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Cqc 18.3.12

  1. 1. CQC Quiz byArjun Murali (18/03/2012)
  2. 2. About Me :•Doing my second year BE Mechanical in PSG Tech.•Did my schooling at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, RS Puram.•Was introduced to quizzing by my brother Ashwin Murali.•Been part of CQC since the second meeting at the Cha Bar.•And like 1.2 billion others, I too•Big fan of Chelsea and Jose Mourinho
  3. 3. Rules• Infy POUNCE• I’m THE BOSS
  4. 4. 0)Who is the only person to score100 international centuries inCricket?
  5. 5. Answer
  6. 6. 1) X?•X is Y’s beer of choice.•It is very cheaply priced, poor-quality, andadvertised everywhere.•Its different flavours, X light, Dry X,Raspberry X, Lady X and Tartar Control X areall the same but Y is oblivious to this fact.•Fudd, a competitor to X, is enjoyed byresidents of Shelbyville.
  7. 7. Answer
  8. 8. 2)This is G.Rajendran, an artistfrom Thanjavur. Thestory of hissuccesssful businessshot to fame aroundthe world. How?
  9. 9. Answer
  10. 10. 3) X?•The X is the oldest English-language publication of its kindstill being produced. It was first published between 1768and 1771.•Although publication has been based in the United Statessince 1901, the X has maintained British spelling.•References to the X can be found in one of Sir ArthurConan Doyles favourite Sherlock Holmes stories, "TheRed-Headed League".•Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Carl Sagan and others havecontributed to this publication.•Writer George Bernard Shaw claimed to have read thecomplete 9th edition.
  11. 11. Answer
  12. 12. Encyclopedia Britannica 
  13. 13. 4) Connect
  14. 14. Answer
  15. 15. Jaroslav Drobny, Martina Navratilova andBillie Jean King are the only players tohave won the Wimbledon wearingglasses. Others such as Arthur ashe andJanko Tipsarevid (cooling glasses) did notwin wearing glasses. Arthur Ashe hadshifted to contact lenses by the time hewon Wimbledon.
  16. 16. 5)X? (Pic if all teams agree)X was the founder of X Group of Companies. Hestarted as a poor Christian man from a remotevillage called Azhagappa puram nearvalliyur, Tirunelveli district in Tamil Nadu, India. Hemoved to Chennai in search of opportunities. In1955, he opened a shop selling items such as alarmclocks, watches and wall clocks. He was the pioneerin South India to introduce Hire Purchase for everyday goods. He built the X company from virtuallynothing to its present status as a group ofcompanies including retail, real estate and propertydevelopment, video and audio studios.
  17. 17. Answer
  18. 18. V G Paneerdas of VGP fame
  19. 19. 6)Who wrote the letter?What is being described?
  20. 20. Answer
  21. 21. Edgar Rice Burroughs describing Tarzan
  22. 22. Question Contribution : Kaushik7)Identify the circuit:
  23. 23. Answer
  24. 24. 8)•"Home Taping Is Killing Music" was theslogan of a 1980s anti-copyrightinfringement campaign by the BritishPhonographic Industry (BPI).•With the rise in cassette recorderpopularity, the BPI feared that people beingable to record music from the radio ontocassettes would cause a decline in recordsales.•However, its logo has been incorporated inanother more famous logo. Where?
  25. 25. Answer
  26. 26. 9) Give me the name of the team and the person marked
  27. 27. Answer
  28. 28. The Passive Resisters founded by Gandhi•Gandhi founded two football clubs, in Johannesburgand Pretoria, both called the Passive Resisters.•When he began his struggle in South Africa, Gandhiused the game to promote his political philosophy ofnon-violent resistance and to socially uplift andintegrate the Indian community.•Details of whom the teams played, how theyperformed, who the star players were, whetherGandhi took to the field himself, and whether hetalked strategy with the team are not systematicallychronicled or known .
  29. 29. 10)•Lee Duncan wrote about X "I was so excited over the motion-picture idea that I found myself thinking of it night and day.“•X’s big break came in the movie The Man From Hells River(1922).•X’s first starring role was in Where The North Begins (1923),playing alongside silent screen actress Claire Adams. This filmwas a huge success and has often been credited with savingWarner Brothers from bankruptcy.•On Anne Franks 13th birthday in June, 1942 in Amsterdam,just one month before she and her family went into hiding,parents Otto and Edith showed a film at their apartment forsome of her friends, which starred X.•There was a very popular rumour alleging that X won the themost no. of votes for the Best Actor award at the 1st Oscars, butwas disqualified by the Academy. X?
  30. 30. Answer
  31. 31. X – Rin Tin Tin
  32. 32. LVC
  33. 33. Rules• 12 Slides• Points scheme on the slides• Unlimited number of guesses per team
  34. 34. +36/-3
  35. 35. +33/-6
  36. 36. +30/-9
  37. 37. +27/-12
  38. 38. +24/-15
  39. 39. +21/-18
  40. 40. +18/-21
  41. 41. +15/-24
  42. 42. +12/-27
  43. 43. +9/-30
  44. 44. +6/-33
  45. 45. Last Slide ------------------>
  46. 46. +3/-36
  47. 47. Answer
  48. 48. Indians who have appeared on TIME Covers• Jinnah• Nehru• Gandhi• Sardar Vallabhai Patel• Nizam of Hyderabad• Netaji Subash Chandra Bose• Indira Gandhi• Parveen Babi• Mother Theresa• Rajiv Gandhi• Sania Mirza• Narendra Modi
  49. 49. Counter Clockwise
  50. 50. 11) Egaro (The Eleven) is a 2011 Bengali movie.This movie is the first to celebrate a famousmatch. Explain.
  51. 51. Answer
  52. 52. Mohun bagan winning the 1911 IFA Shield
  53. 53. 12) This is an electriccomponent used to providea resistance that has noresidual self-inductance, meaning that itcan resist the flow ofelectricity without causingmagnetic interference atthe same time.What is it called?
  54. 54. Answer
  55. 55. Mobius Resister
  56. 56. 13)•Joe Ruklick is a retired American professionalbasketball player in the NBA.•The NBAs Philadelphia Warriors drafted Ruklickin 1959, but during three seasons he averagedonly 8 minutes and 3.5 points per game.•After the three year stint at the NBA, he gothimself a job as a Journalist at the ChicagoDefender, where he worked for many years.•However, he is immortalised in the NBA forsomething. What?
  57. 57. Answer
  58. 58. Ruklick gave the final assist to Wilt Chamberlain in his 100 point game against the Knicks
  59. 59. 14) FITB Grammy Trustees Award:2012 : Dave Bartholomew, Rudy Van Gelder and ___________
  60. 60. Answer
  61. 61. Steve Jobs was posthumously given the Grammy TrusteesAward for his contribution to the music industry,
  62. 62. 15)•On January 4th 1912, the sun and the moon lined upwith the earth in such a way that their combined gravityled to a cycle of unusually high and low tides.•At almost exactly the same, the moon just happened tomake its closest approach to earth in 1,400 years. Thismade the Lunar gravitational pull on the earth unusuallystrong.•On Jan 3rd, the earth made its closest approach to thesun, which happens every year at this time. That meantthat solar gravity was stronger than usual too.•So the tides on Jan. 4 were not just high, but higherthan theyd been in many hundreds of years.This phenomenon allegedly led to something. What?
  63. 63. Answer
  64. 64. The Sinking of the TitanicThe theory put forward by Physicsts DonaldOlson and Russell Doescher, along withRoger Sinnott explains that the iceberg thatstruck the Titanic was one that hadgounded on an island in the Atlantic andnot a broken off piece from Greenland. Theunusually high tides of Jan 1912 lifted theiceberg and carried it to the path of theship.
  65. 65. 16) What ishappening?
  66. 66. Answer
  67. 67. The Star Wars opening Crawl being filmed.This type of a physical setup was placed and thecamera was slowly moved longitudinally tocreate the crawl effect in the Original trilogy. Forthe Prequel Trilogy, computer graphics wereused to create the effect.
  68. 68. 17) Which stadium?This stadium was used in1980 for the first major day-night floodlit cricket matchbetween Essex and WestIndies (organised by Surrey)which was a commercialsuccess; the following year ithosted the final of theinaugural Lambert & Butlercounty cricket competition.
  69. 69. Answer
  70. 70. Stamford Bridge
  71. 71. 18) Lord Rama had sent Sita to the forest when she was pregnantand lived in Saint Valmikis Ashram.While in the Ashram, She brought a male heir of Rama to theworld.One day when she was going out for some chores of theAshram, she asked the Saint to take care of her child in the cradle.The Saint was watching the child and meanwhile went into a deepmeditation. When Sita returned, she found that the Saint was inmeditation and didnt want to disturb him to tell him that she wastaking her child.When the Saint was out of the meditation, he found the childmissing. So he put some holy grass (Dherbai) in the cradle andwith his mantra he made that as a child.Later when he found that Sita was having her real child, he was soconfused and asked Sita to treat the new baby also as her ownchild.
  72. 72. When Sita was returning to Rama, he was expectingonly one male heir. But to his astonishment, he foundtwo boys (Lavan and Kushan) approaching him. Again totest the purity of the boys, he set a fire and asked theboys to cross the fire to reach him. He told thatwhoever was his real heir would cross the fireunscathed. Unknowingly the boy brought up by theSaint, stuck in the middle of the fire and burnt his bodybecoming very dark.Finally, Rama got to know what had happened in theforest to have two boys instead of one. Then he blessedthe burnt boy to become his escort god and called him“_______” which became X. X?
  73. 73. Answer
  74. 74. _______ - Karupannan X – Karuppu Sami
  75. 75. 19)This ground hosted thefirst ever InternationalFootball match betweenEngland and Scotland onMarch 5th, 1870. Similarinternational matchesbetween England andScotland took place at thisstadium till 1889. The firstever FA Cup final also tookplace at this stadium,which Bolton Wandererswon. Which stadium?
  76. 76. Answer
  77. 77. The (KIA) Oval
  78. 78. 20)Connect :
  79. 79. Answer
  80. 80. The Ayyavazhi TeachingsIt is believed thatboth Bharatiyar andSwami Vivekanandawere impressed bythe Ayyavazhiteachings and startedwearing Turbans.
  81. 81. LVC
  82. 82. Rules• 15 Slides• Non-exhaustive• Points scheme on the slides• Unlimited number of guesses per team
  83. 83. +45/-3
  84. 84. +42/-6
  85. 85. +39/-9
  86. 86. +36/-12
  87. 87. +33/-15
  88. 88. +30/-18
  89. 89. +27/-21
  90. 90. +24/-24
  91. 91. +21/-27
  92. 92. +18/-30
  93. 93. +15/-33
  94. 94. +12/-36
  95. 95. +9/-39
  96. 96. +6/-42
  97. 97. Last Slide ------------------>
  98. 98. +3/-45
  99. 99. Answers
  100. 100. Mahanadhi Shankar
  101. 101. Idavela Babu
  102. 102. Chemeen Sheela
  103. 103. Kuladeivam Rajagopal
  104. 104. Mahanadhi Shobana
  105. 105. Vietnam Veedu Sundaram
  106. 106. Venniradai Nirmala
  107. 107. Sowcar Janaki
  108. 108. Poovilangu Mohan
  109. 109. Five Star Krishna
  110. 110. Jithan Ramesh
  111. 111. Thalaivasal Vijay
  112. 112. Venniradai Moorthy
  113. 113. Nizhalgal Ravi
  114. 114. Jayam Ravi
  115. 115. People with their famous movie names as a prefix.