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Retail Insights and Opportunities


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Assignment 2 for A Crash Course in Creativity (Valerie Lee)

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Retail Insights and Opportunities

  1. 1. What drew me into Levi’s 30% off women’s jeans sale sign outside store Open doors invite you to enter
  2. 2. What did I miss before? Levi’s store has a very “industrial” feel Dark brown wooden floors add a natural touch Low ceilings make store feel more intimate
  3. 3. Hidden opportunities Mannequins should wear more colorful denim Display clothing on brown wooden tables instead of gray
  4. 4. What drew me into Shirokiya The expansive glass doors The name in cursive font suggests that Shirokiya is no ordinary store
  5. 5. Hidden opportunities The entrance opens into a mishmash of items Too much white (floors, walls, ceiling)
  6. 6. What drew me into Apple Sheer number of people generates excitement The iconic Apple logo conveys modernity
  7. 7. What did I miss before? Tall black columns display a moving image of an iPhone 5 Store is crowded with merchandise but this is a plus Each salesperson carries a handheld cash register You can try out a computer for as long as you wish
  8. 8. What drew me into Ho’ala Store feels like you’re entering an island spa Brown wood and rocks at entrance convey natural feel
  9. 9. Hidden opportunities Display items need to be more brightly lit Too many products clutter up display window
  10. 10. What drew me into Sephora All-glass exterior shows how vast the store is Sheer number of women convey popularity of store
  11. 11. Hidden opportunities Black and white environment felt too stark Store experience felt overwhelming (too many items)