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Blu ray disc slides

  1. 1. B lu-ray Dis c Pres ented by: S wati D angi
  4. 4. HISTORY OF BD(Blu-ray Disc)
  5. 5. CORRECT NAME Blu-ray Disc NOT Blue-ray Disc Blu-Ray Disc
  6. 6. INTRODUCTION OF BD Why the name Blu-ray ? Who developed Blu-ray ? Is Blu-ray the same thing as HD-DVD ?
  7. 7. Foundation Blu -ray d is c (BD ) is ap p rop riate ly nam e d afte r th e b lu e las e r u s e d to write th e d ata. Th e firs t b lu e las e r was d e ve lop e d in 1 996 b y S h u j N akam u ra (N ich ia i C orp oration). In 2002, an alliance was form e d , calle d th e Blu -ray D is c As s ociation, inclu d ing th e like s of S ony, S am s u ng, S h arp , H e wle tt-P ackard , and R oyal P h illip s . Th e “e ” is inte ntionally le ft ou t of th e nam e d u e to trad e m ark re s trictions .
  8. 8. Specifications About 9 hours of high-definition (HD) video can be stored on a 50 GB disc. About 23 hours of standard-definition (SD) video can be stored on a 50 GB disc. TDK recently announced that they have created a working experimental Blu-ray disc capable of holding 200 GB of data on a single side (six 33 GB data layers).
  9. 9. Specifications S ingle laye r D u al laye r P h ys ical s ize cap acity cap acity1 2 cm , s ingle 25 G B (23.3 G iB) 50 G B (46.6 G iB) s id e d1 2 cm , d ou b le 1 00 G B (93.2 50 G B (46.6 G iB) s id e d G iB)8 cm , s ingle 1 5.6 G B (1 4.5 7.8 G B (7.3 G iB) s id e d G iB)8 cm , d ou b le 1 5.6 G B (1 4.5 G iB) 31 .2 G B (29 G iB) s id e d
  10. 10. Disc Characteristics Th e p owe r cons e rvation allows th e d e ve lop m e nt of m u lti-laye r p latform s and h igh -s p e e d re cord ing. BD -R O M : re ad - only form at BD -R and BD - R E : re cord ab le form ats (R E : re writab le ; R : re cord ab le once ) Courtesy Blu-ray Disc Founders “Blu-ray Disc Format White Paper”
  11. 11. Recorder Characteristics O ve r two h ou rs of H D TV can b e p lace d on a s ingle laye r BD , wh ich corre late s to ove r 1 3 h ou rs for s tand ard TV Th e trans fe r rate is 36 m e gab its p e r s e cond At 1 x s p e e d , it take s ap p roxim ate ly 1 .5 h ou rs to re cord an e ntire s ingle laye r BD R e cord e r C os t: $1 ,500 - $2,500; BD C os t: $26 E xp e cte d to b e availab le in th e U .S . b y 2006
  12. 12. Software Standards Followed C odecs :C od e cs are com p re s s ion s ch e m e s th at can b e u s e d to s tore au d io and vid e o inform ation on a d is c. F or Vid e o:M P E G -2,H 264/AVC & VC -1 . F or au d io,:BD -R O M p laye rs are re qu ire d to s u p p ort D olb y D igital and D TS
  13. 13. Software Standards Followed Sun Microsystems Java cross-platform software environment (version BD-J)is included in all Blu-ray players as a mandatory part of the standard To implement interactive menus on Blu-ray discs,updates to Blu-ray discs via the Internet, adding content such as additional subtitle languages and promotional features that are not included on the disc at pressing time.
  14. 14. Region CodesR e gion Are a cod e N orth Am e rica, S ou th Am e rica, E as t A/1 As ia e xce p t for C h ina B/2 E u rop e and Africa C h ina, M id d le E as t, R u s s ia, and S ou th C/3 As ia.
  15. 15. Digital Rights Management BD+ which allows for dynamically- changing keys for the cryptographic protections involved. The Mandatory Managed Copy system, which allows users to copy content a limited number of times. Digital watermarking technology to the discs.
  19. 19. Blu-ray Products cost According to the Blu-rayDisc Association, the overall costof manufacturing Blu-ray Discmedia will in the end be no moreexpensive than producing a DVD.
  20. 20. Protection System H D TV contains a cop yrigh t b it th at is d e te cte d b y th e BD re cord e r. If th e b road cas t h as no cop yrigh t b it, th e n th e BD re cord e r is allowe d to s tore th e inform ation. U s e s th e D ata E ncryp tion S tand ard (D E S ) th at h as a ke y le ngth of 56 b its . A K e y Block and D is c ID are writte n into th e R O M are a to p re ve nt ille gal cop ying.
  21. 21. Enhancements E rror rate s incre as e d in re ad ing and writing afte r th e original BD s u ffe re d s cratch e s and finge rp rints F or p rote ction, th e p rototyp e BD was e nclos e d in a cas e Th e cas e incre as e d th e s ize of th e d is c d rive Courtesy Blu-ray Disc Founders “Blu-ray Disc Format White Paper”
  22. 22. Alternatives The primary rival to Blu-ray is HD DVD, promoted by Toshiba, NEC Corporation, Microsoft, and Intel. HD DVD has lower disc capacity but also have lower manufacturing cost.
  23. 23. CONCLUSION E xp e ct th e BD to b e com e m ore p re vale nt once th e H D TV m arke t e s tab lis h e s its p re s e nce . Au d io and vid e o will re ach h igh e r qu alitie s with large r s torage s p ace . Look for BD with m ore th an two laye rs as th e te ch nology is fu rth e r re fine d .
  24. 24. QUERIES