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Esna Cloudlink for Cisco + Microsoft Office 365


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Integrate Cisco Collaboration Solutions with Cloud Applications [Video:]

Experience faster, more efficient and effective collaboration by leveraging Esna Cloudlink for Cisco application server to integrate Cisco Collaboration solutions with cloud business applications.

With Esna Cloudlink for Cisco your company can easily access unified communications and collaboration tools like presence, instant messaging (IM), voice and video communication, click-to-call, call management, geo-location services and unified messaging right from apps like Office 365 and Salesforce.

Esna Cloudlink for Cisco leverages standards-based SIP, Cisco APIs and Cisco Jabber to connect these cloud applications with Cisco Unity Connection, Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Cisco WebEx.

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Esna Cloudlink for Cisco + Microsoft Office 365

  1. 1. Esna Cloudlink for Cisco Communicate and collaborate inside the applications you use everyday.
  2. 2. Please note that this integration is early in development and as such, all elements in this presentation are subject to change.
  3. 3. Esna Embeds Collaboration Anywhere Esna embeds real-time communication tools inside the business processes and applications people use everyday.
  4. 4. “Users want their communications to be built right into the applications they are using.” People Want to Communicate in the Apps they Use Marty Parker No Jitter September 2013 “It’s critical for UC systems to deliver an end-user experience that is intuitive, cohesive and integrated.” Bern Elliot Gartner CIO August 2013
  6. 6. Cisco Collaboration Tools Inside of Office 365 Esna iLink for WebEx Apps + Browsers Esna Cisco Esna iLink for Cisco Jabber Unified Messaging Platform
  7. 7. Microsoft Office 365 Esna integrates Cisco messaging and Jabber collaboration tools inside of Office 365, so you can stay where you’re already working and communicate in real time.
  8. 8. Real-Time Presence Across Office 365 Documents Recognizes the authors of any document and shows their presence, which can be manually or automatically set based on their calendar events or phone status.
  9. 9. Contextual Collaboration in Office 365 Documents Start a group chat or Cisco WebEx inside any online Office Document.
  10. 10. Transcribed Voice Messages inside of Office 365 Receive transcribed voice messages in your Outlook Web App - when it’s opened the message waiting indicator gets extinguished on your phone.
  11. 11. Actionable Voice Messages Image represents an early concept. Access voice messages online via web links, with additional collaboration actions.
  12. 12. Send + Receive Fax Messages Send + receive fax messages from within the Outlook Web App.
  13. 13. Collaboration Actions from the Contact Card Jabber presence and availability can be found within the contact card, as well as the ability to schedule a WebEx meeting or open a set of collaboration actions.
  14. 14. Esna iLink for Cisco Jabber Gain access to Cisco Jabber features like voice, video, instant messaging and presence from across Office 365 and your Internet Explorer (IE) or Chrome browser.
  15. 15. See the Presence of Everyone in Your Organization Ability to group co-workers and easily see their real-time presence with the ability to manage your own + apply customized labels.
  16. 16. Manage Your Own Presence + Devices Apply custom presence labels to match your availability and (if applicable) decide which of your devices is used to handle calls.
  17. 17. Integrated Dialer + Call Control Features Dial extensions or phone numbers by entering the names of your contacts or their numbers, then handle calls with a full range of call control features.
  18. 18. Initiate Group or 1:1 Chats Invite teammates to a group chat or individually message others - conversations stay persistent as you move across tabs in your browser.
  19. 19. Jabber Voice + Video Calls Across Your Browser Start Jabber voice calls from across your browser, with the ability to escalate to video.
  20. 20. Expanded Search Capabilities Searching for people automatically aggregates your iLink for Cisco Jabber and Outlook online contacts - simply click to bring up a range of collaboration actions.
  21. 21. Access to Cisco from Any Web Page or Web App Extend Cisco collaboration to any web app or page in your browser via the ‘slider’ with actions like click-to-call, Jabber voice + video, presence and IM - even WebEx Meetings.
  22. 22. In-Application Tutorials An optional in-app tutorial is available upon installation and exists as an option for viewing at a later date.
  23. 23. Support for OAuth 2.0 enables users to sign in with a range of 3rd party credentials - an Esna, web- based authentication solution is available for when security profiles or other considerations make other login options impossible. OAuth 2.0 Authentication Support
  24. 24. Esna iLink for WebEx Start + schedule WebEx meetings across Office 365 and your Internet Explorer (IE) or Chrome browser.
  25. 25. Start a WebEx Meeting from the Hover Card Start an instant WebEx meeting from an Office 365 Hover Card and add additional attendees as required.
  26. 26. Schedule WebEx Meetings from Outlook Calendar Instantly schedule a WebEx meeting from inside the Outlook Calendar Web App - the meeting info is sent off with the calendar invite.
  27. 27. Easily Create + Modify WebEx Meeting Templates Define a standard meeting template and create a set of your own from a list of customizable options.
  28. 28. Instant WebEx Meetings Across Chrome + IE Start an instant WebEx meeting anywhere on the web using the IE Add-on [on the right] or Chrome extension [on the left].
  29. 29. Additional Integrations
  30. 30. Salesforce Access collaboration tools such as Jabber voice + video, WebEx meeting options and the ability to track/run reports on these activities.
  31. 31. Esna iLink for Cisco Jabber Embedded Plug-in Access to presence, IM, Jabber voice + video calls, group chat and WebEx meetings.
  32. 32. Caller ID is Matched to an Existing Salesforce Record When you receive a call, the number is matched to a record in Salesforce and is displayed.
  33. 33. Enhanced Call Logging with Contact Creation + Notes Ability to add a caller as a lead or contact when you receive a call, as well as take notes, which are saved to the call record.
  34. 34. Start an Instant WebEx Meeting with Contacts Instantly start a WebEx meeting with any contact, lead or user in Salesforce.
  35. 35. Track WebEx Meetings in Salesforce Automatically log WebEx meetings as activities with meeting info/links automatically inserted into the record.
  36. 36. Schedule WebEx Meetings from Salesforce Calendar Schedule WebEx meetings right from Salesforce Calendar.
  37. 37. Automatically Logged Calls + WebEx Meetings Automatically log WebEx meetings and calls as activities, which can be referenced in reports.
  38. 38. Esna Developer APIs Esna Collaboration Tags allow you to embed real-time communication + collaboration tools inside any cloud app, intranet or custom web page.
  39. 39. Enhance Cloud Applications with Collaboration Tags Actions include presence, voice and video calls, contact cards, and live meeting escalation. 1 Inject dynamic, real-time communication content and actions into any web page or application. 2 TURN THIS Presence Contact Cards with Actions INTO THIS
  40. 40. Architecture
  41. 41. Esna Cloudlink 5.2 for Cisco Architecture Cloud Apps User Cisco Enterprise or Hosted Jabber SDK WebEx XML Exchange Web Services Voice/Video CAXL (IM/P) Cisco Unified Comm. Manager Cloudlink Messaging Server (Optional) Cisco Unity Connection CU(M/N/P)I TAPI (Optional) MAPI over HTTP Salesforce Open CTI Call Control Web Services (Optional) Cisco IM & Presence Services iLink for WebEx iLink for Cisco Jabber Architecture is subject to change before release.
  42. 42. Thank You. Visit for more info.