Introduction to Digital Literacy Visual Syllabus


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Introduction to Digital Literacy Visual Syllabus Example for our course shell in Blackboard.

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Introduction to Digital Literacy Visual Syllabus

  1. 1. Visual Course Syllabus Images courtesy of Microsoft Clipart Introduction to Digital Literacy
  2. 2. Course Logistics Course Title:Introduction to Digital Literacy Course Meeting/Location:Blackboard Course Management System Dates:August 21, 2012-December 19, 2012 Course Time:See due dates for assignmentsImage courtesy of Microsoft Clipart
  3. 3. Course Logistics Instructor Information:Beashua Spearman, B.A. Phone: (555) 555-0055 Email: Degrees: Bachelor of Arts, History (B.A.) Master of Education, Educational Technology(anticipated Fall 2012) Image courtesy of Beashua Spearman
  4. 4. Course Logistics Instructor Information:Beashua Spearman, B.A. Phone: (555) 555-0055 Email: bspearman000@gmail.comOffice Hours Elluminate Office Hours Monday & Wednesday 4 p.m.-5 p.m. By Appointment Image courtesy of Beashua Spearman
  5. 5. Course LogisticsInstructor Information: Beashua Spearman, B.A.Technology Interests: Integrating technology into the classroom Teaching Online Teaching Vocational Education ClassesAcademic Interests: Image courtesy of MS Instructional Design Clipart Adult Education & Andragogy Distance Learning
  6. 6. COURSE LOGISTICSInstructor Information:Beashua Spearman, B.A. My Personal Interests: Apart from my academic interests, I enjoy cooking, volunteering, and spending time with my husband and our spoiled German Shepherd, Eboni. Image courtesy of MS
  7. 7. Course DescriptionPrerequisite: NoneRequired Materials: Textbook- Simplified Computers 7th ed by Paul McFedries, Wiley Publishing, Inc. Image courtesy of
  8. 8. Course Description Hardware Minimum Requirements: Computer processor (CPU) 1 GHz frequency or above Your computer should display 256 colors High Speed Internet Connection 10 GB hard disk drive 512 MB Memory (RAM) CD-ROM Drive or DVD-ROM Sound Card w/Speakers Microphone Image courtesy of Microsoft Clipart
  9. 9. Course DescriptionSoftware Minimum Requirements: Word Processing Software: Microsoft Office Word 2007 or higher or Open Office Web Browser: (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome) New version of Adobe Reader Image courtesy of Microsoft Clipart
  10. 10. Course DescriptionCourse Policies: Open to adults 18 and over See class schedule for due dates Books and Supplies are the student’s responsibility Students are required to participate View class schedule for assignment due dates Review the adult education center’s student handbook Image courtesy of Microsoft Clipart
  11. 11. Course DescriptionAttendance: Students must complete 64 total hours Students must complete 22 hours/week Image courtesy of MicrosoftCurriculum: Clipart This class is designed for students that have little to no computer experience. This class will explore basic concepts of the computer. Students will learn computer hardware, and how to use it. They will learn introduction into word processing Using the internet Social networking Email
  12. 12. Course DescriptionCourse Goal: The goal of this course is to educate students in learning how to become proficient in basic computer and internet operations.Course Objectives: Students will differentiate the five different types of computers. Students will summarize three different types of operating systems and how they differ. Students will use Windows 7 to create two folders, rename them, and delete them. Students will use the internet for communication, information, and collaboration. Students will use word processing applications for basic communication. Image courtesy of Microsoft Clipart
  13. 13. Course Activities Introduction:Students will complete introduction assignments and complete them to the discussion board. Blog, Wiki and Discussion Activities: Students will complete various activities to encourage communication and collaboration with their peers. Basic Computer Activities: Students will complete activities using websites such as the BBC Computer Tutor
  14. 14. Course Activities Basic Internet Activities: Students will complete activities using websites such as the BBC Internet Tutor and GCF Learn Free. Email Communication: Students will create an email account and correspond via email. Brief Quizzes: Students will complete short quizzes that will include a review prior to completing the quiz about the course lessons.
  15. 15. Course Grading InformationGrading: There is no grading scale for this class Students are required to complete 64 hoursCertificates: Certificates of completion are issued to students upon completion of 64hours. Please ensure we have your correct mailing address.