Flaxlands payments presentation


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  • Flaxlands payments presentation

    1. 1. FlaxlandsDevelopment Team supporting new business in Ukraine ***
    2. 2. the Flaxlands Development Team offers in Ukraine✦ Analysis: Political, Environmental, Legal, Economic and Practical✦ Strategic Positioning: Direction, Management, Logistics✦ Contacts: Government, Parliament, Cabinet of Ministers, Social, Political, Useful✦ Interpretation & Documentation: Ukrainian, Russian, English - Appropriate to language, style and status✦ A proven track record of business development, project management and team leadership in Russia and Ukraine since 1989✦ Directors: Highly networked at senior government level in Ukraine✦ 20 years experience in the management of international projects✦ Suno Wood, British, BA Hons., MBA with excellence in the Management of International Enterprise, English / Russian Speaker✦ Valera Kapustinsky: Ukrainian, Project Manager in Kiev, experienced advisor
    3. 3. Change in 2011✦ The payment environment in Ukraine is changing. 2011 will see the introduction of new commercial activity providing technical support to the provision of technical services, such as e-commerce payments initiated by mobile telephony✦ The role of foreign credit cards is being examined✦ The regulatory background is also changing. A new law on electronic payments in under consideration. Flaxlands can help you both adjust to this and influence its direction
    4. 4. The Opportunity in Kiev✦ To be part of the new payments environment in Ukraine in 2011✦ To provide reliable, profitable financial services, supported by advanced technology and management✦ To establish precedence in the market for mobile payments in Ukraine
    5. 5. Opportunities in electronic banking
    6. 6. Maximising success✦ Flaxlands Development Team will provide access beyond the glass ceiling of Ukrainian politics to facilitate a move into electronic payments with appropriate introductions to✦ Cabinet of Ministers✦ National Bank of Ukraine✦ The Supreme Rada✦ Licensing, legal, economic and political issues & ministries
    7. 7. PHP-FLaxlands This proposal sought to✦ Establish a new payment system resident in Ukraine, to top international standards in system and business models, using local currency✦ To provide an environment for the development of secondary products, (cards, ATMs, mobile phone access etc) with access to expertise and international finance✦ Incorporate a new local resident company with founder members, PHP, Flaxlands, 1/2 local commercial banks, 1/2 commercial providers of payment systems, Coms provider✦
    8. 8. PHP-FLaxlands In 2010 this proposal enjoyed the support of✦ The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine✦ The National Bank of Ukraine✦ The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine✦ The Supreme Rada of Ukraine✦ Potential commercial partners had been found: a commercial bank, a State bank, and a credit card service provider. Interest had also been shown by payment service companies.