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Inpatient Drug Rehab Seattle (855) YES-REHAB


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The prescription drugs, such as painkillers, are found to be the primary cause of death and overdose all across the United States. An unfortunate statistics shows that most of the overdose death are related to individuals who took painkillers that were not prescribed to them. In addition, one out of five use what is called “doctor shopping” technique to get more pills prescribed by different physician.

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Inpatient Drug Rehab Seattle (855) YES-REHAB

  1. 1. Inpatient Drug Rehab Seattle Many individuals who ever experimented with drugs, did that for many different reasons. From the adolescent age to young adults, the drugs are used for recreational purposes. Others take drugs to increase their athletic abilities and performances. And there is an immense population of people who use drugs as a self-soothing "remedy" for stress, anxiety, or depression. Some people become addicted to drugs from the first time they tried it, and some never become dependent. No matter how much drugs are taken or used, and how long the person is using it, there is always a risk for drug addiction. Drug addiction is a brain disease, and the person's vulnerability to drugs differs from one individual to another. Genetic predisposition, mental health, social environment all play an important role in addiction. Many risk factors for addiction include: family history, unhealthy and unsafe environment, childhood abuse and neglect, mental health disorders, early exposure to drugs.
  2. 2. Inpatient Drug Rehab Seattle How does drug addiction effects brain function? Addiction is a mental disorder that is associated with compulsive drug use. Although, each drug produces different physical effects, but they all have the ability to alter the brain function that controls pleasures and feelings. Drugs are able to produce euphoric effects in the brain. Once the brain function is altered, the person is unable to reduce or stop using drugs.
  3. 3. Inpatient Drug Rehab Seattle (855) YES- REHAB The person with drug addiction problem will continue to use drugs despite painful physical and psychological consequences to the person's body and mental health.  Most common signs of drug addiction are:  Tolerance. You need to increase the amount of drugs used to experience the same "high" effects.  Withdrawals Symptoms. You are "forced" to take drugs to prevent and alleviate withdrawal symptoms and cravings.  Loss of control. You can no longer control your drug use, no matter how many times you tried to quit.  Drugs taken over your life and focus. You spend the day thinking about using drugs, and where to get the next supply of them.  Refraining from your hobbies and healthy activities due to drug use;
  4. 4. Inpatient Drug Rehab Seattle (855) YES- REHAB If you are experiencing any of these signs, you should know, that you may have an addiction problem. Drug Rehab Facility is designed for individuals to stay and live there until the treatment is completed. You should never try to quit drugs on your own, it may be dangerous! Substance Abuse Professionals are trained to treat any types of drug addiction, and provide medical assistance if necessary.
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  7. 7. Inpatient Drug Rehab Seattle (855) YES- REHAB
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