth nations. The othersimilar regions in India have an IAS officer withthe title “Administrator”.What tradition?
  104. 104. Answer follows…
  105. 105. • Persons holding position of Lt. Governor
  106. 106. 35*The TIME cover features Hitler playing “his hymn ofhate” in a desecrated cathedral while victims dangleon a device while the Nazi hierarchy looks on.A very cool, or sick device, depending on how youlook at it, it was a product of the middle ages, andnamed after a person believed to have been killedon it during the rule of the Roman EmperorMaxentius.What was it called?(larger pics follow)
  107. 107. Answer follows…
  108. 108. • St. Catherine’s Wheel• Baron Rudolph Charles von Ripper was a Catholic that fled Hitler’s Germany, and the artist of this disturbing piece. By 1938, Hitler had firmly seized power in Germany, taken over Austria and Czechoslovakia, and had been given a free hand in Eastern Europe by the English prime minister of the time, Neville Chamberlain. Time has had to defend this choice throughout history, and at the time defended it by stating that the “Man of the Year” was a title bestowed on the person who had most influenced events of the previous year.
  109. 109. 36ID the person talking and the person he isdescribing at the beginning of the clip.
  110. 110. Answer follows…
  111. 111. • Maurice Sendak on William Blake
  112. 112. Finals Shortly…