Session 3 Marilyn Collins Northfield High School


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Session 3 Marilyn Collins Northfield High School

  1. 1. Partnership Development Schools North East Science Cluster PDS 2 and 3
  2. 2. The North East Science Cluster  St Cuthberts High School, Newcastle (Lead)  Burnside Business College, Wallsend  Manor College of Technology, Hartlepool  Northfield School & Sports College, Billingham  St. Thomas More Catholic School, Blaydon  University of Durham  University of Newcastle
  3. 3. Focus for PDS2 and PDS3  PDS2 : To increase the quantity of Science trainees in the North East region by piloting, evaluating and disseminating paired placements.  PDS3 : To enhance the quality of provision for Science training in the North East by improving and extending mentor training.
  4. 4. PDS2 Summary – to increase the quantity of Science placements  All 5 schools piloted paired placements in Science for both teaching practices.  A conference was held for the mentors of the 5 schools, plus visiting schools to evaluate the scheme and discuss good practice.  A ‘promotional’ pamphlet based on these findings and including evaluative statements by both trainees and mentors was produced and distributed to all North East Schools.  The number of schools taking paired placements increased in the region.
  5. 5. PDS3 Summary – to improve the quality of Science placements  All North East schools were invited to a conference for new Science mentors or those requiring a ‘refresher’  The 5 schools and Durham University produced an enhanced mentor training programme, with particular reference to paired trainees.  Many interactive training activities were delivered with excellent feedback.  These activities formed the basis of a guide to ‘effective mentoring’ targeted at Science departments but suitable for use across schools.
  6. 6. Beyond partnership – Case study: Northfield School  Five Science staff attended the 2 conferences and are now involved in mentoring and training.  The mentoring guide is being used in school across several departments.  M.Collins, Northfield is now delivering training for all new mentors at Durham University.  Northfield School has now gained full Training School status, a direct knock-on from PDS.  Durham and Northfield have engaged in a partnership to deliver enhanced generic training to all students in the Stockton LA cluster.
  7. 7. Effects in the wider community  Excellent partnerships built up with Durham University – using PDS schools to help support ‘new schools’.  Enhanced training experience for Science trainees, particularly paired placements.  Use of mentoring guidance package in local schools, resulting from mail shot.  Mentor support network established.
  8. 8. Further information  Contact: Elaine Patrick, St. Cuthberts  