General Open Quiz Ver 2.0 Finals


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The finals of a General Quiz I did in 2011.
Answering Service won the quiz followed by Hammer and Tongs and Inmaniacs.

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General Open Quiz Ver 2.0 Finals

  3. 3. 1) Name the 2004 book written by Jon Ronsonabout possible uses of paranormal by the militarywith major experiments on a single animal?
  4. 4. 2) It was a Hollywood like tragedy for J.R.Hildebrand the young American rookie againstDan Wheldon the wily old Englishman. Whatevent of 2011 is being described?
  5. 5. 3) Cozumel Mexico, Channel Islands California,Wakatobi Indonesia and El Akhawein Egypt arearguably the best locations in the world for what?
  6. 6. 4) The edited ending sequence of which film?
  7. 7. 5) Logo of which company?
  8. 8. ANSWERS
  9. 9. 1) Name the 2004 book written Jon Ronsonabout possible uses of paranormal by the militarywith major experiments on a single animal?
  10. 10. 2) It was a Hollywood like tragedy for J.R. Hildebrand the young American rookie against Dan Wheldon the wily old Englishman. What event of 2011 is being described?2) Indianapolis 500
  11. 11. 3) Cozumel Mexico, Channel Islands California,Wakatobi Indonesia and El Akhawein Egypt arearguably the best locations in the world for what?3) Scuba Diving
  12. 12. 4) The edited ending sequence of which film?
  13. 13. 5) Logo of which company?
  15. 15. 1) A very popular resort town in Calabria showingthe distinctive geographical feature after which itis named. This feature is named after a mythicalcharacter. Name the character ?
  16. 16. 1) The character is Scylla and the town is namedScylia.
  17. 17. 2) Name the singer ?
  18. 18. 2) Syd Barett.
  19. 19. 3) A fictional character in Slavic cultures, his roleis similar to that of Santa Claus in the west. Hewas originally on the list of mascots for the Sochiwinter Olympics, but was removed as he wouldbecome the property of I.O.C. In 1998, the townof Veliky Ustyug in Vologda Oblast, Russia wasdeclared as his home. Name this very popularcharacter?
  20. 20. 3) Ded Moroz.
  21. 21. 4) Name both theindividuals shown inthis picture ?
  22. 22. 4) Eddie Eagan and Max Schmeling
  23. 23. 5) What word used in different contexts isderived from a shortened form of the Germanword : “Fliegerabwehrkanone” ?
  24. 24. 5) Flack
  25. 25. 6) The ‘Bistable Multivibrator’ is a very commonpulsed digital circuit that can serve as a one-bitmemory. What more usual name is given to this kindof electronic building block?
  26. 26. 6) Flip-Flop
  27. 27. 7) Name the two people being portrayed in thisclip?
  28. 28. 7) Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Fathima Jinnah
  29. 29. 8) The site consists of four large groups of stonecircles dates between 3rd century BC and 16thcentury AD. It reflects a prosperous, highlyorganized and lasting society. Where and namethe monument?
  30. 30. 8) The ruins of Senegambia in Senegal andGambia.
  31. 31. 9) This American political party advocates, amongother things, the withdrawal of all American troopsfrom around the world, including Korea, Japan,Europe and the entire Middle East; The party has alsoparticipated in the Presidential election and theiragenda and policies were described as ‘libertarian’.Name this party?
  32. 32. 9) The party is named ‘Boston Tea Party’.
  33. 33. 10) Name the famous film and the very popularactress of that era shown in the clip ?
  34. 34. 10) Mumtaz Shanti and Kismat (1943)
  35. 35. 11) His uncle Daedalus was jealous of his growingskills and sought his death by pushing him off acliff. To save him, the goddess Athena or Minerva,who favoured ingenuity, turned the boy into a bird,and to this day the bird keeps close to the ground(to avoid any nasty falls). Accordingly, the genuscontaining the bird takes his name. Who was heand name the bird?
  36. 36. 11) Perdix and Partridge.
  37. 37. 12) Name the singer?
  38. 38. 12) Peter Gabriel
  39. 39. 13) This United Nations diplomat and later PrimeMinister of a country, initiated something which gothim the Nobel Peace Prize in 1957. Who was he andwhat did he initiate?
  40. 40. 13) Lester Pearson and U.N. Peacekeeping Force.
  41. 41. 14) A 1950s designed carrier borne aircraft. Used byIndia in Goa in 1961 and in the war of 1971. It wasflown by NATO as late as the air campaign againstSerbia over Kosovo in the spring of 1999.Manufactured by a company which later mergedwith Dassault. Name the aircraft ?
  42. 42. 14) Alize or Breguet Br.1050
  43. 43. 15) Identify the composer?
  44. 44. 15) Dimitri Shastakovich.
  45. 45. 16) George Mendonsa has been accepted as the maleprotagonist. The claim of the female protagonisthowever has three candidates: Edith Cullen Shain,Greta Friedman and Barbara Sokol. What is beingdiscussed?
  46. 46. 16) The VJ-Day photograph by Eisenstadt.
  47. 47. 17) Who in the 18th century first began the practice ofusing ‘shield and arrow’ and ‘hand mirror’ glyphs assymbols to represent male and female?
  48. 48. 17) Carolus Linneaus
  49. 49. 18) Karnataka chief minister B S Yeddyurappa andJanata Dal (U) leader H D Kumaraswamy decided on aunique method of settling their political differences at10 AM on June 27 this year. What was this uniquemethod?
  50. 50. 18) They let god arbitrate in the Manjunathtemple at Dharmasthala near Bangalore.
  51. 51. 19) Name the person being interviewed?
  52. 52. 19) Bertrand Russell
  53. 53. ?20) Connect and fill the blank.
  54. 54. 20) James Franco: People who have hosted theOscar ceremony and have also been nominatedthe same year.
  55. 55. 21) According to mythology on whose complaint didIndra attack the infant Lord Hanuman with the Vajraresulting in his loss of memory about his powers andwhy?
  56. 56. 21) Rahu.
  57. 57. 22) Name this famousNobel Prize winner of theearly 20th century?
  58. 58. 22) Johannes Diderik van der Waals
  59. 59. 23) Name this film
  60. 60. 23) La Strada
  61. 61. 24) Who is the artist, more famous in another field ofapplied art and technology?
  62. 62. 24) Le Corbusier (know your quizmaster!!)
  63. 63. 25) Metroxylon solomonese, Metroxylon amicarumand Cycas revoluta are plants which are the source ofa major staple food in the world. This item of food isoften confused with a product from Manihotesculenta plant. What is this called in India and whatis it confused with?
  64. 64. 25) It is known as Sago or Saboo in India and it isconfused with Tapioca.
  65. 65. 26) They are part of theRatite group with amaximum weight ofaround 60 kg, they arethe third largestremaining bird on theplanet. Name this bird?
  66. 66. 26) Cassowary.
  67. 67. 27) To the Japanese its the River of Heaven; to theChinese ‘Silver River; in Catalan, Spanish, andPortuguese it is The Road to Santiago; in Cherokee its‘The Way the Dog Ran Away’; in Maltese St AnnesRoad and in Turkish its ‘Road of Straw’. Its the mostwidely recognised thing in the Western World. What?
  68. 68. 27) The Milky Way.
  69. 69. 28) One of the two maintypes of Viking ship, whilethe “longship” was used inwar the other was amerchant vessel. It had awider beam and deeperhull than the longship,holding between 70 and100 people. What werethese ships called ?
  70. 70. 28) Knaar or Knorr
  71. 71. 29) Which three ingredients form the ‘Holy Trinity’ ofLouisiana Creole and Cajun cuisine ?
  72. 72. 29) Onion, Bell Pepper and Celery
  73. 73. 30) What does the red line named after anEnglishman Alfred Wallace denote ?
  74. 74. 30) The differentiation in the fauna or animals inthe Australian and Asian continents.
  75. 75. 31) Two people met on 22nd September 1931 at45,Beckton Road, Canning Town in East London anddiscussed about machinery. One was visiting a friendand the other grew up nearby. Name bothindividuals?
  76. 76. 31) Mahatma Gandhi and Charlie Chaplin
  77. 77. 32) Name this individualafter whom it is believedthat a highest nationalmilitary honour officiallyknown as the Pour leMérite named?
  78. 78. 32) Max Imelman and the Blue Max.
  80. 80. 1) The flag of which former country?
  81. 81. 2) A photograph of a family holiday. Name theperson who has been circled?
  82. 82. 3) Name this personafter whom the centrecourt venue of a grandslam tournament isnamed ?
  83. 83. 4) A vocal rendition of Raag Behag. What type orgenre of singing introduced by Aamir Khusrau inHindustani music is this?
  84. 84. 5) Identify?
  85. 85. ANSWERS
  86. 86. 1) The flag of which former country?1) Kingdom of Sikkim
  87. 87. 2) A photograph of a family holiday. Name theperson who has been circled?2) Osama Bin Laden
  88. 88. 3) Name this personafter whom the centrecourt venue of a grandslam tournament isnamed ?3) Phillipe Chatrier
  89. 89. 4) A vocal rendition of Raag Behag. What type orgenre of singing introduced by Aamir Khusrau inHindustani music is this?4) Tarana
  90. 90. 5) Identify?5) Julianne Moore
  92. 92. 33) This flower has the scientific name derived fromthe Greek word for lion’s paw. It belongs to thesunflower family and is called Queen’s flower inRomania. Name this flower?
  93. 93. 33) Edelweiss.
  94. 94. 34) This brand is reportedly the market leader in allcountries of the world, except for five: Russia (whereYandex leads), China (_____), the Czech Republic(Seznam), South Korea (Naver) and Japan. Whichbrand?
  95. 95. 34) Google.
  96. 96. 35) Identify the lady andconnect her to the graphicon the right?
  97. 97. 35) Isadora Duncan who died while being drivenin a Bugatti.
  98. 98. 36) The wine ‘Lacrima Christi’, literally ‘tears of Christ’gets its name from the legend that Christ cried histears on the land which had a divine effect on thevines that grew there. The wine is produced on theslopes of which famous mountain?
  99. 99. 36) Vesuvius.
  100. 100. 37) A commemorative plaque on the wall of 72 Ruede Belleville because a famous person is said tohave been born outside the address, under alamppost, upon a policeman’s cloak. Who?
  101. 101. 37) Edith Piaf.
  102. 102. 38) Name this tribe of people?
  103. 103. 37) Kayan or Padaung of Burma.
  104. 104. 39) Please explain the picture on the left to derivethe identity of the celestial body on the right.
  105. 105. 38) Ganymede in myth being abducted by Zeus asan eagle and the satellite of Jupiter.
  106. 106. 40) In 2004 Lissa Morgenthaler-Jones launched acampaign to seek an amendment to Article 2, Section1, Clause 5 of the constitution of a certain nation. Towhat end did she do this ?
  107. 107. 40) She wants Arnold Schwarzenegger to becomepresident of USA so it is the clause for being bornin USA of the American constitution she wants tochange.
  108. 108. 41) One place in the world where this photograph canbe taken. Where?
  109. 109. 41) Kamchatka Peninsula.
  110. 110. 42) Where is this building, the site of the christening ofthe first Merovingian king of the Franks?
  111. 111. 42) Rheims.
  112. 112. 43) Identify thisEuropeanbusinesswomanturned politician?
  113. 113. 43) Yulia Tymoshenko of Ukraine.
  114. 114. 44) A very rare recording of a performance of RaagManj Khamaj. Name the musical instrument and theperformer?
  115. 115. 44) Annapurna Devi and the Sur Bahar.
  116. 116. 45) What name is given to the selection of appetizersor small dishes in eastern Mediterranean cuisinewhich are also served in cafes and restaurants in theMiddle East ?
  117. 117. 45) Meze.
  118. 118. 46) Which former European kingdom was ruled bymost number of female monarchs between 13th and17th century for the duration of 123 years and hasbeen given the sobriquet of ‘Most woman friendlykingdom ever’ on International Women’s Day 2010?
  119. 119. 46) The Kingdom of Navarre in Spain.
  120. 120. 47) Headquarters of a very important InternationalOrganisation in the current times. Name theorganisation?
  121. 121. 47) WIPO in Geneva.
  122. 122. 48) Name the person who played the title of thesong?
  123. 123. 48) Prema Narayan.
  124. 124. 49) The longest reign by a monarch to bedocumented is credited to this individual. Name himand where did he rule?
  125. 125. 49) Shobhuza II of Swaziland.
  126. 126. 50) Victor Hugo described him as ‘An infantShakespeare’. This poet who had largely given upcreative writing before his 21st birthday, spent sometime as a coffee and gun trader in Aden and Ethiopiabefore a tumour in his knee forced him to return tohis native country. Name him?
  127. 127. 50) Arthur Rimbault
  128. 128. 51) Name the famous building which is the subject ofthis clip?
  129. 129. 51) The Reichstag
  130. 130. 52) Jobari was the mascot for the 5th staging of anInternational sports event, hosted by Niamey, inNiger, in December 2005. Similarly Cedrus was themascot for the 6th staging at Beirut, Lebanon inSeptember-October 2009. What event?
  131. 131. 52) Francophone Games.
  132. 132. 53) Crater (also spelled Kraytar) is an unofficial namefor Seera, one of the oldest districts in this city.Situated in the crater of an ancient volcano formingthe Shamsan Mountains, which city ?
  133. 133. 53) Aden
  134. 134. 54) Known a Hallyu it is a movement responsible forover 1 billion dollars of revenue to a country in termsof cultural exports. Hugely influential in Asia it isgaining popularity in North America and Europe duethe advent of YouTube and social networking sites.From which country does this originate and what is itsmain component?
  135. 135. 54) South Korea and TV Serials.
  136. 136. 55) Built by a ruler of a neighbouring state as aguarding outpost for a subsidiary route of thesilk route. The British were invited to conquer itby the local ruler. Converted to a prison, it wasone of the most remote prisons of the empire.Name this structure which has been sadlydestroyed by neglect?
  137. 137. 55) Buxa Fort in North Bengal.
  138. 138. 56) You did not bear the shame. You resisted. You bestowed an eternally vigilant symbol of changeby sacrificing your impassioned lives for freedom, justice and honour.These are the translated words of a memorial plaque in a buildinglocated on the former Bendlerstrasse . Whose memorial?
  139. 139. 56) The memorial to the German resistanceagainst the Nazis.
  140. 140. 57) What is this mechanical device designed in 1704to illustrate the relative positions and motions of thebodies in the solar system called ?
  141. 141. 57) Orrery.
  142. 142. 58) The most ideal wood used for manufacture is teakbut generally aged Indian Red Cedar (western name)or Toona Ciliata (scientific name) is used. Othermaterials used in manufacture , include deer antlersand goat skin. These materials are used for themanufacture of what?
  143. 143. 58) Sarod.
  144. 144. 59) Name the film ?
  145. 145. 59) Deewar
  146. 146. 60) Which writer used this logo and derivedfrom his favourite Latin phrase and why?
  147. 147. 60) John Steinbeck as his professor had once toldhim that he would become a writer only if pigscould fly.
  148. 148. 61) Stage from a famous race this year. Please explainthis different finish?
  149. 149. 61) Giro di Italia the neutralized stage tocommemorate the death of Wouter Weylandtthe day before. His team Radioshack Nissan andbest friend Tyler Farrar crossed the line together.
  150. 150. 62) Name the song and the composer?
  151. 151. 62) Aage Bhi Jaane na tu and Ravi.
  152. 152. 63) Koichi Sugiyama, Nobuo Uematsu, YasunoriMitsuda, Koji Kondo and Motoi Sakuraba are the mainexponents of which contemporary genre of music?
  153. 153. 63) Video Game Music.
  154. 154. 64) Which gem?
  155. 155. 64) Tourmaline.