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JMILUG Introduction - 2007


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Introduction to JMILUG - Linux User's Group, Jamia Millia Islamia which was started in the year 2005

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JMILUG Introduction - 2007

  1. 1. Linux Users Group, Jamia Millia Islamia [active] [website under construction]
  2. 2. why?enthusiasm, attraction, feeling towards “open source community”
  3. 3. inauguration of JMILUG● on 31st July05 by ILUG(India Linux Users Group, Delhi Chapter) members● actually it was a duo: inauguration + ilugd monthly meet
  4. 4. since then?● had regular weekly or fortnightly meets● lectures – linux installation/trouble shooting – linux as a development platform for students – cutting edge technologies – Qt, GCC Toolkit, Servers – fun: media players for linux – MPlayer, XMMS, Xine, Totem etc. – Graphic Design – GIMP, Blender3D
  5. 5. two significant achievements● visited FreeDel05 at PHDCCI, New Delhi – around 30 members as visitors and a few as volunteers – website: , – next in the row is FreeDel06 on 16th and 17th Sept06 and JNU, New Delhi● visited LinuxAsia06 at IHC, New Delhi – got in touch with latest of Open Source in the World- wide Industry
  6. 6. whats next?● JMILUG website: in pipeline● interaction with other LUGs around in NCR● and obviously the regular meetings with much better focus on what the community needs