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Improving Customer Care 2015


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Improving Customer Care 2015 Experience within Real Estate sector

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Improving Customer Care 2015

  1. 1. Prepared by: Dr. Muneer Azzam, DBA, MBA, BSc on 11.11.2015
  2. 2. Customer Care Facts!  Customer service call center is the heart of the business, and has a direct effect on customers’ satisfaction. If Customers experience long waiting times or ineffective agents response, customers will be unhappy with the company and may start to look for other Competitors.  Statistics shows that; Customer Service Manger reports that 91.5 percent of customers are unlikely to recommend your company after a bad customer service incident.
  3. 3. Monitoring Customer Satisfaction Feedback
  4. 4. Classical Call Centre Process
  5. 5. 1. Customer waiting time is high due to limited reach to Sales Agents if they are not at their desk. 2. Some Sales inquiries may take long period of time to be attended (over 2 days). Since the Call center will send the report by email to Sales Agents 3. Customer Satisfaction level is low due to the long waiting time 4. Number of terminated calls are high since Call Agents are busy on taking Customer feedback and/ or attending Customer inquiries 5. The Calls pressure is increased on the Call centre agents. 6. The Customer Experience is negatively affected and the psychological desire to buy will be lowered Limitations of the Classical System
  6. 6. Ways to Increase Call Centre Efficiency Now! • To facilitate adding an additional option at the Toll Number to allow taking the Customer satisfaction feedback after the Company Voice welcoming message • To contact the Customer automatically by the system in order to take their feedback. This will reduce the time invested by the Call Centre agent by calling each customer and it will increase the service efficiency and will reduce the need for additional manpower. It will also reduce the number of terminated calls and allow the system to generate instant Customer Satisfaction report when needed • To add an option to transfer the call directly to the Sales Agent via mobile phone if the Sales agent is not answering the call via Avaya phone in order to increase the efficiency of the service and to assure the customer inquiries are met swiftly which will result on Satisfied Customer and increase the Sales potentials.
  7. 7. Recommendations for Improvements Step 1 • Train the Company call center representatives through an extensive training program. Not only should representatives understand the basics of customer service and how they should treat customers, but they also should also know the Company’s products and services thoroughly to help resolve issues quickly. Step 2 • Give representatives the tools they need to resolve problems within the first call. This includes computers that bring up data quickly, as well as access to customer accounts and to a knowledge base with potential solutions. Step 3 • Reduce call waiting times with intelligent routing. This is an automated system that helps direct callers to the correct department. Intelligent Call Routing is a term for routing done by software that attempts to identify the caller and direct them to an appropriate agent. The software can identify the caller based on known information tied to the call, such as the ANI (a technical term for Caller ID), or information that is provided by the caller during the call.
  8. 8. Methods to be adopted in the Future to Improve Service Step 4 • Allow customers the ability to reach a representative easily though intelligent routing which can decrease call wait times. The customers should also have an option to reach Call Centre via mobile Apps; Mobile apps in general provide a unique platform for companies to build their brands, improve customer and increase competitive advantage, but they also can serve as another customer service touch point like the web or contact center, empowering customers with convenient, on-the-go self-service features. Step 5 • Review customer calls. This can be done by listening as agents speak to customers or by recording the conversations and listening to them later. Look for weaknesses in the conversations that can be addressed one-on-one with the representative or with a group. Step 6 • Building Customers History Tack Records: Track customer phone calls by account number. The Customer service agents should be able to pull up a customer account to see important details and any notes from previous calls. This eliminates the need for customers to explain their problems another time to a different agent. Step 7 • Assign major customers a single point of contact. Undoubtedly, any Company has a few customers who represent the bulk of its revenues. Improve satisfaction by designating a customer a service representative as the regular contact. This representative will develop a relationship with the customer, understand his/ her needs and resolve issues more quickly.
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