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10 Important Indian Wedding Tips


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Helpful Indian wedding tips for a stress free wedding event.

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10 Important Indian Wedding Tips

  1. 1. 10 Important Indian Wedding Planning TipsBy: Utopian Events 4100 Nine McFarland Drive, Suite B Alpharetta, GA 30004 678-570-4443
  2. 2. Indian weddings are not just a celebration oflove between two people; it is a celebration oflove among family and friends. You can expectyour average Indian wedding to be filled withfun, family, friends and overall festivity.Planning an Indian wedding can take both timeand thought. So if you are the oneresponsible for Indian wedding planning,start planning months before the wedding!Here are some helpful tips to get you startedand organized: 1. Pick a Date: Congratulations on getting engaged! Even if you plan on being engaged for a year before getting married, it is never too early tostart planning out your wedding date. Having aset date in mind will keep you on track and willhelp you plan out other aspects of yourwedding.
  3. 3. 2. Determine yourGuest List:Decide how big orsmall you want to haveyour wedding. Indianweddings are a familyoriented event, so theguest list can getsteep. Regardless,keep track of atentative guest list soyou know how much food to order, how manyseats to have and so forth.3. Get Your Invitations Out:Once you have your guest list and yourwedding date picked out, start shopping for your wedding invites. Send them out ASAP so people know to save the date.
  4. 4. 4. Determine your Budget:Weddings can be pricey. Ifyou know in advance that youare working on a budget, it’sadvised to detail out a budgetlist so you can work with it forthe rest of your weddingplanning. Even if you aren’t ona tight budget, creating atentative budget will help you narrow down yourchoices.5. Pick out and book a venue:The venue is one of the first and most importantthings to book. Venues typically are bookedway in advance because there are always morepeople getting married than there are venues.To ensure that you have the venue that youwant, it’s best to make that decision early on.
  5. 5. 6. Hire an event decorator:Indian weddings are known to be extravagant,festive and mesmerizing. A venue, no matterhow great, is just a space to work with. Thereal magic occurs when the venue is enhancedwith flowers, lights, chiavari chairs, specialtytable linens and so forth. Utopian Events 4100 Nine McFarland Drive, Suite B Alpharetta, GA 30004 678-570-4443 Chairs & Linens4100 Nine McFarland Drive, Suite BAlpharetta, GA 30004(678) 756-7643elegantchairsandlinens@yahoo.com
  6. 6. 7. Decide on catering:Great food is an important component of anIndian wedding. Some couples prefer havingfamily members participate in cooking regionalspecific food. Some decide on having acombination of Western and Indian food. Alsobe sure to book your cake in advance!
  7. 7. 8. Pick out what to wear:Whether you plan on wearing a wedding saris,wedding lehenga or a cross between traditionalIndian garb and Western wedding attire, buyyour dress a few months prior to the wedding.Remember, picking out the perfect dress takestime! Figure 1: Courtesy of
  8. 8. 9. Hire quality photographer:Capturing one of the most important days ofyour life is a crucial component of any wedding.If you are trying to cut corners, never skimp outwith an inexperienced photographer. Thesewedding photos will be cherished for a lifetime—might as well make them great!
  9. 9. 10. Plan out your reception:Weddings and receptions go hand in hand,however planning the reception can be asstressful as planning out your wedding. Onceyou have a broad picture of your wedding, shiftgears to the reception.