Call center performance management


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Call center performance management

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Call center performance management

  1. 1. Call center performance managementWe, here in this article will talk about how a simple inbound call center evolves into amulti dimensional outsourcing service provider and so does its performance managementproblem as well. With advanced technology and brightest minds, call centers expand andupgrade themselves to the next level of services and quality. But we need to understandthat as call centers, their services and outsourcing trend have changed; their performancemanagement techniques need to be changed as well. To determine the standards andquality of working, we are presenting 18 performance measures in terms of services,quality of work, efficiency and profitability of their services and impact of their supporton a business and its growth.We are analyzing these mentioned performance measures in two aspects of work levels:one for ordinary call center and another contact for multi level support provider contactcenter.Performance Management in terms of ServiceThe most important measures of performance are those associated with service. Some ofthese measures are the same for both a call center and contact center, while some willneed to change slightly to reflect the new types of transactions.1. Blocks and HurdlesBlocks and hurdles are indicated as time when customers are not able to get through thenetwork due to insufficient facilities at work. The busy signal, dropped calls and othersituations can be count as such. These obstruct the speed of performance and haveadverse affect on quality of services. Also, it has negative effect on customer satisfaction.Solution: Increase the server capacity. To estimate how many network facilities to beneeded by you so that it does not get overloaded.2. Abandon RatioThe dropped calls do impact the retention and revenue generation of call centers. Theyunderstand that making your customer wait in queue to receive a call is not going to takeyou anywhere. Nonetheless, it cannot be eliminated properly. There are number of factorsthat affect this factor such as callers patience, the time of call and other alternatives ofgetting in touch like email or dropping a number to call back.3. Self-Service
  2. 2. Now, when market is expanding and customer base of organizations are growing, theirpartner call centers are adopting new measures to attend them. Most of them are adaptingself-service facilities that help customers to choose their operations and help menu bythemselves.In a contact center, the performance can be tracked by observing how many times helpmenu was accessed and how many times a live agent was called upon?4. Service LevelService level consists of determining the most average speed of processing a request.Some of Call Center Outsourcing Services and contact centers measure the response timetaken by the customers as well.5. Maximum Delay in QueueAnother measure of speed is to calculate the longest time a customer was made to wait.This is also referred as worst case.Quality Measures6. First Resolution RateThe first call resolution is called one and done in call centers which is very critical andsignificant for the performance levels of a Outsourced Call Center. The factorscontributing in this performance measure are the team that handled the query, time of calland nature of query.7. Rate of TransferThe seamless nature of a process of a call center can be determined by the rate of transfer.How much part of the work was handled over or transferred to another team or person,also counts.8. Communications SkillsHow well versed customer support executives are and how they behave with customercan either bog down your reputation or soar it above the clouds. This quality measure canbe monitored through observance, reviewing the performance and proper reportingchannels.9. Procedures AdherenceThis helps to integrate value and customer satisfaction together. Your agents should bewilling to stick to workflow and shifting of process. Also, they should feel obliged to call
  3. 3. scripts because they are trademark of your call center and brand awareness tactic for yourclient.Efficiency Performance Measures10. Agent OccupancyAgent occupancy is the time that an agent takes to attend the customer as compared to thetimes he is not taking the calls. This is an important measure to check and oversee howyour agents are utilizing the working hours.11. Staff AttritionIt is the time when your staff is not present to handle the flow of calls. It could be due tomeeting times, break times or other non productive issues. It is an important measure asyou can easily calculate that how many people you will need in a session so that no callwould go missed.12. Efficiency of ScheduleIt is about just hitting the mark. Not less and not more, just the right number of peopleworking for you. Understaffing or overstaffing both is extremely dangerous curves for anorganization.13. Adherence to ScheduleThis performance measure is a calculation of number of working hours per schedule. Itascertains the productivity of a team and its agents.14. System AvailabilityAn agent is incapable of doing anything if his system is slow. The overall performance ofan agent can be marred by a slow system. For instance, IVR is much used and covetedtechnique of every call center. It eases down the workload of agents by 50 percent, incase IVR is not functioning properly, an agent would have to devote time to understandthe nature of the query and answering it accordingly.15. Coaching:Training and learning is the keystone of every organization. Be it regardingorganizational behavior or concerns product manuals or FAQs, one -on- one trainingalways helps and motivates agents to exceed their capacities and attain the targets.Profitability Measures16. Rate of Conversion
  4. 4. The success of call center depends on the growth of organization they work for. Howmany of leads have been translated into sales, is the measure of their real success andactual performance.17. Up-Selling and Cross-SellingHow much value has you agents added to your clients. This value added services adds asan advantage along with generated revenue in the kitty of your client.18. Costing as per one CallThis is a critical and bottom line measure to calculate the efficiency and workloadstamina of a call center. How much effort, facility, money and labor you have put in onecall and what you are getting back out of it can be a real eye opener shot for any callcenter which boasts about success. : Over 200 ebooks, templates, forms forperformance appraisal.