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computer literacy


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it is the topic on BLu.RAy disc ...

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computer literacy

  1. 1. B.Ed (hons) elementary
  2. 2. Blu-ray disc is thename of a new opticaldiscformat that is rapidlyreplacing DVD”.The format more thanfive times the storagecapacity of traditionalDVDs and can holds to25GB on a single-layerdisc and 50GB on adual layer disc.
  3. 3.  Name of blu-ray discName of blu-ray disc::The name Blu-ray is derived from the underlyingtechnology, which utilizes a blue-violet laser toread and write data. The name is the combinationof “blue” (blue violet laser) and “ray” (optical ray).
  4. 4.  Who developed Blu-ray?Who developed Blu-ray?The Blu-ray disc format was developed by the blu-raydisc Association (BDA), a group of leading consumerelectronics, personal computer and mediamanufacturers. The board of directors currently consist of:Apple computer Inc,Dell Inc,LG electronics Inc,Sony corporation,Sharp corporation, etc
  5. 5.  What Blu-ray formats are planned?What Blu-ray formats are planned?As with conventional CDs andDVDs, Blu-ray plans to providea wide range of formatsincluding ROM/R/RW. Thefollowing formats are part of theBlu-ray disc specification:BD-ROM- read only format fordistribution of HD movies,games, software, etc.BD-R recordable format for HDvideo recording and PC datastorage.BD-RE- rewritable format of HDvideo recording and PC datastorage.
  6. 6.  Blu-ray discBlu-ray disc::
  7. 7.  Physical mediaPhysical media::Type Diameter(cm)Layers Capacity(GB)Standard discsize, single layer12 1 25.0Standard discsize,Dual layer12 2 50.1Standard disc 12 3 100.1
  8. 8. Will blu-ray disc require an internetconnection?No, you will not need an internet connection for basicplayback of blu-ray movies.
  9. 9.  Difference between Blu-ray disc and DVDDifference between Blu-ray disc and DVD::Parameters Blu-ray DVDStorage capacity 25GB (single-layer)50GB (dual layer)4.7 GB (single layer)8.5 GB (dual layer)Laser wavelength 405 nm (blue laser) 650 nm (red laser)Numericalaperture(NA)0.85 0.60Disc diameterDisc thickness120mm1.2mm120mm1.2mmVideo bit rate (max) 40.0 Mbps 9.8 Mbps
  10. 10. Blu-ray disc and DVDBlu-ray disc and DVD::
  11. 11. What about Blu-ray for PCsWhat about Blu-ray for PCs?There are plans for BD-ROM(read only), BD-R(recordable) and BD-RE(rewriteable) drives for PCsand with the support of theworld’s two largest PCmanufacturers, HP and Dell,it’s likely that the technologywill be adopted as the nextgeneration optical discformat for PC data storageand replace technologiessuch as DVD +_R, DVD+_RW, and DVD-RAM .