Session 5 Kevin Mitchell Devonport High School For Boys


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Session 5 Kevin Mitchell Devonport High School For Boys

  1. 1. Integrating ITT into a school’s Performance Management Framework • All subject areas in DHSB are expected to host trainee teachers. • All teachers are expected to work with trainee teachers. • Professional standards have to be at the core of any coaching/mentoring activities.
  2. 2. At DHSB we have... • Experienced and well trained Subject Mentors/PSTs. • Experienced and/or enthusiastic teachers working with trainees. • Inexperienced/’uncertain’ teachers working with trainees. • Teachers working with trainees but have limited contact with them.
  3. 3. At DHSB I want to ensure… • PSTs/Subject Mentors can place trainees with confidence. • Non mentor trained subject teachers can confidently support trainees. • Trainees have a consistent experience across the school with the professional standards at the core – impact on pupils. • Teachers have their work with trainees acknowledged
  4. 4. At a strategic level I want… • Teachers to be familiar with the professional standards. • Teachers to engage in the coaching process. • Teachers to engage in the PM process.
  5. 5. Cluster schools • Devonport High School for Boys, Plymouth • Coombeshead College, Newton Abbott. • Brixham College, Torbay. • Falmouth School, Falmouth. • St Peters C of E School, Exeter
  6. 6. Aims of our PDS cluster… • To provide CPD opportunities to ensure all who work with trainees are consistent in making judgements against the professional standards. • To develop coaching and mentoring skills for all teachers working with trainees. • To support & raise the status of all teachers working with trainees and provide evidence for PM.
  7. 7. Actions… • Through questionnaires we identified a need to support those teachers who were unfamiliar/uncertain about their role in working with trainee teachers. • Reached agreement that a training event(s) was the best option. • Commissioned Andrea Parker (CPD consultant UC St Mark & St John) to develop and deliver a series of one day training events.
  8. 8. Target audience… • Target audience from link schools to consist of PSTs/Mentors/those experienced in mentoring trainees(PM). • They return to their school & coach those less experienced subject teachers to mentor trainees (PM). • Subject teachers mentor trainee (PM).
  9. 9. Aims of the training event… • To consider current thinking related to coaching & mentoring. • To clarify the mentoring role within ITE. • To review our understanding of the professional standards. • To develop the skills of a coach/mentor & engaging in a ‘professional dialogue’ • Evidencing ITT for PM.
  10. 10. Outcomes… • Training events took place in four cluster schools to which link schools sent their teachers. • Evaluations of the training were overwhelmingly positive – met their needs. • CPD leaders in link schools encouraged to allow attendees to apply their skills & knowledge not just with trainees but across the school.
  11. 11. Reflections… • ITE has an important role to play in school improvement plans. • PM seen as a crucial vehicle for sustaining this work (indeed all professional development). • Leadership - clarity and conviction of aims. • Communication. • Difficulty in releasing teachers – internal CPD.