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Geography and Climate of Southeast Asia


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This presentation is created to be used in an on-line teaching course of Southeast Asian Studies. This course is offered only to a group of wonderful students of Lodi High School, Wisconsin, USA.

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Geography and Climate of Southeast Asia

  1. 1. GEOGRAPHY & CLIMATE of SoutheastAsia How geography and climate affect each country?
  2. 2. What are we going to do? 1. Look at the maps of Southeast Asia - try to pick out as many geographical features and other information as you can. - take notes 2. Share your answer to the class, extra information will be given by teacher 3. Fill in features, i.e. mountains and rivers on your Study Guide, using color pencils for different features.
  3. 3. Topography 9df78eab33525d08d6e5#8d27136e95/S/E/SE-ASI-782423_comp.jpg
  4. 4. Land Use Map
  5. 5. Agriculture
  6. 6. What is a monsoon? •A  seasonal  shift  in  the  prevailing  wind  direction •Asian  monsoon  (India  to  Southeast  Asia)
  7. 7. SEA monsoon •Winter  Monsoon  (NE)  (Nov-­‐Mar) •Cool,  dry  weather  in  mainland   countries •Heavy  rainfall  in  island  region •Summer  Monsoon  (SW)  (May-­‐ Sep)    brings  heavy  rain.   •Island  region  =  evergreen   rainforest •Mainland  =    tropical  rainforests
  8. 8. Population Density Map
  9. 9. MYANMAR
  10. 10. MYANMAR
  11. 11. •Lower/  Upper  Myanmar •Lower:  coastal  area  with   thick  forest  (teak) •Irrawaddy  River •Valuable  hard  wood   accounts  for  50%  of  the   country   •SW  monsoon  wind MYANMAR
  12. 12. Thailand_Topography.png THAILAND
  13. 13. Thailand_Topography.png THAILAND Korat Plateau
  14. 14. Thailand_Topography.png •Northern  high  mountains   •Central  plain  with  Chao   Praya  River  (rice) •Northeast  plateau  (cotton   and  cattle) •SW  monsoon  =  heavy  rain •NE  monsoon  =  cool,  dry   season THAILAND Korat Plateau
  15. 15. Cambodia,1245503705,1/stock-photo- cambodia-shaded-relief-map-colored-according-to-vegetation-with-major-urban-areas-includes- clip-32367316.jpg
  16. 16. Cambodia,1245503705,1/stock-photo- cambodia-shaded-relief-map-colored-according-to-vegetation-with-major-urban-areas-includes- clip-32367316.jpg
  17. 17. •Alluvial  plain •Mekong  River  in  the   East •Tonele  Sap •Mountains  block  way   out  to  the  sea •SW  monsoon  =  heavy   rain •NE  monsoon  =  cool,   dry  season Cambodia,1245503705,1/stock-photo- cambodia-shaded-relief-map-colored-according-to-vegetation-with-major-urban-areas-includes- clip-32367316.jpg
  18. 18. Vietnam
  19. 19. Red River Delta Coastal plain Central mountains Mekong River Delta Vietnam
  20. 20. •Low  land,  hills,  densely  forested   highland •  Red  River  Delta •More  populated •Rice  planting •Coastal  lowland-­‐  rice  planting •Central  mountains •Mekong  River  Delta •Alluvial  deposit •Rice  growing  area •SW-­‐  rainfall,  NE  -­‐  cool,  dry Red River Delta Coastal plain Central mountains Mekong River Delta Vietnam
  21. 21. Laos
  22. 22. Laos
  23. 23. •Mountainous  Area •Steep  terrain •Narrow  river  valley •Not  suitable  for  agriculture •Farming  in  the  south •Only  4%  of  land  area  is   suitable  for  farming •SW  monsoon  =  heavy  rain •NE  monsoon  =  cool,  dry   season Laos
  24. 24. SINGAPORE
  25. 25. SINGAPORE Bukit Timah 165 m.
  26. 26. •646  sq  km •15  meters  asl •Bukit  Timah,   highest  point •Tropical  rainforest   climate   •32/90  degree •  90%  lives  in  ^lats   and  high  building SINGAPORE Bukit Timah 165 m.
  27. 27.
  28. 28. Brunei
  29. 29. •Flat  coastal  plain •Eastern   mountain •Hilly  lowland  in   the  west •Export  crude  oil   and  gas •NE  monsoon=   rainfall •SW  monsoon  =   rainfall Brunei
  30. 30. INDONESIA
  31. 31. INDONESIA
  32. 32. •13,677  islands •Two  continental   shelves •Lots  of  volcanic   mountains •50  active  volcanos  on   Java •NE  and  SW  monsoons   bring  heavy  rain •Western  and   northern  receive   heaviest  rain INDONESIA
  33. 33. Malaysia
  34. 34. Malaysia
  35. 35. •4/5  rainforest,   swamp   •Malay  Peninsula •mountainous  area •people  live  on  the   west •Borneo  Island •plain  and   mountains •rainforest •NE  and  SW  brings   rain  all  year  round Malaysia
  36. 36. The Philippines
  37. 37. The Philippines Luzon Visayas Mindanao
  38. 38. •7,107  islands •Luzon,  Visayas,   Mindanao •3  stars  on  the  ^lag •Tropical  marine   climate •Heavy  rain  from   May-­‐Oct  (SW) The Philippines Luzon Visayas Mindanao
  39. 39. EAST TIMOR •Surrounded  by  ^lat   plain •High  mountains  in  the   central •Source  of  all  rivers  of   East  Timor   •Tropical  monsoon   climate •July-­‐Nov  =  cool,  dry •Dec-­‐Mar  =  heavy  rain  
  40. 40. Think-Pair-Share What features characterize Southeast Asia? How do those shape the lives of Southeast Asian people?
  41. 41. •Complete  your  Study  Guides  by   •^illing  in  main  geographical  features   •coloring  them  properly  according  to  its   features Assignments
  42. 42. REFERENCES,1245503705,1/stock-photo- cambodia-shaded-relief-map-colored-according-to-vegetation-with-major-urban-areas-includes- clip-32367316.jpg Thailand_Topography.png/433px-Thailand_Topography.png"8d27136e95/S/E/SE-ASI-782423_comp.jpg